Monday, March 12, 2018

TBBtalks: Skincare!

Last week's TBB Asks was all about Beauty and kicked off our Beauty themed posts for the month of March.  Today The Blended Blog is rolling right along...we're talking skin care!! #TBBtalks

If I'm being honest, I never really thought too much about my skin.  I know that's scary, but I really didn't.  Other than the "everybody looks better with a tan" mantra, I got going on, my actual skincare was an after-thought.  I am a creature of habit.  I used Mary Kay Time Wise Facial Cleanser for years because my sister sold it, then after noticing gross dark spots on my skin (thank you sunshine!) switched to Kiehls Clearly Corrective

Not too long ago I was introduced to Rodan + Fields thanks to Instagram and Facebook. Actually that's a lie.  I knew about Rodan + Fields because I used Proactiv for years!!  And I actually blamed them for my dark spots!!  LOL Which I now realize was probably all MY fault, because, when it says, "avoid sun exposure" on the label, you should probably listen!!  But me and sunshine go hand and hand...and now, so do me and hats!!!

Anyway, back to the Rodan + Fields skin care line.  Like I said, I was introduced to the line (for adults!) via Facebook and Instagram.  Bloggers and friends were using and selling it and it just kept popping up.  A family friend got me into trying the Lash Boost, which I Love!  A few years ago, via a blogger I actually did give the Reverse Regimen a try.  But in all honesty, I couldn't keep up with it because it was so expensive, (and at the time I wasn't making as much as I am today), and I guess I thought, I'm still young, I have time for this!!

Well fast forward to today!! I am officially OLD!  I went to a Rodan + Fields Party that my sister hosted, where this was pointed out to me quite literally!!

When we got there we took a skin profile, called the solutions tool. I thought for sure it would tell me that my regimen would be Reverse, for the dark spots, but since they've diminished (thanks to this miracle, bought on a whim!!)  my face's primary concern is LINES AND WRINKLES!!!!!   WHAT?!? WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!

So my sister had this party, and I was really very good!  I was super conservative with my spending, got a few awesome new products I knew I'd love and DID NOT purchase an entire regimen!!  I was so proud of myself!

Then a few weeks later, I stayed over my sister's house for the night and forgot my face wash.  She, being so super impressed with all the Rodan+Fields products at the party, became a consultant!  So at my disposal was every regimen they offer!  Being that Rodan + Fields had suggested the Redifine Regimen (ya know, for those damn lines and wrinkles!), I tried that!!

And seriously, I'm not even lying, when I say even after night one, I noticed a difference!!  We're all these R+F crazies out there really on to something?  And did I want to hop on their bandwagon??  I was really thinking about it.

I left my sister's house the next day with samples of the Redefine Regimen, which includes 4 steps!  A face wash, a toner,  an a.m. moisture, and a p.m. moisture.  She told me to give a few days and see what I thought!

After day three I was hooked and knew I wanted to get the regimen.  I am really excited I've revamped my beauty routine with the Redefine regimen and it's enhancements!!   I also signed up to to be an R + F Preferred Customer because it has it's perks! So I'm saving money any which way I can. Yes, it's pricey, and yes, I'll have to cut way back on my new clothing budget but is my old lady skin worth it??  YOU BET!!  (And in all honestly, I am writing this blog in the same old pair of leggings and tunic I've worn probably 8 times in two weeks, so why do I continue to spend money on new clothes!?!)   Rodan + Fields says give it six weeks.  So I'm gonna do that...and I'm sure I'll document my progress on the blog!  HA!!

I just received my full redifine regimen in the mail today, with a free lash boost...woo hoo!  (Free lash boost with regimen ends today)  Excited to start using it on the regular!!

Can't wait to see what everyone else uses on their skin.  This is a fun link-up!  And see you back here next week for #TBBTalks Hair care!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

February Book Round- Up!

I knew 13 books would never happen again!!  And it didn't!  I struggled this month to get through some books.

Two I started in February and am still working on! 

