Friday, February 27, 2015

My First Friday Five in Forever!!

It's been just about forever since I've posted on a Friday!!  I've mentioned here that I've been sick and not up much to blogging!  But now I am back (better late than never, yet again!!)

YAY for Friday!!
The week after a break is always rough!!  Especially with grades due and a concert!  HA!!
I am excited for a Friday night vegging out after this busy week!

Tuesday of this week we also celebrated the 100th day!! The students in grades K thru 4 were able to dress up as if they were hundred years old.  Unfortunately, Tuesday's are my mostly middle school day.  But on Wednesday when I saw some of my littles for technology, I told them that technology was going to make them 100!  I took their pictures and the students morphed into 100 with the help of the Aging Booth App.  The kids had an absolute blast with it and we had lots of laughs!!  It was so much fun!  Today was my niece's 100th day in her Kindergarten class, so I used the app on her too!  It's a lot more fun when they're all dolled up in they're 100 year old garb.  

On Wednesday night I went to a Florida Georgia Line concert with my besties. It was a very late night for me but so much fun!!!!
Are you a fan of country?

I was so excited today when I came home from work to find my first ever Influenster #VOXBOX.  I was chosen to receive the complimentary #XOVOXBOX.  There are awesome products in here!  I can't wait to try and review them.  I will be blogging about them in the coming week!  So please come on back!!

On Sunday night, I blogged my dream Oscars and mentioned that I was sick all last week when I was
home for Winter Recess!  It was also my birthday (which luckily I was not sick for!).  But while I was on my couch I did some online shopping!  In this post from January I mentioned that I was not spending money on clothes!  I actually did not spend money, so I'm still holding to this , BUT I got two gift cards from Nordy's for my birthday!  The two things I purchased with my gift cards were this and this!  Both I saw on Pinterest Told Me To.  And seriously, when she is right, she is RIGHT! Live in Leggings are the BEST name for these!!  I will be living in them all weekend long!!

Have a great one!!

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Sunday, February 22, 2015

It's Oscar Night!!

I took a little unintentional blog break for a while.  I have been sick....that STINKS!!!!  I had this whole last week off from school for Winter Recess and with the exception of two days ( My "Girls Only" Slumber Party on Sunday and my actual birthday Monday) I've spent it on the couch sick.  I won't recount all the gory details but it was NOT pretty.  I am kind of needing a Winter Recess re-do!  I had lots of plans and nothing got done!!  BOOOOOO!!!!

But anyway...
On Friday the Style Me Girls Linked up to share Oscar Night looks!  I missed the last link up, I was not missing this one.  Better late than never.  And I had so much fun reading everyone's take on the prompt, I wanted to add mine!  So I'm typing this as I'm watching this year's Oscars.
(And right now on my screen is one of my faves, Tim McGraw!!!  But what is with Faith and that hair....they kinda look too similar for my liking!!  Anyone else have any thoughts?)

Back to my dream Oscars Look....HOW FUN IS THIS!?!?

I would love to get the chance to go to the Academy Awards!!  Under no circumstances would I want to be a nominee!  That is way too much pressure!!  I'd be going as the date of Bradley Cooper!! :)
(Lets just pretend his girlfriend is not 23....grrrrr...)  I just think he'd be a really great time!

I am not much for make-up really.  I have my simple staples but never really wear too much.  A understated face like this one would be me!!  That up-do is pretty much my style as well!

As for a dress, I'll be honest, I'd go simple and get something off the rack!
. I don't need anything too big and puffy or too heavy with lots of beading.  I'd want to be comfy and be able to eat, drink, and dance at all the after parties!  I thought about going to the bridal websites for pics but decided, I'd be shopping at Nordy's for a dress!  Ha!

I'd go for something like these:

Not the most fanciest of choices!  But it's JERSEY, so comfortable when you're sitting for 4 hours, and the back is super cool!!  I'm really into the one shoulder thing these days!!

I'm not sure about this color dress with my own coloring but it would work with my simple makeup!

Since this is a dream sequence type thing, I'll go ahead an pretend I'd be able to walk in these!

