Sunday, May 31, 2015

Weekends are just my favorite...

Weekends are my favorite!!  Sunday nights?... not so much!!!  HA!  It's such a shame that the weekends go so fast.

As far as weekends go, I had a pretty good one!!  Friday, I worked late because I had to do After Care.  I usually don't do Fridays because I do it every other day of the week, but the Friday teacher had plans and asked me to cover so I did.  Unfortunately, I got home really late because a child was picked up an hour late.  Boooo...

I was getting nervous though, because I was having my sister, her boyfriend and my bestie over to watch game 7 of the Rangers Playoff game.  I walked in the door at 6:55 and my friend arrived at 7!  Good thing since we've been friends 32 years, she doesn't care if I leave her for a few minutes to go change and freshen up!  My sister and her boyfriend arrived in time for game time!!  We watched the first two periods here, then decided to to head into town to watch the rest at one of the bars.  This probably wasn't the best idea!!  From there the night went downhill.  

Tampa Bay scored two goals in the third period, and the Rangers lost the game. #insertsadfacehere 

Leaving the bar we had a plant thrown at us. (Like Seriously...Who does that??)  LOL...some stupid drunk idiot was throwing the plant at his girlfriend and it hit us instead. (She should dump him!) I thought there was gonna be a fight right there on the sidewalk but that was avoided!    

After that, we headed down to another bar that just opened! It's a Tex Mex place and Tequila Bar. Here, the glass of  tequila slipped off their brand new, shiny, SLANTED bar!!  Crazy!  It really was a comedy of errors!  But we did say that we would go there again!  The food smelled really yummy!! And new places need time to find their footing!  

Saturday morning my bestie and I headed to breakfast at another place in town!  It has the reputation for the best breakfast and did not disappoint.  I now wish though that I got something other than chocolate chip pancakes!!  But I'll be frequenting this place a lot this summer!!

After breakfast we actually went to an Open House at a a brand new complex in my town.  It'd be really cool if Mel lived in my town and there because it is so freaking awesome (and I could use her pool and gym...) but it's just too long of a commute to work for her!!

I seem to be talking about my town a lot in this post!  If you missed Friday's post about my neck of the woods, you can find it here!

After that we came back and spent some much needed time in the sun!!  After Mel headed home I stayed out and read until the sun went down.  When she texted me that she got home later on that night, I told her I actually fell asleep for a bit!  I really hope I didn't have my mouth wide open or anything because I was in my rocking chair...IN THE FRONT!! Eeeekkkk  But I did gets lots of color!  So YAY!

Today was not the best day for laying out but there are some peeks of sun, Every time I tried to sit out the sun went behind a huge cloud.  So I just gave up and came in.  It really was a lazy Sunday if there ever was one.  Sundays are my typical lessons and laundry day. I did none of that!!! Instead my ass was on the couch binge watching this....

Kinda cray people!!  But so addicting and really good.  I just couldn't stop watching!!  I'm invested...

So tomorrow I will have to just do my laundry and plan.  The only thing I'm really mad at myself for not doing is After Care admin work, because I know that gonna take a while. UGH!!  Not only am I am After Care teacher for the kids after school, I am also the Administrator of the Program!  LUCKY  ME!  But I don't think the parents will mind waiting a day for the bills!  HA!!

And is it weird that sometimes I feel like Monday is the better day to do things because I am already up, have worked and been motivated?!?  Like,  I think I'll be ok with spending 4 hours on my work tomorrow night because it's just a continuation of the work day!  Maybe I'm just making excuses for myself....

Oh and I may have treated myself to a little something before the Nordstrom Sale ended today!  And with double cash back on ebates!  I got this maxi dress.
I am worried, it's going to be long on me but figured it was worth a shot. Some of the reviewers who are my height said it was long and others said it was ok!  So I guess we'll see!  But the free returns are the beauty of Nordstrom!! I think this color will look great with a tan!!

Now it's already 11 p.m. on Sunday night!!  YUCK!!  I'm off to bed!!  Hope everyone has a fabulous week!!


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Friday, May 29, 2015

This place I call home...

I'm really excited about today's Style Me Bloggers topic!  I'm going to tell you a little bit about my hometown!  If you've been following my blog for any amount of time, you've read about my adventures in buying a home and my solitary life in this new (or at least new to me!) town.  A big reason I began blogging was to document my living alone for the first time.  Read my first ever post here!