Perfectly Yourself I am reading as part of my Lenten journey with Dynamic Catholic, so to go with each email and video each day, is assigned reading from the book.  So I'll finish this one come Easter.  But so far, I'm really enjoying it.  Both the book and the program!  Find out more about Best Lent Ever here!

Sometimes I Lie  by Alice Feeny, is not even out yet in the States, but you can pre-order it here!)  My goal is to finish it before the 13th!  We'll see.  I don't know why I've struggled with this one because I am liking it.  Maybe because it's a book I own and it can fall to the side.  Lately, I've had so many of my audio book holds come through all at once and I'm trying to read like a mad woman to get them all back on time.

Case in point, the two books I read (or rather listened to) this month.

The first one was entitled The Shell Seekers by Rosamund Pilcher.  This was recommended to me by my neighbor, who is quite a bit older than me, but we bond over our love of books and wine!  HA!!  This one was a little bit tough for me to get into.  But then it took a turn, and I couldn't put it down.  I will admit though, it took QUITE awhile! It's centered around a family and their feelings (or lack there of) for a piece of art, The Shell Seekers.   For me, it ended up being a good book, and I want to read more by her!

The next book I listened to and read...because I loved it so much I ended up buying the book (to highlight and underline and post-it the fun tidbits and words of wisdom!!), was called Something Like Happy by Eva Woods, an author who's new to me.

The story is based on the100 happy days premise, that, a while ago took over social media.
Just to find the happy in every single day...could be big, or the tiniest little thing!
Each chapter is the "happy" the main character finds.  One example: Change the Sheets {HA!}
I adored this story of friendship and change.
I wish I could tell you more about it, but I don't want to give anything away. Please Just read it!!  And let me know if you loved it as much as I did!!

The book actually had me thinking about my own hundred days of happy!  So I'm going to share them on the blog!!  Stay tuned!

I started Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run memoir at the end of February and am still working my way through it.  Will share it next month!!

What have you read this month that you can recommend?  I'd love to hear them in the comments below!!

Happy Tuesday, Happy March & Happy Reading!!

Monday, March 5, 2018

TBB Asks: March Beauty Edition!

Wow!  March!!  I just can't believe it's already here!!  January seemed to drag on forever and ever and February just FLEW by!!  But I'm excited for March to be here...we are that much closer to Spring.

The first Monday of the month means it's TBB Asks Day with The Blended Blog!!  And it's a super fun topic...we're talking Beauty!!

1- Eyelash Curler?
YES!!  Most definitely!!  Everyday!!

2-Favorite Nail Shade? 
It's very rare that I have my nails done in the winter, but when I do do them, it's an Essie color.  Devil's Advocate is dark but I love it.  I'm partial to the darks.

3- Favorite Lipstick Shade? 
Right now, I'm wearing LipSense!  A fave color is Praline Rose!  Or Praline Rose with Bella.
Three Layers of Praline Rose!

4- Blow Dry or Air Dry? 
Always blow dry dry my hair! Even in summer.  I just like the way it looks and feels when I do.  If I let it air dry, it's kinda a hot mess.

5- Artificial Nails?

6- Foundation?
Yes, everyday.  In summer it's a tinted moisturizer!

7- Hair Up or Hair Down?
It totally depends on the day!  I personally like my hair up best...the pull of the pony makes my face look thinner!  And most day's by the end of the day, it gets thrown up anyway!
And it usually is just thrown up and in a mess like this!  
(And I'm not even sure why this is the only photo I had of my actual full head with my hair up! HA!!)
Sorry for all the selfies but...solitary life and all!!

8- Bar Soap or Body Wash?
Body Wash...hands down.  I really like Caress Evenly Gorgeous.  It cleans and exfoliates...and is super affordable!  A little on my pouf goes a long way!!

9- Bath or Shower?
Showers on the daily!  But I love, love, love baths!  I wish I had time to soak in the tub more.

10- Favorite Body Lotion?
I am loving Kopari lately.  I have a number of their products and love them all.  I use the Coconut Body Milk everyday.  It's fab and smells amazing!!!

