Wednesday, April 30, 2014

WWIW: Style Challenge Post #3

As I sit down to write this post, I'm thinking to myself...what did I wear this week? I feel like I strayed a lot during the challenge and feel like I might be missing some pictures!  But I'll post what I have!  It's so hard to believe that we are in the final week of the challenge!

Wednesday's Challenge Outfit I actually wore to lunch on Friday!  I discovered that I totally love this black and white top (Target).

the bright cardigan is loft from YEARS ago...I am the QUEEN of Cardis!
Piper Street Statement Necklace, no longer available in mint but coral {here}
AE Jeans
Target Leopard Flats

Thursday's outfit was so simple and I really liked it!  I jazzed it up two ways!  With a floral infinity scarf and statement necklace!

When I got home from lunch Friday, I found my 4th maxi in my mailbox. And guess what???  This one doesn't have to GO BACK!!  WOO HOO!!
So this was actually the Friday Challenge outfit...
Target Tank {similar}
bauble bar necklace
Chevron Maxi- (no longer available but keep an eye out!)

As I did last weekend, I'm saving this weekend's challenge outfits! I didn't photograph my outfit Saturday! (WHAT WAS I THINKING!!  HA!)  And on Sunday, since I was invited to a Tea Party my mom threw for all her granddaughters, I had to wear a party dress!  This is my version of a "tea party dress", when it's still in the 40's! :(
I should've worn the nude flats!
This is a really old dress from Forever 21, but I love it and will have it forever!!

Week 3 began Monday...We are in the home stretch!  And I went back to work! Boo!  Monday called for the white jeans and the black and white top again and a scarf.  Here's how I switched it up for work!
I didn't wear the scarf because of the lace on the shirt!
Loft tank

Tuesday was another maxi day! And again being in the 40's and raining, I didn't wear it!  BUT...when I got home from work, {this} maxi was at my door! And it's a WINNER!!!!  Shout out to Sarah for steering me in the right direction with this one...helping a fellow "shortie" out!!  Stay tunes for a pic of me in it next week!!

That's all for this week! Next Wednesday will be the LAST challenge post!  See my previous WWIW Challenge Posts {here} and {here}! You'll see links to some of the same pieces I posted today!

Have a great rest of the week!

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Good News!

I am so excited about this!!!  I just found out that I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Carrie at A Lovely Little Wardrobe. The Liebster Award is an award given to new bloggers who have less than 200 (others say 500...I'll use both!) followers, to help them discover new blogs and grow their following!

Thank you Carrie, so very much for this!!  HOW FUN!! Very sweet of you to include me!  Much appreciated!  Go check out her blog!

I found Carrie's blog upon joining the Spring Style Me Challenge and she is one of the bloggers who decided to link up each week to showcase our outfits during the challenge! She is so stylish and puts together outfits in many different ways...all from the clothes in her closet!  She is on a self-imposed shopping stall for the year!  I'm so jealous...I spend way too much on clothes!  I must remember this for 2015!!  She is also a military spouse!  A huge thanks to her husband for his service to our country!

There's lots of information online about The Liebster award and it's rules but here's the gist of what I have to do:

1. Write a post about the award, thanking the blogger who nominated me! Thanks Again Carrie!
2. Post 11 interesting facts about myself.
3.  Answer the 11 questions Carrie posted for me!
4.  Nominate 11 bloggers for the award...with 200/500 followers or less!
5.  Post 11 questions for my nominees to answer.

Here goes nothing...

11 interesting facts about me:
 I was born two months premature and because of this, developed cerebral palsy.

For PT when I was younger, I rode a horse named Shane...I'll never forget him.

I don't drive. (Iknow...I know...)

Coffee is an absolute NEED in the morning, without it, I get headaches!  Awful!

I am not ever FULLY awake until 10 a.m....ha!

I never wanted to be anything but a teacher when I grew up!

When my parents sold our family home to my sister and her husband a few years ago, I came with the house! LOL  She graciously let me stay in my "room sweet room" for awhile.  Luckily I have since moved out and bought a home of my own!

Some months my credit card bills are more than my mortgage....eeeekkkkk!!!

I watch way too much T.V.

I'd be nothing without my parents, and three older sisters.

I'll be o.k. if this solitary life is "it" for me...but I'll still be waiting for my Mr. Right in the meantime!

Carrie's Questions for ME!

