Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring Challenge...Week 3

Week three already!! Crazy! Time flies when you're having fun!! But truth be told, I didn't participate too closely in the GYPO Spring Challenge this week.  Sad, because I feel like last week, I had a really strong one and did really great!  LOL  In last week's post I mentioned that last Wednesday night I was reaching into the Summer Challenge vault and wearing one of the outfits from that challenge for my mom's retirement party. I did it again Thursday too!!  Thursday's outfit had us wearing the striped dress. I had a Paint Nite to go to, so I knew I didn't want to wear a dress for painting. Instead, I wore my black and white striped shirt and jeans, with a bright sweater and my leopard flats. This was actually a Spring 2014 Challenge look. I've said before that it is also one of my all time faves from all the challenges!!

The weekend was a challenge fail!! Friday I was in my sweats by 4:30 and cleaning. Then on Saturday, I wore this dress for my nephew's Communion.
On everyone else I've seen it on, it looked great. On me though, I think it really did look like granny's tablecloth. Oh well...I wish I had a pick of me straight on actually...I think that might look better!  HA!

Sunday I wasn't feeling all that great so I didn't get outta my pj's!!

Monday was back to work, and back to the challenge...kinda, sorta. The challenge called for a patterned top and colored denim, with sandals and jewelry. I put my own spin on it for work. I wore a patterned top, I got in a Stitch Fix box back in the fall and red Pixie pants from Old Navy. I threw a black cardigan on over it because it was chilly here! It worked for me!

Tuesday was that floral skirt again. Still don't have one. I went with flowers on top instead. Here's my look for work!  All of these pieces I got right out of my closet and are many years old.

So like, I said...not many outfits this week. My Style Me Blogger friends did much better, I'm sure! Go check them out! And don't forget to link up your Wednesday post with us too!!

And Congratulations again to our big winner of the Nordstrom Giveaway 
Darcy Lynn!!  
Enjoy and Happy Shopping!!

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An InLinkz Link-up

Have a happy Wednesday!!  Friday's almost here!!  C'mon back then when the Style Me Bloggers link up for another round of posts!!   Friday we're sharing our April Showers Bring May Flowers posts!  See you then!!

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend Rewind...

Well... really just a Saturday recap!  In my Friday 5 I mentioned all I was doing Friday night was cleaning.  Well, I got everything done but the vacuuming!  So pretty productive in my book!!  Maybe I'll have the energy to vacuum tonight!! Or not...

Saturday morning, I was up bright and early.  My nephew Timothy made his First Holy Communion.  It was a beautiful day for it!   A little chilly for my liking but by the time the party rolled around that afternoon, the sun had warmed everything up.  The Mass was lovely.  The priest busted out his guitar and sang an awesome song to the kids during the homily that was just beautiful.  I wish I could have recorded it.   The church itself was packed.  I will say that after three years, of the "new" (but old) changes to the missal and prayers, I am amazed that people are still saying the wrong thing...and some people don't participate at all!  But anyway!

Some pictures of Tim on his big day!

The party was nice too...what I participated in.  I ended up feeling sick there so I laid down a lot and spent a lot of time in the ladies room!.  That's the thing with parties like that...when you're not feeling good, people think it's a drunk thing! HA! But I really only had two glasses of wine!!

Sunday, I woke up feeling ok...not fabulous but ok!  I lounged on the couch for the good maturity of the day watching cheesy Hallmark movies (my most favorite kind ever!)  and crying at the Hallmark Mother's Day commercials (Have you seen?!  All the Hallmark commercials just KILL me...#solitarylifeprobs).  I ended up laying down around 5 before dinner, and not waking up again until like 9:30!!  Sadly, I slept through the planned Google Hangout with the Style Me Bloggers (and now that I'm writing this, I realized I didn't eat dinner either!)

And speaking of the Style Me Bloggers, the winner of our Nordstrom Gift Card Giveaway is

Darcy Lynn!!
Congratulations Darcy!!

Monday, Monday is here again.  Eeeewwww....
I just can't wait for Summer vacation!!  I need a complete recharge!!

