Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I wanted to get a post like this up and going before St. Patrick's Day but I never got around to it unfortunately.  So I thought I'd try again for Easter.  With Social Media, I go in spurts.  When I first got a Pinterest, I pinned all the time.  I've recently started pinning lots again, so I thought I'd share some of the things I'm loving for Easter!!

During Friendsgiving, I did some decorating.  I found a really fun subway art and put it in an 8x10 frame and placed it in my TV stand, that was pretty much empty, since my TV went up on the wall. I've kept this going since Thanksgiving and now change it for each month/holiday!  I found this one for Easter and put it in the frame.  I like that it marries both the religious and fun!

Our family has lots of fun coloring hard-boiled eggs this time of year!  And I love eating them.  They're really just a great snack, that most times than not, I just eat like an apple!  HA!!  I know this is weird, but I actually had to look up how to make hard-boiled eggs!  Sure, I knew to put them in the cold water and boil them, but I wasn't sure of specifics, so naturally, I searched Pinterest!  And I found this!  And I gotta tell you...they come out pretty damn perfect!!  Easy to peel, not weird ring around the yolk, and super yum!!  I liked her story too!  That was totally me!!

 I've also been pinning activities for my kiddos to do this Holy Week.  Teaching in Catholic School, I really like The Catholic Toolbox website/blog and have used this site's Easter Triduum resources.  During Holy Week, I like reading the kids The Tale of Three Trees in Library and use resources I've found on this site as checkout assignments for the kids.  This is one of my all-time favorite books. Some read it during Christmas, but I like to read it during Easter.  I feel that it's a good way to renew and reinforce our faith in God.

Yesterday at school one of the first grade teachers brought in Resurrection cookies for her class and shared some with me.  I had heard about them before but had never tried one!  She told me they were her own recipe.  She used chocolate chips and marshmallow.  I came home and tried to find it.  I couldn't find a recipe similar to hers.  Mostly everything I found on Pinterest included the pecans and vinegar (nut allergies in our school probably prevented her from following the exact recipe).  I pinned this for the story.  Yummy treats and a great way to share the story of Jesus with the kids!


Acually I've pinned a bunch of recipes!  I am off Thursday and Friday so, I'm going to make something to bring to Easter Sunday dinner!!

These are just a few of the things I've pinned lately! You can follow me on Pinterest {here}!

Have a Happy Tuesday!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Faves!

Last week was super fast! This week...not so much! But hey, Friday finally made it. Sharing some of my favorite things that made this week for me....

 The month of March is Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month. And Wednesday was Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day! I posted on my Insta and in my WIWW post, asking people to wear green to help raise awareness for CP. I was super excited to see and hear of many people who did! My bestie Mel and fellow blogger, JulieAnn at Coach G's Wife, tagged me in their photos on insta. And a few friends told me they wore green. So did my PT.

My bestie Mel

JulieAnn  {Coach G's Wife}

 Read a little bit about my CP here

Two of my favorites had anniversaries of sorts this week. 
 It's hard to believe that it's been 25 years since Pretty Woman hit theaters! How was I only 10 when that movie came out, and yet have probably seen it 100 times (cause I certainly didn't watch it then)?? Totally one of the best out there! And now a classic!

The Office premiered 10 years ago this week, too. Geez, time flies! The American version of The Office was a mid-season replacement on NBC and the first season was only 6 episodes. I didn't see it when it first premiered, but watched that first whole season on DVD in like (three hours) that summer and was hooked! Never missed an episode from then on! Another classic. Awesome lines, great characters (I will forever heart Jim!), and a cool concept. I started re-watching the show on DVD this week!

My favorite moment of the week was probably when a student asked me, “What's your paradise?” I've been thinking about it ever since and blogged about it yesterday {here}.

One of my favorite things about last year was participating in the Style Challenges with Alison at Get Your Pretty On. Registration opened today for the 2015 Spring Challenge. At first I was torn about joining this year for financial reasons and because, with my clothes shopping ban in effect, it will be really hard not to shop for anything. But after some contemplation and chatting it up with my fellow Challenge Ladies, I figured I'd jump on board again!!! If I didn't do it, I'd miss it!! Be sure to follow along as I document the looks each week with the Style Me Bloggers. See some of the past challenge outfits I put together here!  Learn more about the Style Challenges and sign up too, here!

