Friday, January 30, 2015

A Friday 5 that finds me distraught!!

Not really...but
Parenthood ENDED last night!!!!  :(  My absolute favorite show!!  
I am blogging through the tears!! I might've been a absolute mess! #theuglycrycameout  
Yesterday I blogged about my love for the show {here}!
It was a pretty perfect ending to a phenomenal show!

Totally made me smile this week.  Wrangler has been part of the Today Show for the past few weeks, but I only got to know him this week, because I was home and could actually watch.  I think that it's so cool that viewers can follow Wrangler's journey to becoming a service dog through Guiding Eyes for the Blind.  You can even follow him on Twitter and Instagram!

Last week, I mentioned that this week, was Catholic Schools Week, one of my favorites of the whole school year! Well because of the snow, many of our activities had to be postponed, including our Open It's a weekend that's going to be spent at school... (Maybe THAT'S not my favorite...)

This Sunday is the Super Bowl.  I feel like so much craziness is surrounding the game this year.  Between "Deflate Gate" with the Pats and the Seahawks Quarterback and his anti-media stance, it's wild!  Yikes!  I'm not even really looking forward to Katy Perry.  And I don't have any plans yet...I think I'll be watching Downton Abbey Sunday night!!

As far as weeks go, this one was pretty good!!  I had off two days for snow... #THANKYOUJUNO, where I got to blog, lounge, and read!  I  got to dress down for Spirit Day Thursday and there's an early dismissal today because it's Teacher Appreciation Day and the teachers have a luncheon out, thanks to the parents!!  Looking forward to a good meal and fun time with my teacher friends!!

Here's to the WEEKEND!!
Have a great one!!

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Thursday, January 29, 2015


Parenthood ends tonight!!! 

I can't even tell you how sad this makes me!  I just have to share my love this show!!

Some might say (and have) that I get too involved in tv shows!  But I see nothing wrong with this!! I am #TeamBraverman all the way and think that the show is going off too soon before its' time.

I've never missed an episode, from the beginning and have followed the show through various time slots!!  I've been with the Bravermans through the ups and downs, twists and turns and many near deaths. (I am really hoping everyone stays alive tonight!)

So I'll be on my couch, with my wine, bawling into my box of tissues when it comes to an end! I might have sobbed like a crazy person last week (when she named the baby Zeke), so I can only imagine what the Series Finale has in store!

To end, I thought I'd share this Buzz Feed story, written by a writer on the show!  I think she sums up pretty well how fans are feeling!
P.S....I cried!!

If you haven't seen Parenthood yet, you're totally missing out!  Get the DVD's, watch it on, on Netflix,  or On what you have to do to see this show!  My love for Parenthood runs so deep, I've even blogged about it here! and I'm sure there's been a half a dozen more mentions! LOL

If you are a viewer...enjoy the show!!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A blog fit for a Snow Day....

Well everyone else might be thinking this storm was a dud, but my county and town is buried under 24 inches.  So it's a SNOW DAY for me.  Luckily, we knew about it yesterday afternoon before we left at 12:30, closing as an early release.

 Being that we already knew, there was no 5 a.m. wake up call and I was able to sleep in!  7 a.m. was my sleeping in!  BOOOOO!!  When I woke up, snow was still falling and blowing!!  I've been keeping busy though....I have been watching News Coverage, reading my book,  and binge-watching season 2 episodes of the Blacklist so I'm all caught up when it returns on after the Super Bowl on Sunday!  Oh, And I finally took my Christmas Tree down....LOL!!

I'll miss this little guy!!  Don't worry, I haven't had the lights on since Little Christmas!  HA!


This was out my back door this morning when I woke up!

The drifts are what's making it really terrible.  And unfortunately it all blows in the front!

This is out the front window...
The front has an overhang, which obviously was pretty useless in this storm!!

And this is out the front door at about 3:30 still!

The good thing about living here is that all my shoveling is done for me!  The bad news....we always seem to be last!  I'm not worried though....I just got word that my school district is closed again tomorrow...which means my school is also I have no where to go!!

I think I'll have another cocktail!!

Were you impacted by the Blizzard where you live?  I've love to hear about it!!  Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great night!  Stay warm....

Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Recap: Mom's 65th Birthday Bash Edition!!