  1. Do you have a favorite Bible verse? If so, what is it and why?  Matthew 19:14  And Jesus saidLet the Little Children Come to me. A poster with this verse on it was the very first thing I bought for my classroom when I became a teacher.  It is now up  in my library and I think it personifies teaching, from our greatest teacher.
  2. What is your favorite season of the year and why?  Summer is my favorite season.  I'm happiest when it's 85 and sunny and I have a TAN!!
  3. What is your favorite color to wear?  I wear lots of purple but the 2 colors I am LOVING right now are coral and mint!
  4. What is your favorite book or magazine?  My favorite book is Wonder by R. J.'s a MUST READ!!  I've blogged about it here!
  5. If you could travel to any destination in the world what would it be and why? There are so many places I want to go! But I'd say New Zealand and Australia just because I think they are beautiful! (Thank you, The Bachelor!)
  6. Where and when was your favorite vacation?  I've been on so many fun vacations over the years and on a lot of cruises.  But my most fun vacation was a trip to Walt Disney World with my family in the early 90's.  i think I was 11. My dad had a conference there and we stayed at the Lake Buena Vista Hotel.  It was pretty new and so, so nice!  The best part about it...every night we got huge waffle cones from the hotel!  They were so yummy!  HA!  This was also my first time I remember being in Disney World.  I love it there...even now! 
  7. What do you like to do in your free time? Hobbies? In my spare time  I like to shop online, go out to eat, hang with friends and family, read...and maybe have random dance parties in my living room!
  8. What or who inspires you?  My Family inspires me.
  9. Do you have a favorite restaurant or type of food?  Mexican Food, Italian, and BBQ are my favorites!  Right now my friends and family would probably say that my favorite restaurant is That MeetBall Place, it's a restaurant/bar in my town that opened up earlier this year that serves one of my favorite guessed it...MEATBALLS!  And the jumbo hot pretzel as big as my head is not too bad either!! I am there all the time! 
  10. What is your favorite type of music and favorite artist?  COUNTRY MUSIC!!!  Kenny Chesney is my fave...summer is just not the same without KENNY in concert.
  11. Why did you start to blog?  I started this blog called the Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life becasue it took me 32 years to get my own place!  (CATHOLIC SCHOOL doesn't pay much people!  HA!)  And with that, comes those little everyday things that just happen.  I started the blog in 2012, but decided that 2014 would be the year, I'd jump full force into blogging.  I have added a few facets to it along the way, such as fashion posts and fun link-ups, but at its' heart it's still just about me...trying to navigate the ups and downs of this thing called LIFE!

11 Questions for my nominees:
1.  What one word best describes you?
2.  What's the best advice you ever received, from who?
3.  What's you're guilty pleasure show? 
4.  What's you're biggest pet peeve?
5.  What is something you never leave home without?
6.  Name something you treasure.
7.  What is your favorite movie?
8.  Morning person or night owl?
9.  What's your favorite accessory?
10. What song describes your life at the moment?
11. Why did you decide to start blogging?

Bloggers I'm nominating:
Four Sisters (found this blog through the Friday spoke to me!)
Loving, Crafting, & Cooking in the Country (A good friend of mine...and a much better blogger at that!)
A Light in the Closet  (Another fellow challenger!  Such a cool blog!)
See You in a Porridge (Super Cute!)
Peanut Butter Tales (Did you think I wouldn't love a blog with a title like this?!? HA!)
This Gingers Journey (A sweet girl who commented on my blog and who I've been reading ever since...we have the same taste in blogs too!)
Beyond the Gradebook (fellow teacher, lover of country music and books!..basically ME in another state!)
Hilary's Grace (a sweet and honest blog!)

Go check them all out!!

I hope you all take the time to participate too!  Please know I'm so glad I found your blogs, enjoy reading them and getting a peek into what makes you...YOU!

There is no physical Liebster award but the satisfaction of knowing my blog touched even one person, makes me feel grateful! And doing this was a lot of fun!

Have a happy week!

Friday, April 25, 2014

A Fab Friday Five!

Girls Chase Boys by Ingrid Michaelson
My new favorite song at the's been on repeat all week!!

Rodan + Fields Foaming Sunless Tanner
Mel at The Larson Lingo is a R+F Consultant and I saw on Insta that she was running a cool special for their Essentials Sunless Foaming Tanner.  So me being me and a sucker for a deal, I bought it!! It's smells great, is a super light foam (which is both good and bad, because sometimes I can't tell where I put it!) and is not that expensive for a product that's not an over the counter!  And it's brown color showed up super fast...I had the color I was looking for after the second application! Oh and it dried QUICK, so no walking around the house necked for 30 minutes waiting for it to dry!  SCORE!!! Wish I had thought to take a before and after pic! HA!