 A Friday funny! Saw this commercial for the first time this week...hilarious!!!!!


Have a great weekend!!

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Thursday, March 26, 2015


Random but thought provoking....

Joining Vanessa at X-tremely-V  and Penny at Penny's Passion for Thinking Out Loud Thursdays! Thinking this is kinda perfect for today!!

Yesterday after school during Homework Club, a 4th grader, who, in all honesty tests my patience EVERY SINGLE DAY, constantly talking and fooling around instead of doing his homework, asked me a very interesting question.

In an odd moment of quiet, he asked, quite matter-of-factly, “Where's your paradise?”

I thought for a second, without looking up from what I was doing, kinda thinking he wasn't asking ME. But after another second or two I looked up and he was staring at me. I asked him if he was asking me and chuckled a little, and said, “not here, that's for sure!!” And the kids and I laughed together about that for a few minutes!

Then I thought about it seriously and told him that was a really great question. I would have to think about it some more. So we all went back to work.
I heard this boy whisper, “My paradise is between a peanut butter sandwich. Nah, my paradise is on the soccer field, shooting a goal.” When he saw me looking at him again, he told me some things on his bucket list. He'd like to swim with fishes, climb a mountain, etc. Apparently, he has 2 bucket lists. One he knows he can complete and one he know he absolutely never will. I told him that just the fact that he has two bucket lists in fourth grade, is wonderful and he should reach for the stars, because you never know what you can do if you just try!  

But now I can't stop thinking about my own paradise. Where would it be? I'm not sure but have a few thoughts about it....

It could be anywhere were my family is.

I'm pretty sure I spent a few minutes in paradise when I went parasailing with my bestie, flying high above Labadee looking up at a bright, blue, cloudless sky for miles and miles!!

Maybe it's a night filled with hours of gossip, laughs and wine with my girls!

If I'm thinking like my 4th grade friend, my paradise could very well be in a vat of coffee, with sushi, peanut butter and chocolate! HA!!

OR Perhaps I've been living this solitary life to long... but is it wrong of me to think it that paradise could be me, home alone, sitting on my couch curled up in my bladigan, binge-watching Netflix and sippin' on red wine?!? LOL

Every night when I finally get into bed, I think ahhhhhh...maybe that's paradise! I just love my bed...

My paradise just might be on a beach in Mexico in a hammock reading my book and doing a little day drinking.

Or on any beach really! Listening to the waves crash and relaxing with the hot sun on my face.

Maybe my paradise here on Earth has yet to come...

So....where's your paradise?? Share it with me in the comments!!

Have a happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

What I Wore...this Winter!

Haven't posted a What I Wore in quite a while! This winter I was a hermit,  and a sicko and spent a great deal of time in my pj's and blardigan...lounging on my couch.  Some days though, I had to drag myself outta bed and head to work.  And nine times outta ten, it was snowing, or a wintery mix of some sort. On those days though, I got excited because I got wear my Hunter wellies!  And with my Wellies I usually wore leggings and a sweater dress...AKA...My Snow Day Uniform!!  Soon to be my April Showers Uniform!!  Here are some of the look I've been sporting with my Wellies.

I just love my WELLIES!

Here are some of the outfits I wore with my wellies this winter:

This sweatshirt tunic is a stretch for work, but when there's 8 inches of snow on the ground and a two hour delay, I'm a rule bender!  :)  And an infinity scarf dresses up anything!

These two dresses are both short sleeve.  I put a black long sleeve tee under them, and with transition both to spring, if ever more springlike weather arrives.

Just realized in the above two pics, I'm not wearing wellies!  But trust me, I did!!

This pic is the only one I have of my fun boot socks!!  Love them...

And for real...where is SPRING???  Still in the thirties here...boooo!!  Tomorrow we are expecting a warm up to near 60!  But it'll be pouring rain!!  But you know that that means...WELLIES!!!

Have a great day!!

And if by chance you're reading this, sippin' your coffee and still in you pj's please consider wearing a  bit of green today, for Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day!  Thanks!  Read a little bit about my own CP here.
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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Influenster XOVoxBox Review

I signed up for Influenster in late January!  It looked really fun and something that was right up my alley!  Not long after that I was chosen to receive the #XOVoxBox!  I was super excited to be chosen and to get all these fun products in the mail to try out for free.  All I had to do was review them and give my opinion!  I could totally do that!!