If you missed the coffee blog, I did for Wayfair on Friday, please check it out here!!  And come back on Wednesday for the next group of outfits I put together for the GYPO Spring Challenge.  I can't believe we are in the last week already!!

Have a great week!!!

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Friday, April 24, 2015


A week or so ago I was approached by Jessica at who works with bloggers there and asked if I wanted to work with them on their #CoffeeMyWay blog campaign, sharing  my morning coffee rituals. I thought, “Do these people know who they just contacted??” I WOULD LOVE TO!!

 If there is one thing I love more than's coffee!! There is no life for me before coffee! I can't go a day without it, or I'll get a headache (which I know should concern me a little bit more than it does). Coffee decor is around my kitchen and I may or may not sometimes sleep in coffee-related pj's!!  So I kinda can't wait to share my coffee rituals with you today!!

I suppose during the week, I don't really have a ritual per say. I have a really horrible habit of snoozing my 87 alarms one too many times in the morning, which doesn't leave me much time. So rather than sitting down and enjoying my coffee the way I should, I drink it while getting ready, putting on my makeup, and rushing around before heading out the door for work. God bless the two minute Keurig. Making my coffee is the very first thing I do!  I drag myself outta bed, head to the kitchen and straight to the Keurig.  I put my pod in, turn it on, and THEN go to the bathroom because...priorities!  But when I return, my cup is done and ready to be prepared!
This is kind of like my little coffee nook!  This sits below the cabinet that holds all my coffee pods and sugar, etc.  The mug I don't really use, because it's just too small!  So I keep on there for decoration!!

I enjoy my coffee light and sweet...kinda like my personality! HA! JK!! I like two big-ish sugars and fat free half and half! And the cup has got to be big...the bigger the better!!  Right now I am loving the Caribou brand and blend and of coffee, too!!
It's sad, I know, that I have my sugar in a plastic container!  I had a sugar bowl that really wasn't a sugar bowl, and it never really had a secure top!  Well, one day that bowl did what I knew it would do, and fell from the cabinet.  I did my best kung fu moves, and thank goodness, it didn't fall on the floor and shatter into ten thousand pieces, but the sugar went EVERYWHERE!!  Needless to say, I'm no longer using that one...this sugar bowl from Wayfair is on it's way to me!

On the weekends, I have more of a coffee routine. Saturdays and Sundays I finally have the time to sit and actually enjoy and savor my coffee. Even though I can sleep in on the weekends, I rarely do! So I'm still up early, most times by 7ish. After the coffee brews, I turn on country music videos, fire up my laptop and settle to read all the blogs I need to catch up on from the week. I can sometimes be there a good two/three hours before I get myself up and ready for the day!!

Saturdays and Sundays are the only days I have two cups of coffee. More often than not, that second cup might have a little Godiva chocolate liquor (my new obsession!!!) or Baileys in there.  The weekend just calls for a treat, don't ya think!?!  And it's so,so YUMMY!!

Now that it's been getting warmer out too, I've been taking that second cup onto the back patio and enjoying it in the sun. I do that during the summer too, when I am home and having a second cup daily. My neighbor saw me out there this past Saturday morning and asked if I was drinking wine! This was 10 a.m.!!  When I told her it was coffee, she said “Hey, it's five o'clock somewhere!” I thought to myself...I like the way you think lady! But then she said, you're not too hot drinking that coffee in the sun?” Even in the summer, a good hot cup of coffee is what I need. The temperature outside doesn't dictate how I take my coffee. I do love a good iced coffee now and then but for me, I can't go a day without my usual morning cup! I just love it and sitting out there drinking my coffee, listening to the sounds of the neighborhood, and getting a lil bit of sunshine on my face is pretty peaceful and a great way to start the day!

I just had to include this! I thought it was funny and after all, the blog's called The Mishaps and Mayhem of a Solitary Life!


Thursday, April 23, 2015

Five Faves for Friday!