11- Favorite perfume?
Right now I'm wearing Victoria's Secret Scandalous, sad it's been discontinued and I won't be able to get more!!

12- Do you shave your legs everyday?
In the Winter? HELL NO!  Summer...yup!!  Yup!!  Grrrrrr....

13- Favorite Lip Balm?
I recently started using Rodan + Fields Lip Renewing comes in capsules.  And it's another one of those things that a little goes a long way!  I open one capsule before bed, then use the rest of that one before putting on my LipSense in the morning.

14- When did I first start wearing make-up?
Honestly, I have no idea.  Maybe 7th or 8th grade for real?  But when I was little my mom was a Mary Kay lady for a short time so we were always into it.  LOL

Now it's your turn!!  Link up your post with us or share your answers on social.  And don't forget to come back and join us every Monday this month for more beauty fabulousness!!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

The Best is Yet to Come...with Photowall!

Sometimes I get approached by companies to do reviews for their products on the blog.  Often times it's not a good fit, but sometimes I feel that the product is a good reflection of me and my style, so I  give it a go.

When Photowall offered me a canvas or wall mount of my choosing to order and review, I jumped at the chance.  Because this year I'm working on enhancing my home (rather than my wardrobe!) and knew this would be a step in the right direction.  And right away, I knew where in my home to put it when I got it, so I'd say this was a sign!  LOL

If you know me, you know I love my signs and sayings, so after hours of looking at all the options, (because seriously they have so many great ones), I decided to get a canvas print, with a saying on it.

Now the thing with Photowall is that, in order to keep costs down for the consumer, they ship the canvas and frame separately.  The frame comes in four stick-on pieces, that can then easily be screwed together...NO TOOLS NEEDED!! I should have thought this through more though before I ordered the size I did because... Solitary Life and all!!

But lucky for me, I have the bestest neighbor friend who loans out her husband.  And he's never short on offering to help me out.  So I recruited him to help in the putting together of the piece.  Lucky for me, he was genuinely excited to do so!  He had it done in no time, way quicker than I would have, had I done it on my own!  And he was super meticulous which I secretly loved!!  LOL

I really love the way it turned out and can't wait to hang it in the guest room, when the guest room is suitable for guests again!!    It will go right above  the bed on this wall, to be seen right when you walk in...the totally focal point!

I've already gotten so many compliments on it!!

Look how big and fabulous it is!!

Give Photowall a try and get 20% from now until March 31st.
Just use promocode: MishapsNMayhemCampaign2018

Have a great day!!  One more day to the weekend!!  Woo Hoo!!

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Three Things...This is Us Edition!

Saw this on my girl Andrea's blog and when she suggested we play along, I jumped on it!!  I just love This is Us so much!!  And since it's finally returning tonight, I thought it was the perfect time to post!

So here goes...

Three Things
The This is Us Edition

3 Favorite Characters
Jack, Jack and Jack!  Just Kidding!

3-Randall (even though he's kinda annoying me this season!!)
Honorable Mention- Dr. K!  Steals the show every time he's on!!  I cried more during the scenes with Dr. K and Rebecca at Jack's services than I did when Jack himself actually died!!

3 things you'd grab from your burning house
1- Pillow and Blanket!  Because I've honestly had these things FOREVER!
2-My purse phone
3-This.... so I never forget that my first home was my happy place!

3 Favorite Slow Cooker Recipes 
1-3 ingredient Taco Chicken (here!)
2-Crock Pot Minestrone (here!)
3-My Sister's Chili! (I should really post the recipe sometime!!)

3 Favorite TV Series of all Time
2-Dawson's Creek
3-Friday Night Lights

3 Favorite Comedies (because Kevin is The Manny!)
Don't watch many comedies anymore, but these are definitely my favorite ever!!
1-The Office
2-Sex and the City (this is totally a comedy!)

3 go-to TV Watching Snacks
1-ice cream!
2-pretzels (the nubbs!!)
3-is wine a snack?!??!