It's rare that I leave my little 3 mile radius.  LOL I live in walking distance of the school that I work at, the train station, and right down the road from Main Street!  (I just love that I live in a town with an actual Main Street!!) It works for me!l!!  And my town is so much fun!! Lots of shopping, restaurants, concerts, the Beach and the Great South Bay! I've blogged about some fun things I've done in town here and here.  It really is one of my favorite places and just pretty perfect for me!!!

But since I know not many people will know my town itself, I thought I'd tell you more about this Island that I live on instead!! Long Island may ring a bell for some of you.  When people hear Long Island, lots think of the Hamptons (Thank you Kardashians and Revenge!).  I DO NOT live there...LOL

I've lived on Long Island in the state of New York for my entire life. Long Island is that "fish-like shape that hangs off of New York on a map!  And YES, Deena we are actually an island...surrounded by water on all sides.  We stretch out into the Atlantic Ocean on one side and the Long Island Sound on the other.  Long Island is so large and overpopulated, we could be our very own state...we are bigger than many states actually!!  Long Island consists of four counties, from West to East. Brooklyn, Queens Nassau and Suffolk.  Because Brooklyn and Queens are considered boroughs of New York City, a lot of people just count Long Island as Nassau and Suffolk.  And  Montauk Point truly is THE END.

Long Island has beautiful beaches both on the North Shore and the South Shore.  I live on the South Shore.  Our beaches are smooth.  The North Shore is more rocky. There are 150 beaches on the Island, including Fire Island...just a short ferry ride away.

Jones Beach is in Nassau County, further west, from where I live, but it's a  place I visit in the summer for both sun and fun.  The Theatre at Jones Beach is the only concert venue right on the beach.  When I saw Kenny Chesney there a few years ago, high tide came right up under the stage and all the people in the first row sections got soaked.  Kenny said he had never seen anything like it. I went to a bunch of concerts there last summer and am going back in two weeks to see Tim McGraw!  It's sure to be a lot of fun!  There is also smaller outdoor amphitheater further out east where lots of my country faves play!  Last summer I went to tons of shows at both venues and had a blast.  Read more about that here!

Long Island is very historical, too.  The homes of President Roosevelt, Poet Walt Whitman, painter Jackson Pollack and the Vanderbilt Family are here.  The Long Island Children's Museum, Old Bethpage Restoration Village and the Long Island Aquarium, Planetarium and the Long Island Game Farm are super fun and educational places to visit.  Ok, the teacher in me is coming out...

Long Island has a number of wineries on the North Fork and the South Fork.  It is fun to spend the day wine tasting and listening to music at the different wineries in the summer.  The number of Craft Beer breweries on the Island has grown too!!  Blue Point is probably the most widely known, but there are breweries in Oyster Bay, Greenport, Riverhead and Montauk, just to name a few.  My town alone boasts 2!!  And I can't wait to make my first visit to the Oyster Bay Brewing Company this summer!!  Whoop! Whoop!!

For me, Long Island really is an ideal place to live.  But if your looking to get off the Island for a while, the City is just a train ride away and Connecticut and Massachusetts are just a short ferry ride in the other direction, so it's really convenient!!  Come Visit Soon!! :)

Can't wait to link up with the other girls today!!  Join us!!

Have a wonderful Weekend!!


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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

What's up!

Today I've decided to join Mel, Shay and Sheaffer for their new monthly link-up, What's up Wednesday.  They used to host Pinspired, which I often joined and loved.  What's up Wednesday is less fashion-centric and more about me!  I hope you'll stick around to find out What's Up!

What I'M eating this week...Chicken!
This week because of the Memorial Day holiday I decided to skip my Hello Fresh delivery!  It actually worked out good though because I am staying late most nights this week and the last thing I'm going to want to do is spend an hour in the kitchen after that.  My chicken meals are quick and easy!  Salsa Chicken is my favorite!

What I'm reminiscing about... not too much these days...looking ahead!!  

What I'm loving... The collage I made from my Instagram photos from last summer!  I scored a great deal on it on Shutterfly...50%, so I thought I was a great time to finally do it.  Hopefully it won't take me almost a year to put together a frame from this summer!

What I've been up to... it was a fun Memorial Day Weekend.  Check out what I did {HERE}!

