Saturday, February 9, 2013

Blizzard blog!!

So after yesterday and all the rain and mix we got, I thought the storm would be a dud!! Little did I know that when I woke up today there would be 30 inches on the ground!!! Um, all I have to say is YAY for living in this apartment! I didn't have to shovel a thing! I did though wanna offer the guys who did a coffee!! But they were too focused on their task and since I was still in my pj's and looking "morning ugly" I didn't !!! Instead I cleared out my DVR and caught up on all my shows, cleaned up a bit, dicked around on my iPad playing games (where I discovered Kerri and I are the only two who still play Song Pop!...c'mon people!!!) and DRUMROLL PLEASE.....I COOKED!!!!!! Which I discovered, I really HATE!! Don't get me wrong, my meal was actually pretty good, and I totally made it up!!! But I really don't like it....touching raw chicken, cutting off all the fat, which I feel leaves me with nothing in the end and the clean up...I hate that most of all!!! But I also feel like after all the prep and cooking, by the time I eat the meal, I'm over it!!! Maybe I'll feel differently tomorrow when I eat my leftovers!!
What I did not do today was laundry. This would have been the perfect day to stay in and do some but I ran out of detergent! I meant to get it during my pre-storm shopping trip, but Iforgot and wasn't home again til after the storm hit, so I never got it.  Oh well...thank God for 365 pairs of panties!! I'm all good!!!
Since dinner I've been drinking wine and watching the Hallmark needless to say , I am looking fabulous. I am hearing GUS and his lady friend upstairs watching some movie on the octave of 100. I kinda wanna knock on his door and ask them what it is....but since I showered and did not put make-up on (thus still looking "morning ugly") I won't do that!! Instead I think I'll get a movie On Demand! Normally I would feel like a loser being home watching movies and drinking by myself on a Saturday night, but since I got a "red alert" phone call from the town supervisor telling me to stay in and stay off the roads, I'm going to comply!! Lol
Hope everyone made out ok in this!! On a positive note...only 131 days til SUMMER!! Woo Hoo!!!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

It's been awhile!

It's been awhile since I blogged...but it's the winter!  I am a hermit in the winter, thus pretty boring with not much to report!  I'm a hermit because this weather basically sucks!!  I am so not made for the winter!  I need sun, sand, and hot temperatures. Not snow, ice, wind, and rain!

Speaking of wind, I know I say this all the time, but today I really did almost get blown over!  Like seriously....right into a car...a moving car!  Luckily, I live to tell the tale.  And that's basically the tale!  LOL  It was on the way home from my trusty Bravo, which I had not been to in forever (now that I do peapod!...which I also haven't gotten in a month either, but when you have the flu and don't eat anything for 5 days, it kinda saves on the grocery bill!) SO I thought I would make my return to Bravo due to this impending BLIZZARD we are supposedly having.  I mean it really is ridiculous!!  Their showing all these tracks and models!  The American model, the European Model and the RPM model!  I mean really...get your shit straight and THEN report the weather!!  Because people like me will bug out and worry about what I have to do for the next three days!!  Which you're probably thinking is pretty funny funny, since I just mentioned I was a hermit!!  But I guess you could say, with the exception of my weekly country concerts, I really don't do much else!!  Just sitting here writing about it, is getting me annoyed!!  There will be no wearing of the pj's inside out and no wooden spoon going under my pillow!! I really do hope this passes us by.
Is this news to anyone? First thing this morning I got an alert saying Saturday mail is going to stop!  Whoopdie ding dong do people!!  Who gets mail anymore anyway?  In all honesty, going to my mailbox everyday and seeing it empty is such a letdown!!  It's like one step away from depression.  Seriously, with this weather and my mail situation, I really am heading down that road!!  But on the upside, packages will still be delivered on Saturdays, which is all I get!  LOL...why shouldn't the mailman have Saturday off??

Well, that's all for now!  If I am snowed in this weekend, maybe I'll post!!