Margarita Monday 
Monday was a pitiful day at work. And since it was my early day, I actually had time (and felt like!)  making dinner.  I made my signature dish (HA) Salsa Chicken!  And since it was such a terrible day, I thought, to turn it around, I needed a drink!  What goes better with Salsa Chicken than MARGARITAS?!?!  The night ended on a high note... 

Tech Tuesday   
On Tuesday night my neighbor, Rosemary called me up and asked me to come over and look at her printer because she was having trouble with it.  From our past conversations, she knew I was  pretty good with computers so she thought I could figure out what the problem was.  After about 10 minutes I had her printer up and running again.    She was ecstatic!!  Rosemary, who's 70 something, told me she knows nothing about computers and offered to pay me to teach her.  I told her we could have Tech Tuesdays in the summer and all she needed to pay me with was a glass of wine!  :) 

Celebrating Mom! 
Wednesday night we celebrated my mom's retirement.  It was so much fun!  Her friends and colleagues  did a beautiful job and said lovely things about her.  So did my dad, who actually stole the show with his comedy routine! #whoknew I know my mom will miss her friends and work tremendously, but it's time! her and my dad are on to a new chapter in their lives!! 

Mom absolutely loved her party...can't you tell??

Paint Night 
On Thursday night a few friends and I went to a Paint Night Fundraiser in support of the March of Dimes.  The hosts of the Fundraiser Patty and Andy, had a son Aidan who was born at 25 weeks.  The March of Dimes is near and dear to their hearts.   As it is to me as well, being a premie too! Aidan is now 3 years old and is doing great!  I was really VERY nervous about this because I am NOT a painter.  But looking at it from far away, I don't think it came out too, too bad!

My Finished product

Friday Night In 
Tonight I really have no plans.  I am spending the night doing the housework I've neglected for the last three weeks.  Every time I've left the house lately, I've thought to myself, “Well if somebody tried to rob the place, they'd come in and think I'd already been hit!”  So clearly I have some work to do!  Then it's an evening on my couch with wine, thin mints, and The Reagan Family! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Not such a challenge after all...

We are halfway through week two of the Get Your Pretty On Spring Challenge! And I'm going to confess's not such a challenge for me. I did VERY LITTLE shopping this go-round because I had everything on the list, except for a pair of bright flats and a floral skirt. I bought a pair of bright (and I'm talking BRIGHT!) flats on the cheap, but opted not to purchase the floral skirt. Everything else I have been pulling from my closet!!

Last week's post left us off on Wednesday, day 3!

Today I have the next few outfits. Each day I pretty much put my own spin on things!

Thursday was day 4. It was a denim on denim look, with bright flats. I didn't mind the look. And after seeing other challengers in their outfits, I wondered why I don't wear this more often.

Friday I had to do a little switch up! Rather than a bright cardigan and patterned shirt, I wore a bright patterned shirt. The weather lent itself to forgoing the cardigan. So it worked. And actually this shirt was something I bought on the recommendation of other challengers. It's a Portofino top from Express. A store I hadn't shopped at in at least 20 years!!  Jeans and wedges completed the look.

Saturday called for white jeans. I would have loved to wear them and the weather was so awesome, I could have, but since I traveled on the train to see friends, I went with my destroyed jeans instead. I didn't want my white jeans getting dirty. I really liked this look. And will wear it again with the white. So I guess I get a bonus outfit!!
ae jeans/similar
I mentioned in my weekend recap, that this will probably be the only non-selfie of the challenge!  HA!!

Sunday was a rather low-key day! I traveled back home and arrived in the early afternoon. The rest of the day was spent on laundry and lessons. So truth be told, I just stayed comfy!!
And Sunday's outfit called for the floral skirt, which I don't have, anyway.

Monday was another easy combo. Anytime I can just throw on cardigan, tee, jeans, a scarf and go...I'm IN!!
I wasn't sure about this scarf. 
 I am just so used to infinity scarves, I forget how tie any other these days. 
 But I suppose it works...and I got some lovely comments about it!

Tuesday the ensemble called for olive (or colored/camo) jeans, a black tank or tee and a bright cardigan. Accessorized with a long necklace. I was happy to find olive dress pants in my closet so I wore those bottoms for work. I came home and put on my camo jeans for a more comfy look for when I went to my neighbors.