What I'm dreading...GRADES!!
Now that the end of the year is sooo close, report card grades are due in our system soon.  As the Librarian and Tech Teacher for students in grades Pre-K thru 8, I give everyone a grade. This is not what I'm dreading. What I dread is storing the grades and running the report cards for all students in my school.  As my school's tech person this is my job.  And there's almost ALWAYS some sort of an issue! Ugh!!

What I'm Working on...transitioning to a new school website.
Next year my school is getting a new hosting site for our website.  So for the past few days I have been working on the checklist we have to complete to make the transition smooth.  In order for me to do this, my principal was kind enough to get me sub.  But between you and me, I'd rather be teaching.  I don't like being in the building when I have a sub, because the kids still see me and wonder why I'm not with them.  Everything I've been doing is online, so I probably should have asked to do it from home!!  Home's where the wine is...HA!!!  Just kidding...

What I'm excited about... SUMMER VACATION!!

What I'm Watching...The NY Rangers in the Stanley Cup Playoffs!!  Game 7 here we come!!!  #LGR

What I'm reading...The Girl on the Train.  I had hoped to finish it this weekend, but wasn't able to.  This weekend, I WILL!!

What I'm Listening to...Break Up with Him - Old Dominion
 Just loving this song these days!!  Heard it a bunch of times this weekend!  Super catchy and I love the music.  And I love my country!!

What I'm Wearing...My new Camo Hat!!
I bought this camo baseball cap after seeing it on my bestie.  She is participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer this coming October...39 miles over 2 days!!!  This is her 4th time walking. She walks for her mom, who is a breast cancer survivor and in memory of her walk partner, who sadly lost her battle!  The baseball cap was so cute on her, I thought I needed one too!!  I figure if anyone compliments me on it, it's a good segway into talking about the walk and raising awareness for breast cancer!!  And it's great hat to help block the sun this summer!!
If you'd like to support my best friend in her walk  you can do so here.  THANKS!!

What I'm up to this weekend....Girls' Night with my Bestie!  Not sure what we are gonna do, but I'm certain it will involve food and drink! LOL

What I'm looking forward to next month...the start of the GYPO Summer Challenge!!  There's still time to sign up! It's so much fun and you'll meet a great group of women. See some of last summer's challenge looks here!

What else is new...
Nothing really!  I'm loving that it's only a four day week, but for me it's a long one!  Looking forward to maybe seeing my sister on Thursday and a fun weekend ahead! Fingers crossed the weather is nice!

The Question of the month is...What's your favorite thing to grill in the month of June?  Since I don't grill much myself, (or at all really!!) I'll tell you what my favorite thing to EAT for the grill is.  And that's a big juicy cheeseburger!!  I never have them, unless it's summer.  And a yummy cheeseburger, right of the grill totally hits the spot during the summer!!  Ya can't go wrong with a burger and a beer...

That was a lot of fun!!  What have you been up to lately?  Let me know in the comments below!!

Check back in with me on Friday, when the Style Me Bloggers and I link up to show you around our neck of the woods!  See you then!!


Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

Who doesn't love a three day weekend!!  

I kicked mine off with a wedding on Friday night!  A woman I used to work with at my old school's daughter got married.  She and I have kept in touch over the years, since I moved to a new school and she retired.  We always try to get together during each day off and once during vacations for lunch.  Her husband joins us often too! I always have fun chatting and catching up with them.  It was a beautiful wedding.  The peeps at my table ALL left after dinner to get home to their kids, so I was pretty much alone.  I went and got a drink at the bar and ended up watching the end of the Rangers game on the bartender's cell phone! #SolitaryLifeProbs (They won that game, but lost last night!...get it together boys!)

Saturday  didn't really have any plans, so I laid out on the postage stamp patio and then sat out in the front with my book until the sun went down.  Oh and I also spent an hour and a half live chatting with my new boyfriend cable tech guy, when my internet went down!  The horror!  (Which is actually also why I'm posting later today!!).  After such a long chat, I still had to make an appointment to have a guy come out to replace my wireless router!

So with no internet I read a bunch then later on that night decided to order American Sniper On Demand.  I don't know if any of you have seen it, but for me, it was difficult to watch. It shows the difficulty and sacrifice that the toll of war takes on our military servicemen and woman and their families. Bradley Cooper totally embodied the role and did an awesome job.  It was certainly not the Bradley Cooper I know and love!! But it was very well done and I'm glad I finally got the chance to see it.