40 Bags in 40 Days Update!
Lent and Easter have now come and gone so I thought I'd share my progress with the Lenten Challenge. original post {here}
Did I get rid off 40 bags over the course of the 40 days? Yes, maybe even more.  But did I cross off everything on my list? Not even close!!!  I'm ok with it though.  I checked off many of the items on my list, and can keep it going!!  I'd still have a lot of unnecessary stuff around, if I hadn't challenged myself in the first place!

Camo Military Jacket

I received this camo military jacket from Anthropologie as a birthday gift in February, after seeing it on Pinterest Told Me To.  This week I've finally been able to bust it out because the weather's been warm enough...but not too warm!  I love it!  It's my third military jacket, which some might think is excessive, but seeing as all three are completely different, I do not!  I have been wearing it with everything!  The camo is understated and I am really liking mixing it with other prints!  I will be wearing this jacket all spring.  Mine is currently sold out but {here's} their current option!  The lace detail camouflages it!

Grey's Anatomy Music
I know this totally random, but is anyone as obsessed as me over the covers of the 80's tunes totally reworked on Grey's?  LIKE EVERY WEEK?? I mean really... Maneater, Every Little Thing She Does is Magic, Holiday, I Wanna Dance with Somebody...the list goes on and on.  Completely different and yet AWESOME!!  These days I'm more into the music than the storyline!!  But I will say I AM looking forward to watching Christina's Farewell episodes!!
This one was my FAVE!!

Check out more Grey's music in the ABC Music Lounge {here}!

Have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What I Wore Wednesday: Mixin' it Up

The challenge continues...and more!

Last Wednesday was day three in the Style Me Spring Challenge and called for a boyfriend cardigan, bright tank, statement necklace, wedges, and bf jeans.  For work, I traded the jeans for grey trousers and went with an infinity scarf! (similar)
This is the worst pic but alas I must include it!
Thursday I wore the challenge outfit to Girls Night with my mom and sisters!  Super fun...the outfit and the night!
My first non-selfie...thanks Mom!
Love these articles of society cropped skinnys! I foresee wearing them all summer!
Nude flats
Chambray Shirt 

Friday was my first day off for Spring Break and I was totally able to jump into the JEANS!!
I really, really liked this outfit!!  Tried to find the link to the loft shirt but couldn't! And I am IN LOVE with my target leopard flats (here)!!

Saturday the maxi skirt made it's first appearance!  I've bought three so far...a fourth one is on it's way to me!  None of them fit (#shortgirlprobs!), and one of them that was sent, was absolutely not what I ordered at all!!
I ordered the one on the left, I was sent the skirt on the right :(
With the exception of tutoring, I had no plans, so I was ok with not wearing a challenge outfit!  Instead I walked to the library in this...jeans and sneakers!
Then I came home, sat in the sun and drank Margaritas...tutoring was rough...LOL

Easter Sunday with the family, I dressed up a little more than the challenge had me doing...
Piper Street tunic (no longer available)....which on me is a!
I love my new booties (even if half the fam made fun of them!) but truth be told, they didn't last long!
I ended the day in my nude flats!

Monday I kinda combined Sunday and Mondays outfits, with a bright button down, (an AE oldie but goodie!),  boyfriends jeans and statement necklace!

Yesterday's outfit I think is my FAVE of the challenge so far!!  Got lots of compliments on my scarf!
LOVING the PicCollage App!!  And it's FREE!!

Find my outfits from the first few days of the challenge here!

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Have a Happy Hump Day!  
Whatever you do make it fun and fabulous,

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Life in Lists

Back again for another My Life in Lists Post, with Marci @ If These Walls Could Speak and Team Gilbert! I love this week's prompt and have totally always thought of this!!

List things you wish you could hire someone to do for you.

{ONE}  Hire a chauffeur to drive me a around!
I know I said this same thing in my previous list, but for serious...I need one!!

{TWO}  My Hair
A hairstylist is another thing I could definitely use.  I feel like when I go get my hair did, it always looks fab, but then I come home and try to replicate the style and it's an epic fail! And if someone did my hair everyday, it would have much more variety!