Wanted to get this post up earlier but didn't have a chance to write it!  I was so tired yesterday!  On Friday I mentioned my mom's birthday was Sunday!  What I didn't mention was that since she was 65, my dad, sisters, and I threw her a surprise party!  It was on Saturday night.  My mom will never fully admit that she wasn't surprised, but she really wasn't.  And it was probably the lamest of birthday "surprise shouts" of all time, because, no one really did that til it was too late, but regardless it all turned out great and everyone had a blast!!  Here's a few pics....

Mom thanking everyone for coming!!

My Family 
The Original 6

My bestie Mel is like my dad's fifth daughter!!  We've been friends since we were three and each of my sisters baby-sat her at one time!!!  

Following the party mostly everyone came back for cake and drinks at my mom and dad's place.  Mom's cake was a Bailey's cake...soooo yummy!!

Dad toasting mom!

After celebrating Mom with an "adults only party" out on Saturday, a Sunday brunch with the grandkids was in order.  Everyone gathered at my sisters for brunch and birthday gifts.  My mom is Nana to all these littles.

   My oldest nephew Billy was the Master of the Waffle Maker!!

Another toast to Mom on her real birthday!

I'd say all-and-all mom had a great birthday weekend!  65 looks great on her!!

Mom had to get her sister, my Aunt Laurie, to the airport by noon so the day wrapped up pretty early, which was ok with everyone.  We were so tired.  I actually came home and took a nap...something I never do!  And even after the nap, I was still asleep pretty early.  Right after Downtown!

Now it's already Monday night and I'm settled in for a snow day tomorrow!  Up to three feet of snow (yes, you read that right!) is expected!!  EKKKK!!!!  #ThankYouJUNO  I love me a Snow Day, but I really wasn't made for this weather...I'm made for MEXICO!!!  I'm ready though....
Who said bread and milk are the staples during a blizzard???  Wine and coffee are all I need!!
And I have books and movies to keep me company!  And I MUST take my tree down!!  LOL!!

Maybe there will even be a blog post tomorrow!!

Until then, stay warm and have a great night!

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Style Me Bloggers are back!

Linking up with the Style Me Bloggers again today! This time around, we are putting together our wish list of things we are coveting!  This is a great topic...this year everything is a wish list item for me!!  As I mentioned, I am trying my hardest to not shop!  23 days and counting! (GO ME!!) I've just realized that  I absolutely don't need another article of clothing! My closet is FULL!!

That being said, I have been keeping a running list of things I've seen and would like...if say, I won the lotto or something!  Actually, I'm going to give it to my mom to get something from for my birthday!  Check out of the few items below!

I keep wishing that before I imposed this goal of not shopping, I got a pair of fleece lined leggings!! They just seem so comfy to me, and would be great on cold days when I walk to or from work and around town.  The ones linked are pricey and I'm sure I could find tons of pairs cheaper, but since this is the wish list, I thought, WHY NOT!!

The next item is definitely  "Wish List" material...I don't think I'll ever really get one, but I see fuax fur vests on other people and think it looks so super cute!!  How great is this one from Piper Street with the bowed back?!?

Last week, I participated in scarf week on insta and as I was scrolling through pictures , I kept seeing mustard colored scarves.  Mustard is like the one color I don't have!!  LOL  I just love the mustard and I feel like I need one!  This one is super duper cute and cozy!

Another thing I am coveting, are these boots!  These are  HOTT and look like they would totally hug my calves well.  I love the gauzy back!  I don't really need them because I already have black knee high boots and because even at this sale price, they're too pricy for me.  One of the downsides of CP is the fact that, walking the way I do, parts of the soles of my shoes wear out!  Having to replace them often, I don't tend to go for the most expensive shoes.  I wish that didn't happen though because I've had some really great shoes I've been sad to get rid of!!  LOL  (The exception to the rule however, are theseTOMS I scored on sale last Thanksgiving!  And have only worn a handful of times so far!!)

Not much on my list I guess, but these are the few things I am really wanting right now...and won't be getting because of my no shopping rule.  I am pretty happy though that nothing on this list is available in my size!  That makes it a tad easier to pull this off!  HA!!  But I'm really looking forward to what the other girls have on their lists...because I am pretty sure I'll covet it!  Go ahead... take a look and link up with us too!!