Sunday my sister had everyone over to her house for a Memorial Day BBQ.  It was a lot of fun.  The weather was NOT that great!  My family likes sun...and although it made a few weak appearances throughout the day, for the most part, it was cloudy, windy and cold. Booooo!!!!  (Get me back to Florida...STAT!)  But the company was great, the food was yummy and the drinks were all in all a successful party...even though no one left with a tan!  :)
 All the adults (or most anyway!) relaxing by the fire before the chaos that was SMORES began! 

Oh and have you tried THIS???  
It's so YUM!!  Sam Summer has long been MY BEER during the summers but I think I just might have to switch it up this year!! It's a Limited Edition called Porch Rocker and it's like beer and lemonade!  So refreshing!!  Definitely give it a try this summer!!

After a late night last night, I slept in this morning...til 8:15!  Hahahaha.  Cleaned up the house and waited for the Cable Guy. I was luckily enough to get an appointment for today, even though I felt bad that they worked!!  I originally wanted to get to the Memorial Day Parade on Main Street, but my service call window was in the middle on it.  Which also meant I missed a lot of the good sun today!  And today ended up being the best of all three days this weekend!  But I was able to enjoy some of it.  Then I came in a did my usual Sunday things...laundry and school work.  Ugh....

Oh and with my internet back up and running, I may have indulged in some of the Memorial Day Sales online.  I did really great with my "no shopping" goal in January, February and March...I bought absolutely no clothes then.  But April and the Spring Challenge came along, and the wheels began to fall off my wagon.  It's safe to say that after today, the wheels have completely come off!!  Compared to last year at this time, I'm doing well, but I do wish I had made it a little further in the year before I tanked it!!  But I can still say, I never buy anything unless it's on sale, and this weekend, the sales were just too good to pass up!!

Did you go to any barbeques. parades or shop any sales this weekend?  let me know in the comments below!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!
Remember and pray today for those who sacrificed so much!


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Friday, May 22, 2015

I've been slacking lately...

I had lots on my blog calendar for this week, and never ended up getting those posts up and running. I suppose it's been a of THOSE weeks!!  Ugh!!  I think going to Florida might have been a bad idea! HA! Because now I feel like I should already be on Summer Vacation!!  I just don't want to do anything, I'm so over everything, and am getting easily irritated!  This is no bueno!! Any teacher knows that the last few weeks of school are easily the craziest!!!  So I need to seriously get over this and get my act together!!  And since blogging is one thing I really wanna do, I hoppin' back in the saddle and blogging again today with a fresh Friday Five!!

Even though it was an iffy week, as weeks go, there were a few bright spots along the way!

Any day I see a package at my door when I get home from work, is a good day!!! #SolitaryLifeAlert  Monday, this little gem arrived!!  I finally made this collage frame of summer 2014 pics when I saw an awesome deal on Shutterfly for 50%.   It's just so fun and makes me happy!  I can't wait to make another one from the pictures I take this summer!  You can read all about the fun I had last summer {here}!

Tuesday this arrived at my door...overnight, too!! 
I was in dire need of a new vacuum.  I saw this and the super cheap price, which I was kinda of worried about, but it also says this is the #1 best seller, so I thought I'd give it a try.  And after I bought it (on a total whim!), I realized that it's pretty much the same one I had, except, upgraded and much lighter, which is a huge plus!  And it works fab!!  I actually liked vacuuming with this thing!

Wednesday was Stitch Fix Day!!  And this time I loved everything in my fix!!  But after trying it all on, I really only liked one thing on me...and even this looks just ok!  LOL...I kept it though because it's different. I don't have anything like it, loved the stripes, and it was super affordable with my styling fee discount!!  But my stylist did a great job for me this time, I totally recommend giving Stitch Fix a try!

I always enjoy teaching my Memorial Day lessons in Library and Tech!  Every year I read The Wall by Eve Bunting to my students.  Many years ago in Mailbox magazine I found an activity that had the students recreating a wall after reading the book.  I have done it a few times, but this year I really think it came out the best ever!  It helps having so many kids and classes as a librarian these days!  And I liked that I added the Soldier mosaic, that the sixth graders worked on! {found on Teachers Pay Teachers here}

And as long as were talking Memorial Day weekend, I am so looking forward to the three day weekend!  I am going to a Wedding tonight, getting together with my family for a BBQ on Sunday and may hit up the Memorial Day Parade in my town on Monday!  I am also determined to finish The Girl on the Train!  I hope everyone has a great holiday.  Take some time to remember and reflect on the sacrifices so many have made for our freedom!