{THREE}  My Make-up
Who wouldn't want a make-up artist, too?  Another thing that would give my look more variety.  And I could use some lashes, which I could never do on my own!   If I had someone to do my hair and make-up everyday, maybe it would help me get outta bed in the morning!

{FOUR}  Clean My House
I know cleaning people exist, but I obviously do not have them!  This is a small place and not much to clean, but hey if I can have someone do it for me, I would in a heartbeat! Some people love cleaning!  I'm not a fan...I break out in a sweat when I vacuum, I really don't believe that the Swiffer actually cleans anything, and it's inevitable that I bleach SOMETHING when I clean!

{FIVE}  Take Out My Garbage! 
This really should be number two!  I hate the garbage.  Living in this condo, it's a community garbage type thing! It smells and is always so full!!  I always wait til the last minute to take out my garbage...less trips!  The garbage in my apartment complex was not great either, but at least that was a  dumpster I could stand 5 feet away from, wind up, and toss in!  If there was someone who'd knock on my door every night to take my garbage, I'd be forever grateful!

{SIX}  Cook My Meals
A chef to cook for me would be just the best.  I would eat! HA!

What would you hire someone to do for you? Tell me about it in the comments and link up your list here!

Have a happy Tuesday!

Monday, April 21, 2014


It's Monday!  Hope everyone had a great Easter!  I know I did!  Lots of fun and laughs with my family...hope yours was much the same!

Is there anything that illustrates my solitary life better?  I think not!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Today I'm home on Spring Break...YAY! for that!  Not so much for the banging that began above my head at about 7:15 this morning!  Boooooooo!!  There are both advantages and disadvantages to not yet having an upstairs neighbor.  One obvious disadvantage being that the place is not yet finished!!  So at 7:15 on a Monday morning when I'm trying to sleep...they are banging!!  I had this same issue over the February vacation...but everyday that week I was already up early so it didn't bother me that I can SLEEP IN!

When you move into a new complex, at the closing while you're signing your life away, you also have to sign about all these you know this is a construction zone and you know they'll be banging and all that mumbo jumbo! Which, right then I was fine with!  But see the bad part is, I'm the only one having to ensure this.  The rest of the places in here are filled with people!  I'm the only one that doesn't have anyone above me. (Perhaps they've heard something about me....hmmmm!). Lucky me.

I just worry...If I can hear them...
I mean really...are they hearing me when I pee?  What happens if they bang to hard and come crashing down on me when I'm in the shower!  Oh yikes...have they heard me singing in the shower???  EEEEEKKKKK!!
I hear their conversations while they're walking up the stairs and can hear their music up there!

And it's a beautiful day out today!  I can't sit out in my little front area and get a tan!  YES...I do sit in the front, which I know is a tad bit on the ghetto side, but it's where the best sun is...and I'll do ANYTHING for a TAN!!

Maybe all this means is a GUS is moving in soon!  And hey who knows, maybe he'll be HOTT and quiet, and I won't mind him on top of me all the time! ;-)

But for the rest of the week, I'll be popping sleeping pills before bed!

Have a great week!  I'll be back tomorrow with another My Life in Lists Post, and Wednesday for WIWW!

Thanks for stopping by...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

This was one of the songs used during our prayer service Thursday and because I was kind of in charge of the music and it's been in my head all week, I wanted to include it!  It's beautiful and fits today so well!

Enjoy the day surrounded in the love of family!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

My Life in Lists

I always love reading the comments other bloggers leave on my page and checking out their blogs.  Marci over at if These Walls Could Speak, visited from the Friday Link-up last week and commented, so I checked out her blog and found out that she just started hosting a Weekly Linky Party with her sister @ Team Gilbert called My Life in Lists.  You guys know me and link-ups!  I've decided to join this week!

5 Things I'd Do with a Million Dollars
What wouldn't I do!?!

1/ TRAVEL!!!  EVERYWHERE!  To places I've never been and places I've been to a thousand times before!
Some of the places I've never been: Hawaii, New Zealand, Australia, St. Barth's, was once so close and yet so far away! And so many more...

2/ Redesign my closet!  I'd pay to have my closet customized and reorganized.  Because I always see awesome, huge closets on these home shows and get closet envy!

3/ Hire a chauffeur...for reals!!  A HOTT ONE!

4/ Invest some, donate some, and share some with family! (Should that be 3? HA!)