A Friday 5's is up on the blog today too...who doesn't like twofers on a Friday?!?! Cheers!!

Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Friday's Here!

A Friday 5 to start the weekend off right!  Some of my faves from the week...

This week at my school was the Scholastic Book Fair.  I'm not really sure why, but this year I was over-the-top excited about it!  Maybe because it was in the school this year instead of in our gym, on the stage!! The parent who ran it set it up so great and it looked awesome.  I'm the librarian and tech teacher, but the book fair chair-parent really takes the reigns on this, because I still teach! (Next year I want to cancel classes, and run the fair!)  I do lessons in the library and lab to get the  kidsexcited about it too and it really gets them pumped to read!!    I do my best to sway them away from the posters, pens, and erasers! HA!  And I was happy to get tons of new books for the school library!!

Next week at school also begins National Catholic Schools Week.  It's a week of fun and faith.  I'm most looking forward to the two dress down days and the Teacher Appreciation lunch that the parents are giving us next Friday!  HA!  What I am not looking forward to is an extra day of work this weekend and next!  Being a Catholic School, we hold an Open House for perspective parents this Saturday!  I really enjoy teaching a Catholic School and am grateful for a week to celebrate that!

On Friday's I link up with lots of bloggers!  It's super fun and gives me lots of reading material for Saturday Mornings...when I settle in with coffee and read blogs!  Last Friday, April, one of the hosts of the Friday 5 link up had the elevate app as one of her five.  It's a brain training app.  I thought it looked really interesting, so I downloaded it, too.  What I discovered is that I'm really very dumb!!  LOL!!  It kinda stresses me out....but I kinda love it too!  I have a seven day streak going!  I've even convinced three friends to download it this week!!  Download it {here}'s free!

I saw this on Insta this week and it literally  made me LOL!  #truth

Happy Birthday Mom!
On Sunday my mom turns 65!  Saturday the adults in the family are all going to Mom's favorite restaurant for dinner and my Aunt Laurie, mom's sister, has come for her big day! Sunday we're gonig to celebrate with all the kiddos! Should be a fun weekend.  Fingers crossed the snow they're predicting holds out!!

Before you go, please take a look at at the latest Style Me Bloggers Link-up...2015 Wish List...What I am coveting!  It's also on the blog today!!

And if you missed Wednesday's recap of #scarfweek that I mentioned in last week's 5, check it out {here}.

Happy Weekend!  Enjoy it!

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


I mentioned in my Friday 5 that I spent last week participating in Scarf Week.  I was perusing the "based on people you follow" section of Instagram and this picture popped out at me!

I clicked on it and found out that insta user bybmg was hosting scarf week from Sunday, January 9th through Saturday, Jan 18th.  I saw it in the knick of time!  I actually started on Monday!  Sunday was my usual boring day of laundry, lesson plans and the like, so I spent the day in my Blardigan!

I thought it'd be fun for What I Wore Wednesday to recap my scarves from the week!  Most pictures are just from the waist up (And my Instagram posts..Follow Me Here!)  On a typical work day I wear boring old trouser pants, especially in this horrible weather!

Monday:  It rained so I wore leggings, a tunic and my wellies! (Basically, my rainy day uniform!) I threw on my fur scarf (similar) to dress up the look!  The only bad part...I was shedding.  Thank goodness for masking tape at work!  I used it all day as my lint brush!  LOL

Tuesday: I went with fringe scarf for the frigid day we had!  I have this one in two colors and wear them both really often!

Wednesday:  I wore the blanket scarf to work and a meeting.  I pretty much wear this blanket scarf (nicknamed the BLARF by my family) every other day.  Scarf Week actually helped me switch it up!

Since I didn't participate Sunday and I went out to dinner with friends on Wednesday, I thought I'd rock the leopard infinity with this look!

Thursday: This scarf is actually one of my faves!!!  I got it over the summer (no longer available) and it feels like I've worn it at least a hundred times.  It's a very neutral scarf but has lots of color in it, so still goes with a lot.  This color sweater is good (I have lots of different versions of sweater/shirts in this color...thank you Loft.)  But it also looks great with soft pink, olive green, navy, etc.

Friday: I was happy for Friday to come and decided to wear this plaid scarf, with my boyfriend cardi and black pants to work!