Before I go, I can't forget to tell you some good news! If you've been following along with me and my blog for any amount of time, you know I am a Get Your Pretty On Style Challenge participant!  Registration for the Summer 2015 challenge is OPEN TODAY!!  I highly recommend joining in on the fun that is a Style challenge!  21 days of outfits made from simple, stylish pieces that will take you through summer and beyond.  The Style Challenges have been so much fun and I have "met" so many awesome women, especially my fellow Style Me Bloggers buddies!  Find out more and sign up here!  Hope to see around the FB group soon!! Check out these Summer 2014 challenge looks!


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Friday, May 15, 2015

Summer is Coming!!

YAY!!  I just can't wait for summer vacation!!
Teachers countdown to this day too!!

The Style Me Bloggers are back and linking up today to share our summer travel plans and any good recommendations we have.  Unfortunately, as far as travel goes for summer, I have none.

If you saw Monday's post, then you know I spent this past weekend away in Florida visiting my mom and dad.  That's really the extent of my summer vacation. Usually, my family goes to the Outer Banks in North Carolina in the summer, but since we went there for Thanksgiving this year, we're not. That is just the best place! (And I am just now realizing, though I blogged while on the trip, I never blogged a recap!! Boooo).
My family in the Outer Banks 2014

I've also spent about 10 summers after college cruising with my best friend . We used to go away every summer the last week in August/first week of September (depending on where Labor Day fell). Prices for cruises dropped then, because lots of kids are already back in school...oh and that's also hurricane season!!  HA!!  Luckily, we never had any direct hurricane hits.  Just the occasional rough seas!  We've been on both Carnival and Royal Caribbean...these days we LOVE Royal...the ships are HUGE!!
We love the Muster Drill!!

I blogged about my memories of OBX and cruising {here}.

I haven't really traveled much lately since I bought this house. (#SolitaryLifeProbs) but I really miss it.  The other day I got a text from my bestie saying  "What if we just planned a road trip to the beach or something?" So I think we may do that.  But I'm not's really expensive!!  HA!  It always comes down to money...and that just stinks!  Maybe just a road trip!  We are good at that!  We went to Philly for a day one summer.  Saw some sites and museums, ate a few cheesesteaks, then stopped at Cracker Barrel on the way home!  Philly...Solitary Life Style!

Maybe a Weekend in Boston (my fave!) or on The Cape, or even just a staycation!  There's so much to do and see right here and and I just don't do it!   Whatever else the summer brings, I'll be blogging about it, so STAY TUNED!!  What are you doing this summer?  Let me know in comments below!  Better about it and link up with us!!

Don't forget to check out the rest of The Style Me Bloggers Summer plans, I'll be living vicariously through them...

An InLinkz Link-up

Have a great weekend!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Weekend Away!

This weekend I escaped home and went to the sunshine!!  I visited my parents at their home in The Villages in Florida!! I was the only one in my family that hadn't been down to see my mom and dad's place and my sister was taking her girls down to celebrate Mother's Day with my mom, so I thought, it'd be the perfect time for me to go too!   I had a really great time.

I left work on Friday and scooted to the airport.  We are really so lucky to have an airport so close to home.  It's a small regional airport that never seems to be crowded so I was able to fly thru security.  I had plenty of time before boarding, so I headed to the bar for a drink.  I debated the Starbucks, and it would've been cheaper, but went with the beer!  I am not great at flying alone honestly, so I thought I needed something!  And went with the big one!  I posted my beer on Insta as "the most expensive beer ever", but when I got my final bill, realized she charged me for two! considering it 30 wasn't that expensive at all!!  HA!!

When I boarded the flight, I was happy to find that it wasn't full, so even though I was the B boarding group, I went pretty much toward the back and had all three seats to myself.
The flight went pretty well.  We left early and arrived a full 30 minutes ahead of schedule...which is pretty crazy!  I had no baggage (I gave it to my parents when they headed down in the car last week) so I was out of the airport in five minutes, met up with my parents and we headed back to my Aunt's house.  When we arrived there, I was met by my nieces, sister (who had come down Wednesday night), my cousin Kim and her husband Brian, and my Aunt Laurie-my mom's sister, who lives in The Villages full time.  Mom, dad and I ate dinner, while we all chatted, watched the Rangers Playoff Game, and played Name that Tune (with my dad's 4000 songs!).  It was a late night and my aunt had to get up early for work the next day, so we headed to my parents house.  They live a few miles away, in a different community.