Since I'm going with a one-shoulder dress, I'd opt for simple bangles or even a cuff for jewels on my arm.  Something I have already!  (Wish I thought to take pics!!)

I guess I really am just a simple gal!!  But Oscar night on the arm of Bradley Cooper would be a trip!!

Go check out the Style Me Ladies fun posts!!!  Create your own Oscar Night and link up with us too!!

An InLinkz Link-up

Here's to hoping I can blog more this week, now that I am on the mend!!  I've missed it!!
Enjoy the Oscars!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Create 28 Recap!!

I am really very sad that I'm only just sitting down to write my Create 28 recap and that this is the first time in almost a week that I am blogging.  Last week just got away from me!!  I did a few things that I don't usually do during the week, which made it even busier, and going  away this past weekend and preparing for that, I seemed to have no time!!  I even missed out on linking up with my Style Me Girls on Friday! Sorry Ladies!!  Go show them some love here!

I'm really enjoying playing along with Carrie at A Lovely Little Wardrobe and participating in Create 28, even though I failed a bit!!  3  days I opted out of and one day I forgot to take a picture.  Sometimes by the time I remember,  I'm already in my pj's!  I WILL DO BETTER THIS WEEK!!  So it's not as extensive as it should be but I do have a few things for you to see!  If your a regular reader, you may have seen most these (and thanks for the sweet comments)...

Day One/Sunday: A Go-To Look!
I feel like I've worn this outfit about a million times this fall and winter!  It's just easy and I LOVE EASY!!  I also love that since I'm wearing the blanket scarf, I can just throw my hair up!  I've worn this look with jeans mostly, but also a few times at work with slacks.

Day 2: Monday/A Monochromatic Look!  
I'll admit to being afraid of this a little.  The white shirt makes it not so much a full-on Monochromatic, but I've never really done a gray on gray look and thought the gray shirt, gray pants, and gray sweater just looked too much.  This was actually my February Pinspired look too!

Day 3/Tuesday: A Neutral Look
This was one of the one's I didn't take a picture of but I have one!!  I wore this same look during #ScarfWeek and during the Fall Challenge! Clearly,  I love this look! I wore it with brown trouser pants to work.

Day 4/Wednesday: Colored Bottoms!  So sad that I didn't rock my colored bottoms on this day!  I have bunch.  But most are too Springy for right now or are denim and cords, which are too dressed down for work!  You will see me in colored bottoms soon though!!  :)

Day 5/Thursday: Polka Dots!!
I love this polka dot sweater and NEVER wear it!!  Not really sure why!!  But when I saw polka dots was the look of the day, I knew I would pull this out!  On the left is how I wore it to work and the right was my after school look, which I kinda took from my fellow Style Me friend, Sarah.  She wore this look during the Winter Challenge! We were twinning this day too!

Day 6/Friday: A Denim Look!  This was another day I opted out!  No denim for me at work, unless it's a Dress Down Day!  First Friday Mass is NOT a dress down day!  HA!  Oh, and I also wore red for "Go Red for Women" day, to show my support for Woman and Heart Health.

This weekend I was away, and funny enough I did wear Saturday's look, which was a favorite sweater, but I don't have any pics of just me in it!!  :(  And Sunday was a travel day so I didn't do the skirt!  Each look I don't end up wearing, I'll showcase and blog about at another time!  (Will also hear more about my weekend, at some point this week, too)

I am having a lot of fun participating in this!  Enjoying everyone's take on the looks.  It's not too late to join!  Check out more looks and join here!  And to see my looks daily on Instagram follow me...I'm @missmitch2

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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesdays!

Today is Show and Tell Tuesdays with Andrea @ Momfessionals.  I didn't Link-up the last time because it was all about organizational tips and tricks!!  Of those, I have NONE!  But I learned a lot from the ladies who linked up.  But today I'm back!   It's a super, fun and thought provoking topic!

Groundhog Day: A day you'd like to live over and over again.

I had to think about it because I've had so many good days in my life!!  There have also been many I'd like to forget!!  HA! (And because I have the worst memory, I am sure there are even some great days I've forgotten!)  I've never been married, so I can't relive a wedding day.  I've never had a child, so I can't relive that.  Instead I thought about me...when was a day that I had some of the most fun or a day that I was most at peace being me!