Saturday:  The last day of Scarf Week!  #sadface!  But I went out with a bang!  I wore two scarves simultaneously that day!  I went to dinner in Brooklyn with friends, so I anticipated walking in the freezing cold.  I needed a scarf for function.  But I also wore an outfit in which the scarf pretty much made I wore two!  I gotta say, I was not cold!  LOL  One scarf for function, the other for fashion! Wish I had remembered to take a pic of me all bundled up!!

#SCARFWEEK was so much fun!  I realized all of these were infinity scarves!  Does anyone else think they are just THE EASIEST to throw on and go?!?  Obviously I'm a huge fan!!

Hope everyone is having a great week!  Can't wait to see what everyone's linked up!  See you back here Friday for another link up with my blogging besties!  We're talking 2015 Wish Lists!!  Plan to link-up with us too!!

Have FUN and Look FABULOUS!!

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Friday, January 16, 2015


So this week I was pretty much a #bloggerfail!  I had lots of posts I wanted to do...none of them happened.  The first week back at work I was tired, yes, but I made it through.  This week I was dead on my feet!  I got home from work each night and did nothing.  Well, I didn't actually do nothing, but I just felt like I got home, looked up, and it was 9 o'clock at night already!  YIKES!!  Does this ever happen to anyone else!?!  Oh well, some week's you win...some weeks all you do is read!!  LOL  I'm back on track though for a Friday 5...just love recapping the week!

#SCARFWEEK: A fave this week was definitely #scarfweek!  I found out about #scarfweek through a blogger, Becky, on instagram.  I found her when searching the "based on people you follow" and her "#scarfweek photo jumped out at me.  I decided to play along and make this week scarf week too!  It's been so fun.  Each day I posted a different photo of me in a scarf on Insta.  You can see my looks by following me there.  And next week I'll have all my looks in a WIWW post!

Golden Globes Faves: Since I never got a weekend recap up, I thought I'd share my favorite looks/moments from the Golden Globes on Sunday night!  Usually I'm really good and have seen at least one or two of the movies.  This year I hadn't seen any!  But I was set with my TV picks.  I had my wine, snacks and ballot all set to go!  (And yes..I was alone!)  Every year I always say I should have a party so that I can actually talk to someone else about the show...not just myself!  I am SOOOO happy Anna from Downton and Kevin Spacey won (even if he did drop that F-bomb!). I also really like Tina and Amy as hosts...them not hosting next year is quite the loss but this year I wish we saw more of them!  My top celeb looks were Jennifer Lopez and I really liked that Emma Stone went with pants!  Cute couple alert goes to Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan-Tatum.  I am not ashamed to admit I have seen Step Up 101 times!!
Images via google: golden globes

I really love George Clooney and thought his speech was really heartfelt, but seriously, am I the only one who wishes his wife smiled and blew him a kiss after all his fabulous compliments???  Geeezzz!!!  I saw something online this week that was like "20 times George Clooney's wife looked bored" true!!  Wish I remembered where I had seen that.
Did you have a favorite moment or look from the Globes?  Let me know in the comments below!

Favorite Teaching Moment: This week is one of my fave to teach the littles.  We have off on Monday for Martin Luther King Day so this week is Martin Week in Library.  I read the story Martin's Big Words to the classes and we do fun activities to go along with it during checkout.  While I was reading the story Monday, a first grader yelled out (usually frowned upon!  HA!) War is not the answer...Love is!  Love is the answer!"  My heart just about melted!!  It was the bright spot in my Monday!!

Favorite Book!  So I haven't blogged much this week, but I've read!  I am near the end of The Husband's Secret.  I am really liking it!  It is really a page-turner.  But I can actually say that I pretty much figured out what the husband's secret wasearly on!!!  I've already requested her book Big Little Lies at the Library.

Favorite Song!  I'll admit when I first heard All about that Bass, I thought Meghan Trainor might be a one-hit wonder, but now she has her second song out and her album came out this week!  This next sing will also be a hit too!  I've had it on repeat since before Christmas and LOVE it.  it's like a 50's throwback and super fun and catchy! Actually a lot of her songs are!  I'm definitely on the Meghan Trainor train!  :)  Hope this helps to kickstart your weekend!!!  Have a great one!


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