My mom and dad's house is really cute and my dad, who had been down there a few times for extended periods of time, while my mom was still working, has down a TON of work!  And it looks great!!

Saturday we headed to the pool!  It was a beautiful day!  We didn't stay long at the pool, and I was sooooo mad because I put on 55 SPF and got nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!  In fact I think I was whiter than before!!  LOL.  But the two hours were really enough for me.  I guess, for it being my first time out in this type of heat this season, I was a little dizzy.  But we came back ate a good lunch and got ready to go to The Square and dinner.

In The Square, they have live music nightly.  And people just dance, or sit and watch others dance!  My nieces loved this!!  It also has lots of shopping and restaurants.  
The family that dresses alike!  Totally unplanned...obviously!!

We ate at a place called The Lighthouse.  it was on the water, but being so many, when we put our names in, we said we'll take either in or out.  We got a table inside but by the window.  Dinner was very yummy!  I had the crab cakes!  But I think I enjoyed the apps we all shared better!  It was a lot of fun and laughs!!  
After dinner, we said our goodbyes to my cousin and her husband who were leaving the next day, and headed home to my parents.

Sunday for Mother's Day my nieces wanted to make breakfast for my sister and mom (and me too, because they didn't want me to feel left out!)  So my dad and I helped them make waffles and omelettes.  It was really a great breakfast.  After that us girls headed to Spanish Springs, another "Square", to find some souvenirs!  Being Sunday morning and all, not much was open but we did go to the Tervis store, and the Logo store.  So I got a few tervis glasses and two wine glasses from the Logo store.  Should've thought to take pics, but I left them for my parents to bring home.  After that, we had no plans but to spend the entire rest of the day at the pool! It was a spectacular day!  Not a cloud in the sky and hardly any humidity.  I got color!  Woo Hoo!!  
Golf cart selfie!

We spent a couple hours at the pool, headed back to the house for Happy Hour with my aunt, who came to say goodbye to us, then headed back to the pool to watch the sunset!  The girls loved this.  We were the only ones at the pool and it was so warm!  Awesome sunset!!

A few pics from Sunset....

This one I posted on Insta too!!  It just looked so cool!  I'm thinking of having it put on canvas to hang in my house!!

We got back from the pool around 8:30, had a late dinner and watched the end of the Ranger Game!! A win...and a game 7 is on Wednesday!!  (Woo hoo...but also eeekkkkk!!)    It was another late night.

Monday Morning we got ourselves together and headed the airport...our weekend was over! Booooo!!!!!!!
We had time for a quick lunch down by our gate.  While I waited for the bill, my sister and the girls headed to the bathroom.  We thought we had plenty of time before our boarding group, but all of a sudden we heard them call our names!!  HAHAHAHA!!  It was pretty funny, because it was five minutes after they started boarding.  I guess everyone was already there and eager to get home so they boarded in a flash.  Why would anyone be so eager to get home??  The flight wasn't as great as my one going down...super cray landing!!  And I sat next to a girl with a bad cold...chances are, later this week, I'll have the same cold!!  UGH!!

But I'm home now and actually took off today to recoup and get my act together!  Because tomorrow it back to reality...BLAH!!

Have a great week!!  Not sure what posts I'll be getting up between now and Friday, but definitely come back Friday to hear all about my summer plans when I link up once again with The Style Me Bloggers!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Another Challenge in the books!!

For the last three weeks I have been participating in the 2015 Spring Style Challenge with Alison at Get Your Pretty On! (my fifth one) And boy, did it just fly right on by!!  

But alas, as always seems to be the way during these challenges, I kinda fell off the wagon the final days.  So rather than 5 final looks to show you, I only have two that were truly, truly ON Target! Another two that were my own spin on the look, and a fifth one I totally did not wear!

The final few:

Wednesday was a striped dress day!!  Because it was a  RED dress down day and fundraiser at school in support of Congenital Heart Disease, I wore jeans.  Any day I can wear jeans to school, I must!  So rather than the striped dress with the chambray on top, I opted for a striped shirt with a red cardigan over it.  I wore my white cons as well.  I got lots of compliments on this one.
Not my usual selfie but I wanted to try something new!!