5/ SHOP!  Of course!  At all my favorite stores...Nordy's Loft, Target, Victoria, Amazon, AE!  And because I'd have the money...Pottery Barn! LOL

What would you do with a million bucks? Let me know in the comments below and  go link up here! New prompts every Monday!

Have a Happy Saturday and a Blessed Easter!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Five!

Hope everyone's had a great week!
5 things...

Spring Break!
I'm off today and all next week for Spring Break!  YAY!!  Keeping my fingers crossed that after more snow and ice this week, Spring makes a comeback!!  Sunday was beautiful!  I sat out and I GOT COLOR!!  (She says in her Oprah voice!!)

2014 Boston Marathon
I'll be thinking of all of Boston and all the runners in the Boston Marathon on Monday as they lace up their sneaks and run again...with heavy hearts but determined spirits.  Those who know me, know I love the city of BOSTON.   I love its' charm, its' people, its' Red Sox!  Check out E:60 this weekend...inspiring stories of survivors one year later!

I went to brunch this past Sunday with the bestie and I always forget how much a fan of brunch I am! It was a pretty spring day, the garage doors were open to the street, great tunes were playing, we were drinking at 11 a.m. and ate a great meal! Does it get any better??!!?? And let's face it, you go to brunch and you're pretty much set for the day!  I was so full...I think I only ate a yogurt for dinner at 7!

Pink Sugar
I've been obsessed with this scent awhile.  My sister uses it and I would wear it from time to time while she was staying with me.  I've finally gotten my own bottle and have received so many compliments since wearing it.  I always worry though when people compliment me on my perfume...I I smell bad otherwise?!? LOL  Check it out here.
Happy Easter!

Have a great weekend...and thanks for stopping by!

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Challengers Unite!

It's a Special Edition of What I Wore Wednesday!!

A few of my fellow challengers and I are linking up for the next few weeks to show you all the outfits we've put together while participating in the Spring Style Me Challenge with Alison at Get Your Pretty On! Read more about my joining the challenge here!

The challenge has been so, so much fun!  The challenge only officially started on Monday, but the members of the group have been "meeting" up and sharing outfit inspirations and ideas with one another for about a week and a half!  I have to say, that has been the MOST FUN of it all!

This being Wednesday, we've only had three outfits so far.  I'm sharing my take on the first two with you this week.  Today's outfit, I'm saving for another day, so you'll see it in a future post!  The best thing about the challenge is that all the pieces were already in my closet!  But that doesn't mean I didn't spend a lil' bit getting new pieces to help me get my pretty on!

Day One:
 This was my take on the first outfit!  

My bright gingham button down came from JCP...probably the first thing I've bought there ever...thanks to my new challenge friends for pointing me in that direction!  Total score and loving the affordability!!

The cropped denim jacket is from AE....YEARS ago! (similar)

I've had to swap out jeans for trouser/dress pants for work.  These are from LOFT, again....years ago! I could stand another, more well , fitting pair I suppose!  And these ones are lined!  Proof that white is not just for after Memorial Day until Labor Day anymore!  HA!!  (similar)  Leopard flats completed the look!

Day Two:
I did a little remixing of the outfit today and really liked how it turned out! We have the freedom to switch things up and make the outfit all our own.  

Rather than the bright cardigan (which I do have!) I opted for a pullover (here) over a  minty button down (here). Truth be told that may have had something to do with the fact that the button down was a wrinkled mess AND pretty sheer!  And my Stella and Dot pendant with it was a plus!

Paired with black Loft Trouser Pants (older than dirt...but very comfy!) and these nude flats, and I was out the door!!
I really need a full length mirror!!  

I'll be back again next week to show you some more great outfits! I am so excited to be on Spring Break and be able to wear JEANS all week!  WOO HOO!  
Until then, go check out the outfits my fellow challengers have put'll love the looks!  And a big thanks to Deena  for creating the super cute logo for us and working so hard on the links!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

What's On...My DVR

Linking up today with Andrea @ Momfessionals for a brand new Link-up she's started...WHAT'S ON! Each Month, the rest of the year, will be dedicated to one specific prompt!  The first one is What's On...your DVR!  Living the solitary life I do, this is so very PERFECT for me!! Most nights it's just me, my wine, and my DVR!!!

These are the shows that are on my DVR's Season Pass:

General Hospital: Yes, I still watch this...and have been religiously since I've about the age of 10! (And when SoapNet was on, I may have spent a weekend watching an entire batch of old school Luke and Laura episodes!) I DVR it everyday and  won't watch every episode during the week, but sometimes feel like I can get through about a week's worth of shows in about an hour!  I'll scan through a lot...and some days are better than others!

