Monday, June 30, 2014

You win some, you lose some!

Little Late to the link-up today because I was on the fence about having this post go live! But then decided I didn't wanna miss out!!  Linking up with Mel,Sheaffer, and Shay for another Pin-spired! I totally love this link-up!  I love looking at everyone's looks and realizing...I've have this outfit pinned, too or WOW!  I can totally do that with what's in my closet!

I've been wanting to write about this pin for awhile!  This is the actual pin and what I wrote about it on my Pinspired Board on Pinterest. {Follow Me Here}
Now's as good a time as any to try this...or so I thought!!

Ordinarilly, I would never wear the dress like this.  In fact, I've only worn it like this!  
Maybe with a denim jacket thrown in if I got chilly!  I love the ruching and the side slit of this dress!  And people {these} sandals are $10....go grab them now!  I got the brown AND the nude!!

For the sake of pinspired and because I totally love my Cons, I tried it like the pin.  And my first thought was that she was wearing socks with her cons, but now I'm pretty sure they're hi tops!  I clicked on the pin to get the deets, but nothing comes up now...boooooo!! 

This is my re-creation...
Let's be honest....I kinda look like a serial killer, right?  HA!!  Clearly I am not the model that can pull this off!  And I really wish I was like a professional blogger who can have professional pictures taken! My pictures are not coming out that great lately and I am worried I touched something on my phone that may have changed a setting!!  WAAAHHHHHH!!

This wasn't my fave but I am glad I tried it. I love every item in this pic, just not together!  

Victoria Secret Dress {here}
Anthropologie Camo Jacket {no longer available}
Converse All-Stars {here}
Sunglasses {similar}

I promise to do better next month!  On the upside,  I've rocked last month's pinspired outfit quite a few times already!  So I guess you win some, ya lose some!!  

Can't wait to see what everyone else has pinned!  Come back to the blog Wednesday for some more fashion fun!!    


Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday's 5!

Just a few of the things that made this week pretty FABULOUS!!!


My blog hit a milestone on Tuesday...10, 000 views!!  Pretty cool!
I blogged about it {here}

A Sunday spent in maxis
My sister and I are doing the Summer Style Me Challenge with Alison at Get Your Pretty On.  So on Sunday when I headed over to her pool...we were looking pretty similar!  HA!  See how I've been styling the rest of the outfits during the challenge {here}

Have you seen THESE?!?!
  They just might be the best things EVER!  These are super hard to find apparently, but my friend Di found them and bought them for me!! She's the BEST!!  She gave them to me on Monday...they might be gone already! :)  Seriously...they are my new favorite thing!  And unfortunately, they're only Limited!!  Booo!!

Cousin Time
A little late to the link-ups today because I've had no time to blog!  It's been a fun few days...well hours...with my cousin who came for a super short visit to New York from North Carolina.  She was here to pick up her grandpa so he could travel back with her.  Always lots of fun and laughs when we're together!

Have a great weekend!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

WIWW: GYPO Summer challenge! Days 3-9

I had all intentions of loading my photos on the blog as I went this past week so that this post didn't become such a blur to me!  But of course that didn't happen (the last few days of school kinda got in the way!) and now I'm scoping through all these selfies trying to remember what day is what!  I am really loving the Summer Challenge though and am so excited EVERYTHING has come from my CLOSET!!  WOO HOO!!
Wednesday, June 18th- Day 3
Mixed up the work-wear version and the challenge outfit to create my own version...this!
Striped top (AE),  cropped khakis (LOFT), statement necklace (Piper Street), and metallic sandals (Target)

Thursday, June 19th-Day 4: Playing with Print!  
Loved both my work and play outfits this day!

Work: I have had these pants forever (from The Limited) and LOVE them!  I was so happy to be able to wear them for the challenge! Rather than the bright tank the challenge called for (and because I need to wear a sleeve to work!) I went with this old top from LOFT.  The tee had that necklace like thingy attached!!

