Monday, August 12, 2013

It's been forever....

It's been forever since I last blogged! We are well into summer and now we're closer to "back-to-school". And unfortunately, due to a very stupid decision I made many months ago, my summer essentially ends Friday!! Booooo!!! The thought of summer ending makes me ill! Where did it go???

My summer has been all, fabulous, and frustrating! I was away 12 days in North Carolina seeing my little cousin get married and going on the annual family vacation, and this past weekend saw Kenny Chesney...another "annual" outing!  (St. John in 2014 or bust...).  Summer has been filled with little things too! But most of this summer has had me preparing to move! 

If things had gone as planned, I would be in my home already, but as is with all things new home, nothing ever goes as planned. So I'm writing this, still in my apartment (very reluctantly), surrounded by boxes that block out the sunlight, sipping on a bottle of Chardonnay (which I don't even really like, but I'm limited in the selection these days kids!!!) and treating myself to a mint chocolate Klondike, watching the CMA Fest and rockin' out like it's 2010 again and I'm there!!! In that 110 degree heat (even when the sun went down!)  and hoping that tomorrow's the day I get my closing date!! I'll be happy, my family will be happy and my besties will be happy! They will no longer have to hear me screaming, cursing, and complaining about what a pain the arse this whole freaking process has been!! I totally and completely understand why people rent their entire lives!!!

Until next time! I'll blog from my new address...the one of a more permanent nature!!!! (And believe me it will be, because I'm never doing this again!!) Hahahahahaha