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon: If you have been following my blog for a while, you know my LOVE for Jimmy Fallon runs deep!  He just makes me smile!  I love the hashtag Wednesdays, Thank You Note Fridays, all the games he plays, and everything in between!  And really... he has Springsteen Weeks and Justin Timberweek...C'mon!!!!

Parenthood: One of the BEST shows ever!!!!  You need to watch this!  I laugh every week and I cry every week!  It's just so real and I love it!!

Grey's Anatomy/Scandal: I am clumping these two together because THEY ARE THURSDAY NIGHTS FOR ME!  I DVR them and start them a little late so I'm able to fast forward through the commercials and still end at 11!  Some weeks, I even invite my sisters and friends over for Grey's Nights, that extend into Scandal!  And yes, those nights I'm drinking my wine from my Crate and Barrel Olivia Pope glasses!  HA!!!

Blue Bloods: Another show I absolutely love!!  I'm not ashamed to admit that most Friday nights I'm in bed earlier than any other night of the week!  I guess by Friday, I'm just shot!!  Happiness to me on a Friday is: being wrapped up in my blardigan, with a glass of wine in hand and watching the Reagans!!

Chicago Fire: Love this show...and all the cute Firemen!

Chicago PD: I didn't like it at first but it very quickly grew on me...I still save it for the weekend to watch though!!

Law & Order SVU: (Or as my mom will forever call it- SUV!) This is a show I have seen every SINGLE episode of from the very beginning.  And I will admit, when Christopher Meloni left, I wasn't sure it was going to last much longer...but it has and only keeps getting better!  This season has been INSANE!!  It's actually another show I'll save for the weekend...because I'd rather watch in the daylight!

Suits: I really like USA originals, and this one is my fave!  Such a crazy concept...but totally works! And I love the dynamic of all the characters!  And again...the hot guys DO NOT HURT!!

Some shows on my DVR that I am super behind on:
I have three episodes of Pretty Little Liars that need to be finished.
I'm two episodes behind on Nashville.
And I have all the episodes of the new show Crisis that I have yet to watch!  But I've heard it's really good!  So one of these weekends I'll get a round to it!

I also have a Hallmark Channel Original Movie from Christmastime saved on my DVR.  It 's called Finding Christmas and was so super cute...I watched it about 87 times.  I think I love it so much because it was kind of like one of my absolute favorite movies, The Holiday!

Eeeekkkk...reading this back, it's fairly evident why I'm still living this single, solitary life, huh??  But this was fun...I can't wait until next month!

Have a great rest of the week!  Come back Wednesday for a Spring Style Me Challenge Link-Up I'm doing with some fellow bloggers in the group!  Today was the first day of the challenge and I gotta say...I am LOVING it!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ten on Ten

I've decided to try my hand at the Ten on Ten Project created by Rebekah at A Bit of Sunshine...but clearly it has already been an epic fail because it's two days later and I am only now just getting my post up!  HA!! Here's my life for ten consecutive hours on the 10th of April!

It was a two cup coffee kinda day!  And I LOVE my Starbucks mug! Made my coffee before I left the house and two hours later when I actually have time to take the first's still piping hot!  

Love visiting my sweet Pre-Ker's over in their building!  And I kinda don't mind the little mobile library I created!  I can swap books in and out from the big library, giving them more variety...but not too much!!

Love me a prep where I can listen to music in my iHome (thank you Scholastic Bonus Points!), especially when my favorite song comes on!

Lunch duty in the second grade. Boo!  Not that I don't love them...I just wish  I was out enjoying the beautiful day!

And I come back to find this in the Library!!  Smack dab in front of my desk, totally blocking my view.  Aren't I just the sweetest to share my Library with Spanish?

Homework Club...Where sometimes I need a lil help with the Common Core too!  Maybe I've been out of the classroom too long!!

These sweet, sweet girls came for a visit after school and were ready for a photo op!  Their mom has trained them well!

I got a smile when I was holding her...guess it's a good dream...or maybe it was just GAS!  

 I try to be accommodating to the children when they visit!

The toddler makes the mess and the parents clean it up...or are they?  

My first foray with the photo project didn't turn out too bad.  Given my solitary life, other months might not be as exciting as this (HA!), but it sure was fun!

Have a Sunny Saturday!  Take some time to enjoy the little things!