After work, I wore this (posted this to the page)...closer to the challenge!

Friday, June 20th- Day 5
Friday called for a printed top.  I wore my top from hippie chick boutique (sold out) and a pair of old LOFT ankle pants, that were a pretty perfect match!  My bauble bar rope necklace completed the look!

On Saturday (Day 6), my best friend's baby girl was baptized, so I wore a dress and am saving Saturday's challenge outfit for another day!!

On Sunday (Day 7), I went full on challenge mode!!  And it was a MAXI SKIRT day!  YAY!!  I was at my sister's pool for the day. She's also doing the challenge with me!  This is what we wore...
YAY Tara for joining the challenge!!

Monday was day 8 and  began week 2 of the challenge!  Time is flying! The outfit was super simple, with just a white top, denim shorts, and sneaks!  
For work, I switched it up like this...
It was a dress down day for the students and teachers so I wore jeans and sandals and added the infinity scarf (target) for a pop of color!

When I got home, I threw on jean shorts, the bright cardi and my cons...just what the challenge called for!

I posted this PicCollage on the FB page Monday night...

 My fellow challengers are  liking that I post both the work and "play" option!  But now that I am officially on Summer VACATION, I can't promise that will happen everyday!!  HA!!

Tuesday, June 24th-Day 9, saw us wearing a tribal/printed top and khakis.  I didn't wear it...saving for another day!  I opted for a printed maxi skirt instead!

Now that my looks are all said and done go check out some more fabulous fashions from these lovlies I'm linking up with today:
To see how I styled last week's summer looks, click {here}

Have a great week!!

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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

10,000 hits on the BLOG!!!

Woo hoo! Today the blog hit over ten thousand views!!  So exciting!!
For some it might be no big deal, but for my little blog that's kind of a big deal!!!
I'd like to thank my regular readers, my facebook friends,  my google and blogger followers, all the new "friends" I've "met" through link ups, challenges, and such.  I'd also like to thank my international readers from places such as Canada, Costa Rica, the Maldives, Latvia, and the Ukraine, just to name a few! Thanks for reading, commenting, and just being part of my world for a little while!!  Here's to the next 10,000 views!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Friday, June 20, 2014

MY 5...Summer Essentials!

I LOVE Summer and this time next week the school year will be OVER and with any hope I will be somewhere...anywhere...lounging in the sun and LOVING every minute of it!  So since my summer starts Tuesday, I'd thought I'd share with you MY 5 summer essentials!!

ONE: A Hat
This is gonna be the summer of the hat...I've said it a million times! Because the sun spots on my face are getting so bad, I'm gonna be sporting all sorts of hats...fedoras, big floppy hats, baseball caps, name it, I'll be wearing it!

TWO: Sunnies!!
I don't go for the expensive ones (because when I do they get lost or ruined!  HA!) I don't mind though because I like to switch them up with different outfits!  But aviators are ones I wear most often!  {This} is the pair I bought this summer!  I really would like a mirrored pair of aviators but I'm still not sure I can pull them off!  

THREE: Neutrogena Visibly Even Moisturizer
Because My face is so terrible these days,  I picked this up hoping it will help!  It has SPF 30 in it.  I use it daily lately but when I put it on,  I think it definitely feels like your putting on sunscreen!! Find out more about it {here}

FOUR: A good chick-lit, beach read!
Sadly, I'm STILL Reading The One & Only by Emily Giffin. I got it a few weeks ago when it first came out and hoped to have it finished.  Sadly, crazy, end-of-year shenanigans got in the way!  But now, with the time off, I WILL finish it...and read about 30 more books!!  What are you reading this summer? Tell me in the comments below!!