Today, I am going off challenge to dress up a bit more for my mom's retirement party. I am pulling from the challenge vault though! I am wearing this outfit that was part of the Summer 2014 Challenge. I'll wear it with a sweater and closed toe flats though, because it's a little chilly!!
Find more Summer Challenge Looks here!

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Happy Wednesday and Happy Earth Day!!

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday comes too soon...

Monday!  How are you here already!?!

It was the best Spring weekend so far!!  Saturday was actually more like a summer day!  It hit the mid 70's...80 in some spots.  I spent the morning in the sun on my postage stamp patio in the back.  I'll be honest...I got a lil toasty!  HA!

In the afternoon I headed in to have a Girls Night with my besties.  We've had this date on the calendar for like two months, so it was really fun to finally get together.  We ended up pushing our reservation back for dinner so we had more time to just chat it up at Mel's, have a few apps and drinks before heading out!  It was such a summery day, I had my first Sam Summer of the season!! Woo Hoo...Sam's my Summer Love!!

Mel wanted to try a new place in town and it was really SOO fun!!  It was a Gastropub.  There was so much great stuff on the menu we decided to get a few apps and we all shared their signature dish, Chicken and Waffles!  Everything was great.  We ended up staying there for hours.  The place was packed, the Ranger Game was on and we just kept eating!! :)  And they brew their own beer there, so of course we tried them.  YUM!!


Since this will be my only non-selfie of the Spring Challenge so I thought I'd include it!  Ha!!  Saturday's look had us wearing white jeans but since I was traveling on the train, I didn't want them getting dirty!  Come back on Wednesday for the rest of the week's looks when I link up with the Style Me Bloggers once again!  And find the first few looks here.

Photo Cred: Mel....hahahahahahaha

I stayed over at Mel's house that  night and took an early train home in the morning to get back to my usual Sunday chores of laundry and lessons!  Boooo!!  On the plus side, I ended up making myself a nice salmon dinner and spent the rest of the night rockin' out in my living room to the ACM Awards!! So fun!!  And score one for me for having seen almost everyone of those artists!!  I joked to my friend that the only three we have never seen are George Strait, Garth Books, and Brooks and Dunn. And maybe they'll have an Ol' Timers' Show and we can go!!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how it is a concert in my living room.  It was a little bit crazy though how many people they jammed into that stadium!!  I was wishing I was there.  Because I get so mad when the camera pans the audience and they are singing the ABSOLUTE WRONG WORDS!!Like seriously...why are you there!?!  I know them all!!!!   Oh well... I'm pretty sure my couch was the best seat anyway!!
I just love Luke and Blake!  Saw both this past summer!  Great Shows!!

And just like that it's Monday again!!  Ugh...hope everyone had a fun weekend too!!

If you missed the Style Me Bloggers Giveaway check out the post here and enter below now...

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Friday, April 17, 2015

Style Me Bloggers: Spring has Sprung!!

Spring is here!!!  Finally!!!  After this prolonged winter, I wasn't sure it'd ever get here!  This week, it's been sunny, much warmer and just plain fabulous!!  I am just a happier person in warmer weather. And I even started on my TAN!!  WOO HOO!!  Everybody looks better with a tan!!

And I'm just so glad Spring is here...because it arrived just in time for the Get Your Pretty On Spring Style Challenge to start.  If you missed the Style Me Bloggers Link up on Wednesday showcasing the first few outfits, check it out here!

My favorite fashionista friends and I are linking up once again today to discuss SPRING FASHION.  And it's free range, so please make sure you go check out each post!!  There's an endless amount of Spring Style inspiration today!!  And we're sweetening the deal with a giveaway!  Treat yourself to some new spring fashions!! sure to enter below!!

I thought a lot about this post this post this week!  What three Spring things would I share?  I have already shared the trends I'll be wearing and some Spring Challenge faves from the last go-round that are still my go-tos!  So to put my own spin on it, I thought I'd share three favorites I 'm loving in this Spring that can be worn any which way!