Sadly, speaking of three things, there are just three episodes left until the season finale!!  Nooooo....

Enjoy the show!!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Spread the Love Gift Exchange...the Big Reveal!

It's always fun to receive Snail Mail, so I thought I'd join in the fun when The Blended Blog announced the Spread the Love Gift Exchange.  February is the month of love and with my surprise from Lauren of The Pizza Monster Mama, a little bit of love I did receive.

How cute is this super festive infinity scarf!?!  It was the perfect thing to wear on Valentine's Day and will even be a great pop of color in spring with a chambray button down!  I really love it.  It's different and I got so, so many compliments on it when I wore it!!

Lauren was totally on the ball.  My package was a definite surprise...coming super early and right from Etsy!!  So I had no clue what was in store for me until I opened.  I was happy to see the scarf and a little note from Lauren.

Thank you so much Lauren for my gift!  Hope you enjoyed yours too!!  Head over to Lauren's blog to check out what she received from ME!

Friday, February 16, 2018

5 things I've Learned in my Thirties...

Today’s my birthday! And there seem to be a lot of people more excited about it than me!!  I think I’m indifferent! But I am looking forward to a fun weekend of celebrations with family and friends!

For the past two years on the blog, I’ve shared a birthday post with random facts about me.  36 was not too bad, 37 was a little bit harder! Rather than beat a dead horse (and damn 38 is a lotta random!) I thought since this year since the big day’s fallen on a Friday, when we typical share a Friday Fives, Friday faves and loves, I thought I’d switch things up a bit and share a five for Friday...

5 things I’ve learned in my thirties!!  

One of the things I love about being part of The Blended Blog Collab is that even though we all span different ages-30’s, 40’s, 50’s, we still have much in common.  It shows that friendships have no age limit.  This is true in my daily life as well.  I have great friends who are in every stage of life... and every time we hang, it’s always a blast.  On any given Friday, our Happy Hour crew can span from 20-somethings to 60-somethings!  For me, it’s more about the person, their personality, values and beliefs (and fun factor!) rather than closing myself off to them because they are perceived as too young or too old.  

2-How to say NO
Ya know, I’ve spent too much life doing things I didn’t want to do!  So now if there is something I’d rather not do...I simply say no to it!  And I have no guilt or regret about it!  

3-I Don’t need a Man to Define Me!
Who I am is entirely up to me.  At this stage of the game, being single and in my thirties...some people think, I’m an old maid, some think other, not-so-nice thoughts about my singeleness... and I just think, I don’t need a man to make me happy.  Would it be nice to have someone to talk to once in awhile, to get sweet texts from on the daily, or  maybe to zip up my dress???  (LOL) Sure!  But I don’t need a man to make me happy.  I’m 38 today and right now, I’d say I’m pretty damn happy with where I’m at!

4-I’m gonna do whatever I want, when I want, because I can!!
Lately this has been my mantra. And I’m gonna stick with it. It's not to be meant to sound bitchy. It's just that, in this Solitary Life, I can. If I want to go out and have fun, I'll do it. If I wanna spend the day in my undies, vegging on my couch binging on Netflix and wine, I can do that too! Because no one's around to see me!! It's pretty much the best of both worlds!

5-You’re only as OLD as you Feel!
When I was younger, 38 seemed so old to me!  But now, NO WAY!!  How in the hell am I 38??  How in the world did that happen?  Am I getting carded at bars anymore? Nope!  But those AARP mailers??  They are a-comin’!!  I guess I can no longer say today I’m 29 for the 10th time!!  
I know it’s silly, but every time I see those Facebook quizzes that say things like “How old are you REALLY?”, “How old do you feel”, or “Can we guess your age?” I always take them...for shits and giggles!  I took one recently and it came back with the age of 24. I’ll take it!  Do I sometimes feel 75 though too...some days!!  But I have more days where I feel young , so I’m just gonna live it up and take each  day as it comes!!

Linking up today with The Blended Blog for Friday Loves, Erika for Friday Favorites, Tif for H54F