FIVE: Summer 2014 Playlist
A good summer playlist on my iPod to listen to on the beach or at the pool is a must!!  I listen to a lot of country but the summer playlist is a mix of's just plain fun!  Some of the songs on my Summer 2014 list are:

Fancy- Iggy Azalea 
All I Do is Win- DJ Khaled feat. Luda
Timber- Pitball feat. Ke$ha 
Am I Wrong Nico & Vinz
Island Song- Zac Brown Band
Rum- Brothers Osborne
Beachin'- Jake Owen
Calvin Harris- Summer
Rude- Magic!
Boom Clap- Charli XCX

What are your summer essentials?  Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great summer everyone!  Enjoy the sun, fun and everything in between!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Let the Summer Challenge Begin!

I'm back at it!  On Monday the Style Me Summer Challenge with Alison at Get Your Pretty On began!  I am so excited that this time around me sister and best friend decided to join in on the fun!!  I've also decided to link up with fellow bloggers doing the challenge as well. This time there are 15 of us participating!  YAY for new blogs!  I don't know about you, but I LOVE finding new blogs to read!!

My take on Monday's Outfit- Day One
This time around, there is a work wear option for each day!  On the left, you'll see my work wear version.  Loft cropped pants (old) and lace tank (sold out) with nude flats.  On the right was the more exact challenge outfit...bright shorts, white t and metallic sandals!  The bag is an added bonus this time also!  Mine was a freebie years ago from Victoria Secret.  (YES, I am a sucker!!  LOL)  The challenge also called for statement earrings too but I don't change my earrings so much so I went with the statement necklace instead. {stella&dot}

Tuesday's Outfit- Day Two (Let's just call today a fashion show!!)
I didn't wear this to work but did so afterwards...perhaps only to take blog pics!!  HA!
But I kinda love how simple and easy it was!  And can I just say how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my cons?!?! Cuz it's like a lot, a lot!!  

Day 2: Play

Day 2: Work
I wasn't in love with this as I was the true challenge version above.
These pants are White House Black Market from like the nineties...but hey white never goes out of style, right?!

Next week we'll be deeper into the challenge so they'll be lots more to see!  But for now go check out how my fellow challengers and blogger friends did these first few days! Link up with us here too!!

Foxy's Domestic Side | My Running Stitches | Leading a Colourful Life |

To see how I styled the outfits the first time around during the GYPO Spring Challenge, click {here}

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Solitary Life

Ahead of a Summer Style Me Challenge What I Wore on Wednesday, I wanted to put together another Solitary Life post.  Recently I caught a snip-it of one of those "You might be a Redneck if...." shows which I have always hated!!!!!  But it gave me an idea! I present to you.....

You Might Live a Solitary Life If....
  • It's taken 20 minutes to get out of a dress with a zipper in the back
  • You've had a co-worker tie and button the back of your shirt. 
  • Cereal is in heavy rotation for dinner
  •  It's 8:30 p.m. and you just realized you haven't even eaten dinner!
  • You enter your bedroom and  think for a sec, "I've been ROBBED!!"
  • You go to bed earlier on Fridays then any other night of the week!
  • You go out to get the Sunday paper from the front door at noon
  • You only empty the dishwasher when it's ready to be filled again or 
  • only fold the towels in the dryer when there's a new load to be done
  • You mute the TV to hear what going on outside
  • You wake up at 3 a.m. and frantically rush to the front door to make sure it's locked
  • Tutoring on a Saturday counts as "plans" 
  • You only get the mail twice a week
  • You've spent a Saturday binge watching entire seasons of Downton Abbey (ignoring all calls and texts).
  • You've finished that bottle of wine because it's just silly to leave "that little" left for tomorrow or
  • You've made a pitcher of margs...just becasue!!
  • The only person who knows your house number is MOM
  • You're pretty sure the neighbors think you don't actually live alone because you talk to A LOT!!
  • You yell at the ceiling...because GUS is loud.
  • There was that one weekend you came home from work on Friday and didn't leave again until work on Monday!
  • You're still wearing your Mismatch Day outfit when the PeaPod guy delivers your groceries.
  • You care what the PeaPod guy thinks...
  • You've had the bar
  • It's taken you so long to try and get your cowboy boots off, that you've texted your sister to come and help (her answer was
  • Sometimes you look in the mirror and think, Yikes. its a good thing I live alone!
  • The same thing happens after watching a sad movie (or YouTube video) and the ugly cry has come out!
  • You Facebook message or text back people you probably shouldn't 
  • You come out in the morning to make coffee, realize you left the blinds open all night, look at what you're wearing, and think "OH WELL!"
  • You get a little too dressed up to go to that BBQ
  • You've wasted more time on YouTube then you've ever thought possible
  • People worry that you don't eat so they make you plates and send you home with leftovers
  • This is you...
  • You might have a key to your house hidden at work, in case you ran out the door in the morning without it!
  • You've thought about getting a pet for company (which you'd never really do otherwise!) But then rationalize, "that's expensive... I'd rather spend the money on clothes!
And last but not least....
You might live a solitary life if....