I am really digging brights this spring!!  Hot pink (I really wear this all year long!), coral anything, cobalt/bright blue! From shirts, jewelry, cardis, shoes...I love it all!!  And I'm loving all the bright yellow I'm seeing fellow challengers rock!!
Here are some of my bright looks for some inspiration!!

Scarves have been my go-to now for about a year and a half.  A scarf can totally change and/or complete an outfit!!  I have a ridiculous amount of scarves and wear them across all seasons!  But I love pulling out my light weight, spring florals, and bright colored scarves for spring.  These are just some of my many faves.

This one's new, it's available here
Distressed Denim
A third look I'll be wearing this spring (much to my mother's dismay!) is distressed denim.  I really like the look of distressed denim.  It makes jeans fun!  And it's a good look with flats and sandals for spring.  I have a few different pairs in different washes that I just love.
This vigoss pair is one of my faves! {Similar}
How is it that I lived in my distressed demin all last spring and summer and this is my only photo?!?

I'd love to see your brights, scarves and distressed denim looks  When you try these, post your photo to Insta and hashtag the #stylemebloggers!. Can't wait to see them!!

Today is our last link up this go round, but the Style me Bloggers will be back this summer with some more great posts, link-ups, and fabulousness.  I just love these girls so much!!  And don't forget to keep following along with as as we continue to document our outfits during the Spring Challenge!!

IT'S GIVEAWAY TIME!!!  Have fun and good luck!!  Don't forget to check out these amazing ladies' blogs!  And link up with us, too!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Have a great weekend!!  Hope it's warm and beautiful in your neck of the woods!!

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

I might have a problem....

When you're home on Spring Break, and not off on some exotic vacation, there's no excuse to put off the Spring Cleaning.  So that's what I've been doing!!  Cleaning out drawers, closets, under my bed, cleaning the closets, etc.  I find when I do this type of cleaning, I spend more time going through things and reminiscing.  I also realized that I may have a problem.  It's a jewelry problem.  I might have too much!!  Organizing my jewelry organizers this clicked!  HA!

This is one it's just two-sided!

This one is just for my bracelets and for larger pieces that I don't need to worry about getting tangled.

After organizing the hanging things, I headed over to organize the jewelry on my dresser!  I won this jewelry organizer form and tray, along with a bunch of Lia Sophia last year at my school's action.  I really love it!!  Pretty cool!!

This is my most reached for jewelry!

The other side of my dresser holds my old school jewelry box that I received as a gift years and years ago!  I very rarely open it.  But inside is my oldest and most precious pieces.
Cleaning, I decided to open it and a huge smile came across my face!  So many special pieces I hadn't seen in forever!!

This egg pendent, I got from my Nana YEARS ago.  It's from  The Franklin Mint circa 1978, two years before I was even born.  When I was little, my sisters and I used to have sleepovers at my Nana and Pop's house.  I loved it.  We had ice cream, root beer floats, and watched the Golden Girls.  I remember those days like they were yesterday.  My Nana and I must have been doing some Spring Cleaning of her jewelry, when I admired this and she gave it to me.  I will admit to never having worn it, just because it was to delicate but am so thankful to have it. 

This locket I got after my Nana passed away!  That's my Pops in there.  I wore this many times following my Nana's death, but now unfortunately the locket doesn't lock.  Just having it though is a great reminder of the love my grandparents shared.

These are some of my first pieces of jewelry...these name pieces were really big in the 80's.  It hurts my heart that I don't remember who I received them from or why.  I tried to ask my sisters but they were unsure too!  
My first birth stone ring, initial ring and claddagh.  The initial ring I know I received for my communion from my aunt and uncle.  It is the first ring I ever remember receiving.

My jewelry box with these special pieces in it, is rarely ever opened these days, but I am so glad I took the time to do this.

I've also been scoping out more jewelry online (because clearly this is what I do!  ha!!) and found an awesome site that has really great jewelry actions called  Invaluable.  I am not looking to auction off my own jewelry any time soon but it's fun to see so many beautiful jewelry pieces out there!

A girl can dream...a girl can dream!!