Right away we received an email with a code for a free lingerie set from Adore Me if we signed up as a VIP.  Now I'll be honest, I had never heard of them before! Victoria was my go-to!!  But the set was seriously FREE, so I logged on and  took a looksie!!  I loved what I saw!!  I chose something different from  things I already had.  This bra is longline style .  Super cute on!  The Solitary Life I lead, obviously means I'm wearing this for no one but myself, but I do like it! HA!  And am super comfortable in it, so that's always a plus!  I will definitely be ordering form Adore Me from now on! Signing up as an Adore Me VIP, every month you get a showroom and they'd like it  if you purchased a set but you can skip too!  I skipped this month, but have been seeing so many cute sets, I can't wait til I can order again! #ILoveAdoreMe  Sign up to be an Adore Me VIP here!
Even the box is cute!

These Tide Pods with Febreze I wrote about here on the blog, where I mentioned that I was most excited to receive them in the box!  To add to this, I just wanted to say that I finished my free pack, I liked them so much, I bought a new one!!

I was really excited to get the Frizz Ease Beyond Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner with Primer by John Frieda, rather than the Beach Blonde to try.  It's been perfect for this crazy winter.  Keeping my static and frizz from my hat hair at bay.  I didn't think I would like adding the primer to my hair following the washing, but I really think that what keeps the hair "beyond smooth"!  And the smell is great too!  i have been a John Frieda fan for a while now, and with Beyond Smooth, will continue to be.  He has affordable products that work great and smell great too.

We also got a small sample of a new hand cream called Skinfix. It works great.  If you've been reading my blog lately, then you know I've been cooking up a storm lately, with my Hello Fresh meals.  Lots of the meals have lots of ingredients to chop and prepare.  Each time I touch a new ingredient, I wash my hands.  Sometimes as many as dozen times each meal.  Also, as of late, this awful stomach virus has hit school.  Being the technology teacher, I am surrounded by kids who are touching the computer keyboard, mouse, ect.  After each child gets up from their computer station, I wipe it with the disinfecting wipes.  And then washing my hands, and purelling constantly for fear I may come down with the virus.  This little cream has saved me after doing all this.  I use it more often than night because I feel it's a little think and can sometimes leave a film.  But waking up in the morning with smooth hands is fabulous!!  I will also be purchasing this as well!
After looking at this pic, I'm hoping my next #voxbox has nail polish in it!  :)

I have also been using the Colgate Optic White system.  We got the Colgate Optic White Toothpaste, with the Optic White Toothbrush and Whitening Pen.  For someone like me, who drinks coffee and read wine daily, the whole system is really working well.  It obviously does not replace a dentist's cleaning, but I did notice a difference.  The toothbrush was a little more rough than I was usually get, but after a few uses, it's been much easier to take.  At first, I also thought the using the whitening pen, and leaving it on your teeth was a little weird, but I've gotten used to it.  I should also mention that I only use the whitening pen at night!  I would definitely recommend this for a quick fix.  Colgate also has Optic White Mouthwash, that coupled with the three freebies I got, claims to whiten in a day.  I have to try that! (I'll spare you all a close-up of my teeth!!)

Somethings in my box that I didn't use!

Land's End was another brand featured in the #XOVoxBox.  Influensters received a coupon.  But due to my self-imposed clothes shopping ban, I haven't used it.  (Bras and undies don't count...they're essentails).  But I have been pinning some super cute Land's End stuff.  So I am tempted.

We also got another treat from ebay, but since, I don't really do ebay these days, I opted out!

It's been so much fun trying out these new products with Influenster!  I hope I get chosen to receive another #voxbox soon!! And if this is something you might be interested in, sign up here!  Being an Influenster has it's perks!  The other day, I participated in my first influenster twitter party (too bad I was working for some of it!) and you get sneak peeks at great new products across their social media platforms.

I'll be back with a WIWW post tomorrow...my first in FOREVER!!  Come check it out then!!

"I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."

Monday, March 23, 2015

A family-filled, super fun weekend!

My weekend was so busy and so fun!!

After a snow-filled Friday night-in cooking up another Hello Fresh meal, I cleaned up the house and headed to be early, because Saturday was gonna be a big day!!