Hope you got as much of a laugh outta this as I did!!  Have a Happy Monday!!


Friday, June 6, 2014

It's beginning to look a lot like SUMMER!

5 ways to tell summer's in the air...

It hit 75 in my house this week, so I put the air on!  Which also means I have to start paying for it!  :( 
But on the upside, I'm sleeping much better these days!

I've been shaving...every. single. day. BOOOOOOO.....HAHAHAHAHAHA  Who doesn't skip a few days in the winter?? 

I've got a base tan!!!  YAY for sunny weekends where I've been able to lay out!

The fun that is the Summer Challenge has begun!  The shopping list has been released and the FB page is a buzz!  Lucky for me I have ALMOST every item on the this time around I'll be shopping my closet!

Summer Jams on the radio!!!  
When I first heard this song, I wasn't a fan but it's growing on me!!

Have a great weekend...hope you too, get to enjoy some summer-like weather in your neck of the woods!

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Solitary Life No More...

Before you get too's not what you're thinking!!!!    A GUS has arrived upsatirs from me. (If you are not familiar with GUS from reading my previous blog posts, GUS is a term I coined when I first moved into my apartment last year... Guy UpStairs!!)

Actually GUS (squared)  GUS and his girlfriend.  And I can hear them as clear as bell.  As a matter of fact as I'm writing this, they just set their alarm code.  And guess what?...  I heard it! when they're not home I can scope out what it looks like up there!!   HAHAHAHAHA...totally kidding obvi!  Actually, I've met him before and he seems nice.  He introduced himself to me one Saturday before they actually closed on the house and was checking things out up there for himself.  He was super nice and said if I ever needed anything to just let him know.  I am going to give it a few weeks before I ask him to start taking out my garbage!!  ;-)  But I'll be honest, he didn't seem too excited to even be moving here.  Clearly it was his girlfriend's idea!  Hopefully once he's in and settled maybe he'll change his mind!

Because I for one LOVE it here!!  I just love my little place.  So what if the only one who calls me everyday is my mom and the only visits I get are from my UPS Man!! And who care if my postage stamp patio is so small, I lay out and only get one side of my face tan?  (It must be the over hang on the roof...because I could swear every time, I'm in full sun!!)

My neighbors are not fully moved in yet but even though I like to kid, in all seriousness, there IS something comforting about finally having an upstairs neighbor!  I no longer have to worry that the noises I hear from there might be squatters!  And it's good to know it's no longer sitting vacant.  I just kinda wish there was a little more insulation between us!!  I'll let you know how it's going after it's been a few week's with them though!  Who knows...maybe they'll be my new besties on the block!!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

And P.S. I've forgotten the alarm code already!!  LOL

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wednesday has rolled around again! Here's What I Wore...

I was really terrible at taking pics this week! But I love this link-up so I'm gonna participate anyway!
Oh and I got my palazzo pants!!  Woo Hoo!!

