Friday, January 31, 2014

I've been inspired to get Pinspired!!

 I'm gonna do something a bit different for my little blog that could! I know in recent posts you've heard me talk about all the blogs I follow!! And today, I'm going to link up with them for a series called "Get Pin-Spired!"  This is by no means a fashion blog but I have been inspired by these ladies to just try it!  Pinterest Told Me To really started out as a blog where she was inspired to try new outfits she had pinned with things in her own closet!  Which is basically what pinspired is!  I thought I would try it myself for this month and see what I could find!

You must check out Sheaffer'sShay's and Mel's blogs!

I have been thinking about linking up for awhile now so I created a Pinspired board on Pinterst.  I went through it today and picked out this to try.
via pinterest user

 I picked just the sweater because sadly, I don't have a full length mirror! (One's now on its way to me!) And living the solitary life I do, there's no one here to take my pics for me!  HA! Shout out to Tara for being my photographer for all the PTMT contests I've entered in the past!!  

I really like the green/navy combo!  This is my take on it:
Clearly I need to work on my selfies....and get an iPhone!!

Close up of the necklace I put with it!  Wasn't sure if this is too much but for my first time, I guess it wasn't too bad!
Green Sweater from JCrew Factory
Navy and white striped shirt from Old Navy- very old!
Necklace from Loft...about 4 years old! Other LOFT Jewelery options here

Throwing this in too because I love my new leopard infinity scarf!  Thanks Shay!  And let's face's just better in an infinity scarf!

Leopard scarf here
Thanks for indulging me!  This was fun!  Let me know what you think!!

Until next time! Have a great weekend...I for one will really just be enjoying the commercials on Sunday!  Hope your team wins!!

I am so not a commuter...

Tomorrow's February already!?! What the what?!?!! I guess the only good thing to come out of this past month flying by is that we are that much closer to SPRING!!! Because, let's get real people...this winter has been for the birds!!! Oh, wait...they flew south...even they know this is no place to be!! To sum up this month in a word...SNOW!!! And I am so over it!! I am only really happy when it's sunny and 75! (Thank you Joe Nichols for that little ditty!) There wasn't much to blog about this month anyway, I suppose!! When it's negative whatever out, I myself go the way of the bears and hibernate!!! And even when I did venture out this month, to somewhere beyond the two mile radius of my town, it was kind of a disaster! And this is so why this blog is called The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life!!!

Wednesday, January 29, I had an adventure! I went to see Keith Urban at the Garden! And going on the railroad is such the adventure all the time anyway, but this day is was especially fun! (She says in her sarcastic tone!) My bestie and fellow country concert partner-in-crime texted me at about 2 to let me know that I might be delayed a bit due to a fire in the tunnel between Jamaica and Penn. I was optimistic though, because I wasn't leaving for another hour and a half and by the time I got even close to there, it'd be even could they not have it cleared by then? It was going to be rush hour in the biggest city in the world and the million Long Islanders who commute everyday need to get home! 
Then she texted my 3:25! I was on the train with 2 minutes to spare until it pulled away! Trains were cancelled and delayed and the rush hour commute was sure to be chaos...I panicked! What do I do!?!? Do I go in? Do I give her my ticketmaster password to print out two tickets for her and a friend from work!?! After her reassuring me that she didn't think I would be too late, I told her I would go and text her when I got to the next station. Mine is such that I always have to transfer anyway, so I just thought I would figure it out there, and if I had to come back home, I'd come back home! 
When I got to the next station my train was already there, so I thought all was good! I hopped on and grabbed a seat. The doors shut and off we went!!!! It was only then that they made a special announcement that my train would "MOST LIKELY" TERMINATE at Jamaica, but as we got closer they would advise! I was still ok with this because I knew there was a subway I could take if I needed to (but didn't really want to do that!) But of course it did, and I had to take the subway....with the other three thousand people going my way!! So that was a little bit of crazy! But I made it down to the subway and hopped on the train which said "Express to Manhattan". I thought fabulous!! An express! I won't be too delayed after all!!! WELL...EXPRESS MY ASS!!!! An HOUR later I made it to Penn!! After 1000 commuters on top of me (about half of which smelled by the way, and who have absolutely no qualms about standing on top of you!) An hour is no express people! Oh and did I mention that I stood the whole time because...I THOUGHT IT WAS THE EXPRESS!! I feel bad for people who have to take the local!! What did we learn from this?!?! I could never be a commuter!!! God bless Mel and Sean who do it every single day!!! 

And it really didn't help that it was the Keith concert, the Rangers/Islanders game at Yankee Stadium and the first night of the Super Bowl Boulevard, all at the same time!!! You'd think I was in the greatest city in the world or something!

But alas, I made it!! It's might have taken me three hours, but I made it!!  And the first thing I did when I got there was have a drink!! 

I just love Keith! And by the time I sat in my seat I kinda forgot that whole mess happened!! This was our third time seeing him at the Garden (5th time overall, I think!) He's a chill guy...just came out on the stage and started playing!! No pyrotechnics, no fanfare...just a hot little Aussie and his guitar!! And it was an awesome show!! Even if I wasn't the girl who was pulled on stage, plopped down in a recliner and sang to!! I'm still in "Keith Mode", listening to him as I type this!

Can't wait till next time!!! 

The train ride home was a bit of an adventure too, but I am just to tired to even think about it!

Thanks for reading and laughing with me!