This Hello Fresh meal just might be my favorite so far , so I had to include it!  It was called Warm Grain Salad.  Barley, butter beans, shallots,  avocado, and grape tomatoes in a mustard, vinaigrette topped with basil.  So good, so easy..and perfect for a Friday during Lent!  I will definitely be getting these ingredients and making this again!

On Saturday I was fortunate enough to be able to go see Aladdin on Broadway! (Score for me that my cousin broke up with his girlfriend...LOL!!) It was an awesome show! Highly recommend the show when it comes to your city.

It was the 8 o'clock show, so we ate dinner beforehand. The rest of my family, (who I went to the with) were already in the city for the day, so I met them all at the restaurant after my train got in and I cabbed it! (I actually walked 10 minutes looking around for the place!) It was a really nice, laid back restaurant and since we had plenty of time before the show, it was just nice to chat and eat and drink, and chat and eat some more. My aunt Uncle and two cousins live in Pennsylvania, so we don't see them nearly as frequently as we like. So that was great!

The drink menu was really cool.  Specialty cocktails and Mocktails were named after shows:

Drinks like the OZ-mopolitan was named for Wicked 

Stormin' Mormon for the Book of Mormon 

And the Rye 'n King for The Lion King

We were thinking that The Best Friggin' Margarita in the City, might've been just that but now I'm thinking it's named for the best Little Whore House in Texas which was on Broadway in the 70's and 80's.

The mocktails were cute too!

Sippin' like Pippin' and Mary Pompins.

After dinner, we headed out toward the show. Stopping in Times Square to “soak it all in” as my aunt said! 

 Little known fact.... the New Year's Eve Ball that they drop in Times Square is actually up there all year round. When it's time for the celebration each year, they go up and change the lights for the year!
The view of the ball as we were waiting to head into the show

Aladdin was really phenomenal! The guy who played the Genie was absolutely hilarious and stole the show. The magic carpet ride was my favorite part. Very cool. Someone at work today asked me if they changed it from the movie. The story is much the same but the show has some elements updated for today and a new song or two. The Genie had an extra song. It was just really, really cute! I was so happy to go!

After the show, I stayed in the city with my sister and her family, who had been in there since Friday! Then I got up bright and early and headed home to my town's St. Patrick's Day parade.

Three seconds after I walked in the door, the rest of my family showed up at my door, ready to go to the parade. It was chilly out but a bright, beautiful day! It was a lot of fun. And we had a prime spot in front of my favorite place in town. It wasn't too crowded, so the kids were able to stand right out in front and had a great view of the whole parade.

Some fun pics from the day
The bagpipe bands were my fave!

And pretty cool that a beer Company has their on Pipes and Drums Band

There's players on the float and Mom screams for the duck! 

The old time cars, trucks,fire trucks and even an old time ambulance were fun too!

My niece actually got in the parade for a hot second with...this guy

My sister and BIL's niece was in the parade with her twirling group!

Photo Shoot at my house after the parade...

Following the parade, everything was so crowded, so we headed back home. My dad and I stopped in the liquor store to pick up some Bailey's (being the awful hostess I am, I had nothing IRISHY to serve).  We hung out a little. My sister and her family had to head home, as they were going to a birthday party later on in the day. My other sister and I convinced my mom and I to go back out to the bar and listen to the Irish band that was playing. Because it was still only 2:30 and we had the whole afternoon ahead of us.

When we walked in, it was still crowded, way more crowded than the first time (and I thought mom was going to kill us!) but my sister was able to wind her way to the front of the bar and after about 20 minutes of standing, by some miracle, 3 people left! So we hopped in their seats and settled in for an afternoon of fun and music. We love our Irish music!! Mom only had a diet coke but before we left my sister thought it would be funny if mom and I did a shot together! I picked an easy one: Baby Guinness! This is how mom does shots....
Because according to her it's to good not to sip and it's a waste of money!!

All in all it was a great weekend!!!! I have so much fun with all my fam. I wish though that Monday didn't arrive so quickly, so I could've stayed in bed today! But already, it's here! THANK GOD for COFFEE!!

Have a great week everyone!!

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Friday, March 20, 2015

A Style Me Bloggers Link Up!

EEEEKKKK!!!!! How could I forget to link up with the Style Me Bloggers today!! It's the first day of Spring (HA....the 6 inches of snow that's supposed to fall today says differently!) and we're talking Spring trends! The Dos and Don'ts! I know sometimes the blog takes a fashion turn, but I'm not really a fashion blogger! If I was, I'd keep up better with the trends!! So I'm going to approach today, with ME in mind! These are a few of the trends I'll be wearing this Spring...in or out, good or bad. And a few I wore last Spring, so hopefully they're still acceptable!