For my Sunday sushi date with my oldest sister I wore this Piper Street Top that I scored during the Memorial Day sale.  I paired it with Hue black denim leggings and sandals.  This pic is only of the shirt.  I shared it on insta for Piper Street #SundayStyle.   The other one I took of the whole outfit was blurry!  (Note to self...take photos as soon as you get dressed...NOT after a bottle of wine!)
denim leggings/hue
Being the Queen of online shopping, when I bought these leggings I thought they were dark blue but they're black...I can't tell you how many times I've worn these!!  They're great!!  And my ass was covered...LOL because....leggings are NOT Pants!!

This is another Piper Street look.  Love this kimono so much I got it in both colors.  Got lots of compliments on this, saying it showed off my tan well, so that made me smile!!  When I wear this next, I'll wear neutral wedges.  Since I was working I wore the nude patent flats.  Open toe is kinda frowned upon at work!
Kimono/ sold out in coral/ blue {here
Cropped Pants/Loft (old)
bracelet (hard to see but I love it and it's available from Piper Street {here} I have both! HA!

This outfit I actually put together quickly after seeing a Facebook post from J's Everyday Fashion  on flared jeans yesterday.  I totally had all the pieces and wanted to try it out, so I did!  What do you think??  I had wedges on but felt that the sandals actually showed off the amount of flare of these jeans better.  I have been wearing flares FOREVER, so they never really went out of style for me.  I wear them with my Saucony Sneakers just about every weekend when walking to the library to tutor.  But really love flares and wedges too!
Top/Piper Street-no longer available {similar}

And here are my palazzo pants!!  I REALLY LOVE comfy!!  I'll be wearing these all summer!!
pants/hippie chick boutique

These are also my inspiration for today!  Actually after seeing Deena's WIW post last week all about palazzo pants, she inspired me to get a pair!  I must admit, before seeing it, I was skeptical!  HA!  But now I am totally on board and on the hunt for my next pair! :-D

Happy Wednesday!  Have fun & look fabulous! 

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Monday, June 2, 2014

On My Walls!

Linking up with Andrea once again for What's On...
Today it's What's on My Walls!
I still have lots of free space on on the walls here at the new place but I do have some things to show!  When you walk in, it's basically all one room.  And the yellow paint on EVERY.SINGLE.WALL. is the builders paint!  One of these years, I'll paint it the way I want...but for now I'm fine with it!

Great Room and Kitchen:

This picture was actually my sister's first.  When she was staying with me for awhile, we put it up, and it just never came down.  LOL...I've always loved this!!  It's on the wall in my great room...pretty much over the kitchen table.  Maybe more across from it!

This was from my parents, when I first moved into my apartment.  it's metal and so bright and fun! It's over my wine table.

This clock was another gift for my apartment...from my oldest sister.

My mom made this!  It's my favorite!!

This should be on the wall...but it's not yet!  It's on a tall shelf for now.  It'll put it up eventually.

And FINALLY my TV's on the wall....WOOHOO!!

This is another thing that should be hanging, but's not yet.  It on my counter and the more I keep it here, the more I like maybe I'll keep it here.  It was a gift from my sister! #momssoproud

This tiny little print is above my kitchen sink!  I bought it at at Kohls when I moved into my apartment.

is covering this...
and it's pretty perfect!  THANKS MOM!

On to my bedroom...

This hangs above my bed

This canvas I got for my birthday from my twin nieces (clearly when my sister and the girls were staying with me they couldn't handle my bare walls!  HA!)  I really love it. And it's a perfect match.

This was another birthday gift.  It was a great surprise!  It's really inspirational and I read it every morning.  It hangs above my night stand.
I blogged about this {here} when I first got it and there's a link to read it!

That was lots of fun!  See you all next month for What's menu!  EEEEKKKK I better start thinking about that one now!

Have a great week!