I love traveling and Cozumel, Mexico is one of my favorite places.  I love the beach there. Sitting my ass in a hammock among the trees and feeling the sun on my face, with just my headphones on or a book in my hand,  is pretty awesome.  But I can and have relived that.  A few times actually!  And know I'll go back someday.

Instead, I thought I'd go with something that,  even though I'd like to live it over again, I can't because it was really was a once in a lifetime!!

The day/night that I'd like to live over again is July 18th, 2008.  This was the night that Billy Joel played the last ever show at Shea Stadium before it was torn down.  It was billed as the Last Play at Shea. AND I WAS THERE!  ON THE FIELD!

My bestie and I are pretty damn serious when it comes to our shows!  I remember that this show was announced and we knew we wanted tickets.  We tried and tried but failed.  Mel was pretty confident though that because the tickets sold out in like under a minute, another show would be added...and she was right!  So all those folks who bought their tickets for the Last Play at Shea on Wednesday night, July 16th, were not actually at the last show!!  The VERY LAST Play at Shea was that Friday!

Me, Mel and her friend Olson were all online and on the phone before the show even went on sale. Olson was the first one to score tickets.  On the Section A, so we scooped those puppies up!!

The day of the show we headed into the city and got there early enough that it was still light out.  When they let us in, we explored the field and stadium!!  So fun.
Mel and I before the show started
Taking selfies before taking selfies was cool!!  

I was on the field at Shea once before, believe it or not, when I was really young.  My friend from grade school and I created a poster for a contest and were able to circle the field with it.  I don't remember as much from that day, but it was in the Daryl Strawberry Era and our poster had all these people in the stands with Strawberry Heads.  My friend was a really great artist!  I do remember her doing most of the work, but it was pretty awesome that she picked me to go with her that day!!

Back to the Billy Joel Show....
As you can imagine, it was pretty insane!!!  We have seen Billy a few times but this was absolutely epic!!  This being the last show ever at Shea, it had to be!  Not only did we see Billy, we saw Steven Tyler and Roger Daltry (I wasn't as familiar with him I'll admit!)

AND GARTH BROOKS!!  For country music lovers like us, he was the ultimate!   Woo Hoo!! Now I know Shameless is technically Billy's song, but it's my favorite Garth song, EVER!!  When a man sings Shameless to me, then and only then will I know he's THE ONE. (Hence the reason I'm still waiting! HA!!).  But having Garth there singing Shameless with Billy Joel can not be beat!

But the fun didn't stop there....Tony Bennett was there, oh and just SIR PAUL MACCARTNEY!!! who made it there in the nick of time, from jolly ol' England! Police escort, planes swirling overhead, the whole nine!
The Beatles played the first concert ever at Shea, it was just right that he was there to play the last!!  The show actually ended with the Beatles classic, Let It Be!!  Both Crazy insane and beautiful!

Shea Stadium was torn down and CitiField was built across the way! Paul McCartney actually played the new stadium's first concert after it opened almost exactly a year to the day of the Last Play at Shea. And Billy Joel joined him on stage.  Mel and I didn't attend that show, but we have been to a show at CitiField...Dave Matthews Band and Zac Brown Band...not quite as epic!! But still fun!!

It's nothing that can be repeated for me...that feeling of being there in that place on that night!!  And I know I'll see Billy Joel again eventually, but that night indeed, was one in a million.

They actually ended up making DVD of the show Which I don't have but I probably should consider it, huh?!?

Have a great day!

Monday, February 2, 2015

A Monochromatic Monday!

Happy Monday!! Had a pretty uneventful weekend in the the grand scheme of things! Saturday, was Open House at my school, so with that being smack dab in the middle of the day, I feel like you get home and the day is done!  I had no plans for the night, so I stayed in, made myself a nice dinner (something I NEVER do) and pretty much vegged for the night.