I've been seeing this dress everywhere lately...and I LOVE it!!

I may have even broken my self imposed “shopping ban” to get it and try it on! (God Bless Nordstrom free shipping and free returns!!) I might look a little pregnant in it but I think it's super cute and would look great with nude wedge sandals. I could potentially justify keeping this to wear to my nephew's Communion in April. I'm thinking it'll still be a little chilly then and the long sleeve will be perfect. And also none of my dresses have long sleeves. The jury's still out though! I've pretty proud of myself that I've made it this long without spending any money on clothes!! You'll also see me in floral tops and floral scarves, too. Many I have had for YEARS!!

Leopard Print
With birthday money and an Ebates check I had, I treated myself to THESE leopard shorts for Spring and Summer. I really feel leopard will always be in (being a neutral and all) but these shorts take it up a notch and update the look with color! I really like them and can't wait to rock them soon!

I feel like this was in last Spring too, but I'm still seeing it everywhere, so I'm gonna spend my Spring and Summer in this trend. Good for my shopping ban, because I'll be pulling out the few pieces I got from last year!

Well there ya have it! My Spring Trends Report! How'd I do?  Agree or disagree with any of these?Let me know what you think's in or out this season and what your do's and dont's are when it comes to Spring fashion are! Have a great weekend! And don't forget to check out these fabulous ladies blogs. Lots of Fashion bloggers who are way more knowledgeable than me! :)  And don't forget, you can link up with us too!!

Friday Already?!?!

I never say this but as far as weeks go, this was a pretty quick one!!  YAY!!  One day closer to the weekend!!  Here are some highlights of the week!!

I just really like good people!  
In last Friday's post, I mentioned getting my first Hello Fresh delivery. Well Monday was my second.  And it was delivered to the WRONG address.  And not just the wrong door in my complex, the complete wrong address...three miles away!!  The addresses are not even that similar and since I'm too new still to be on GPS and maps, delivery people think this is the address.  Things have been delivered to this address before, but not a perishable food delivery!!  So this sweet lady spent her day tracking me down.  I wasn't home when she came by with it so she left a pretty big note and her number at the bottom.  I called her that night, expressing my thanks, and sent her a thank you note in the mail with a little treat inside.  She called me yesterday, to say that, that was really unnecessary but it totally made her day.   Someone had rear-ended her car and she was having a bad day and my note and gift card was just the pick me up she needed!
I was also really surprised this week when my co-worker brought me a jar of Victoria sauce to try, and thankful to another work friend who sewed buttons on my pants for me!!  HAHAHAHAHA 

Speaking of Hello Fresh.... 
One of this week's meals!  This one was SUPER easy!!  And really good.  And this was my first time ever cooking pork.  It was Pork with Butternut Squash with Broccolini.  Loved the sage butter on top of the pork!!  
I also got a taco meal that I made on Monday.  I sorta cheated on it , using the leftover crockpot salsa chicken!  But still very good!

St. Patrick's Day!
As far as St. Patrick's Days go, this year was pretty lame-o!  In the past I've gone to the city and the parade with my cousins. Or I've at least taken off!!  (I've written a strongly worded letter to the Pope asking him to consider making this day a Holy Day of Obligation, so us Catholic School teachers can have off!) My cousins have since all moved away!  We had a St. Paddy's Day reunion of sorts in February when we went to see our favorite Irish band play a reunion concert!  So that softened the blow a little bit!!  HA!! It was a low key day!  No Guinness, no Jameson, no Baileys!  Just red wine....

The extent of my St. Patrick's Day

So basically I've just started and finished this show!!  So good!!  Really well done.  And a lil bit CRAY!! Anyone else watching?

Currently Reading
I'm working my way through this list this year.  One of the books to read is a book from your childhood.  I still might do that because there were so many great books I loved as a young girl.  For now though, I'm just reading a book for kids!  Being a elementary librarian I thought Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library might just be perfect.  After I read it, I'm going to add it to the school library.

Also linking up with my girls, the Style Me Bloggers today!!  We're talking Spring Trends!  Head on over and check it out!!

Have a great weekend all! Cheers!

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