I will put the exact challenge outfit on reserve though, because I think it might look really cute...IF I can pull it off!!  The chambray over the striped dress with bright flats is super fun.  I can't wait to see how the Style Me girls did with this one!

Thursday called for a bright cardigan over a white tank and scarf, with dark wash jeans and metallic sandals.   I really liked this!  I had to go with trouser pants for work, but with them I wore a coral boyfriend cardigan and floral infinity scarf, and my nude patent flats.

After school I went to dinner with a friend, so I followed the challenge more closely, with the dark wash jeans and sandals.  But switched to a bright pink cardigan and different floral scarf.

Friday night was the school play.  I was on challenge pretty closely.  Black top, dark wash jeans, wedges and long necklace.  I liked this look a lot.  Super easy.  Honestly one of my faves from the whole challenge.  Probably because I have lots of different black tanks and tops I can style!  And I really liked it with the wedges!

Saturday called for a white denim, with a white tank and chambray top over it.  Accessorized with gold jewelry and metallic sandals.  I didn't wear it.  And I know I wore the exact look before last summer at some point but can't find a photo!  So I have nothing to show for it.  But like I said, I'm sure the Style Me girls all looked great, so check them out!!

On the final day of the challenge, the floral skirt was once again the look of the day!  Disadvantage, ME (but now seeing it styled so many times and seeing all the cute looks fellow challengers wore, I am on a serious hunt to find one that I just love).  I do think I should get some points for always being in some sort of floral on the days the skirt was styled.  LOL  I had a Communion on Sunday, so I wore this!!
This was a favorite look from last year's summer challenge!

There you have it...the final looks!!  As always, this was a ton of fun!  It's always so nice meeting new challengers, reconnecting with veteran challengers like myself, who now feel like old friends and styling new looks!  I feel like in this challenge I really put my own spin on all the outfits, not buying much and shopping from my own closet.  I also like how I sometimes pulled from other challenges and used pieces from them or subbed with them.

Next up the Summer Challenge!!  If you want to get in on the fun that is a Get Your Pretty On Style Challenge, find out more here!!

Before I leave you, I wanted to share my top three (four of you include Friday's look!!) favorite looks from this challenge!  I feel like these looks I'll be wearing over and over again this Spring and into Summer!
Because...camo!  And I probably never would have put this together myself!

Alison styled the bright cardis with the white jeans and I will do that too, but I really liked this look a lot with the distressed denim too!  Actually, I really thought all the looks with the grey tops and bright cardigans were a hit!!

The striped dress looks were really fun too!!  When I have the courage to wear mine with the chambray shirt, I'll blog about it!!  :)

You can check out all the Spring Challenge 2015 looks and my take on them, here!

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Have a great rest of Spring...Summer is so close! WOO HOO!!

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Friday, May 1, 2015

April Showers Bring May Flowers Take 2!

*Disclaimer-This was not my original post!  I lost that one somewhere in the blogesphere!!  :(  But this is pretty close!!

The Style Me Bloggers are back for another round of fun posts, sans challenge!!  This time were talking rain gear and floral trends.  Luckily spring has FINALLY sprung here in my neck of the woods. It's still chilly in the mornings and at night but the sun warms things up quite nicely during the day!

And as for rain, I never used to like it, but any day I can wear my Hunter Wellies is a good day!!  I just love my wellies!  And I actually got another pair of rain boots at Target because I just loved the red (and couldn't really justify another pair of hunters for the price!).  And I had a Target gift card!  HA!!  My wellies are basically the extent of my rain gear!  Those and any umbrella I can grab!  :)

Here's some pics of me rockin' my Wellies:

Check out more looks here!

I can't even believe it's May already!! Crazy!!  I love the hope that May brings!!  The hope of summer!!  It's that much closer, that much warmer, and that much more colorful as all the flowers start to bloom.  I love flowers, but I don't have anything close to a green thumb!!  I know every living thing will eventually die, but with flowers in my care, their death comes way sooner!  So these days, it's just easier to wear my flowers.  Floral is big this Spring!  And I tried the trend with this dress.  I posted it on the blog on Wednesday and mentioned that I thought it looked like a tablecloth but I got lots of nice comments on it, so I'm thinking of giving it another chance!

I really love this flower tunic too, that I got last Spring from Piper Street!  I'll be wearing it often this Spring too!

Go check out the posts of my favorite Blogger Friends!!  So exciting to be linking up again!!  

Have a great weekend!!