Sunday morning my mom and dad came by for a short visit.  They are off to their home in Florida on Tuesday!  Mom, just for a week. Dad til April, which I feel is a pretty long time!  So they were making their rounds to say farewell to all us kids!  My place was the first stop...and the quickest, I'm sure! No grandkids to see here!  LOL

They did indulge me and let me take a daily photo with them...which actually turned out to be hysterical.
Mom wondered where I posted all these daily photos.  I told her she DID NOT need an Instagram account!  HA!

One of the things I said I was going to do on the blog this year was share my daily photos from Insta. But  here we are now in February and I haven't done it!  I did go back in my posts though this month and realized that MOST of my daily photos are whittled throughout the blog, so if I don't have dedicated blog posts for them, I'm ok with it.

In Friday's 5 I mentioned that I probably wouldn't be watching the Super Bowl. As it turns out, not only did I watch the Super Bowl, I watched the hours of coverage before it! And why was a crying at every other commercial!?!! #sadvertising!  Never remember the commercials ever being like that!!  It was a crazy game!!! CRAZY GAME!!  Wish the Seahawks had won it in the end!!
But now it seems that it's not about who won.  It's about that awful call at the end and still "Deflate Gate". How many times did Bob Costas ask Brady if he had any idea about those footballs??  If you had nothing to do with it...just say that!!  Don't dance around it!  He who protest too much....
After the investigation, they'll find out that he did indeed have something to do with it, and those big balls he's touting now are certain to be deflated!!

And now as quick as a wink...Monday is here!!  But it's a great Monday!!  It's time for Pin-spired!!

I pinned this look after I bought (and decided to keep) my over-the-knee boots.  I've never done gray-on-gray, but I really liked this one and knew I had all the pieces in my closet to recreate it...pretty much to a T!

This is my interpretation! 
Whata'ya think?!? 

I'm actually using this as my Day 2 look for #Create28 too, a little challenge I'm participating in with Carrie from A Lovely Little Wardrobe for the month of February.  Day two was a monochromatic look.  I blogged about it yesterday and showed my Day One outfit here!

Unfortunately, after announcing a 2-hour delay last night,  I am home today for another Snow Day! (It's more of a Rain Day if you ask me) They cancelled for fear that everything will turn to ice later on!  So I am enjoying the day in...more blogging and reading on tap!  My goal is to finish Still Alice!!

Comment below and tell me what you have in store for this Monday!  What did you think of the Super Bowl?

Have a great day!!

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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Create 28 began today!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday all!!  I mentioned on Friday that I had little or no plans of even watching the Big Game and yet, as I type this I am on hour three of coverage.  There really is nothing else on.  And yes, I've been doing my typical Sunday things while it's been on in the background.  But I gotta say, I am enjoying it.  I think this is what I like best.  I always love the stories behind the players and the game and the funny in betweens!  From 12 to 1 NBC aired the NFL special, Together We Make Football where football families competed for the opportunity to go to the Super Bowl..I might have cried...wish I DVR'd it.

But enough about Super Bowl, I'm putting together a Sunday post to share with you Create 28.  Create 28 is the brainchild of my bloggy buddy and fellow Style Me Challenger, Carrie from A Lovely Little Wardrobe.   It's about creating looks with the pieces in your closet.  Each day in February Carrie gives us a prompt with the look to wear (actually the night before) and we put together the look the way we wish.   Carrie explains it MUCH BETTER than I can HERE

Today was day one, and the look was a Favorite Go-To.  This is mine!

#Create28BLovely: Day One: Mustard Cardi, striped tee, blanket scarf, dark skinnies, riding boots!

I feel like I've worn this outfit about a million times this fall and winter!  It's just easy and I LOVE EASY!!  I also love that since I'm wearing the blanket scarf, I can just throw my hair up!  I've worn this look with jeans mostly, but also a few times at work with slacks.

I'll be showcasing my looks each day on Instagram, and linking up with Carrie on Mondays to show how I put together my outfits.  Link up too...It's lots of fun!!  And don't forget to hashtag your looks with #Create28BLovely across Social Media.  See my looks and follow me {HERE} and {HERE}!

Enjoy the Super Bowl...the game, the food, the commercials and the half time show!!
I'll be watching too... :)