Saturday, January 30, 2016

I'm actually reading!

Linking up today with my bloggy buddy, Alison for her first book link up, and I'm really excited because I've been reading!  Knowing about this link-up and wanting to participate is really keeping me accountable and reading.

Today I'm going to share with you a review of The Mistletoe Inn by Richard Paul Evans.  I received this book from a friend at work for Christmas.  She and I have very similar tastes when it comes to books, movies and TV, so she thought I would like this one.  I had never read this author before but he is sort of the Christmas Book guy!  He has a number of Christmas titles and new novels come out each year around Christmastime.

I did enjoy this.  It was an easy read!  And though some parts were less than realistic, I like that I was transported to someplace else for awhile, as any good book will do. I thought that plot was different, being about a struggling writer attending a writing conference,  Certainly I had never read a similar storyline.  I figured "it" out pretty early on but there was another little twist in the story, that I didn't really see coming and I liked that about it.  I would read this author again!  And might even pick up his other Christmas novels throughout the year!  Who wouldn't love a little Christmas in July!!

I'll be back in February with a few more reads!  Until then, check out the links at Reading Lately Here! and link up any books you've read this month.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Happy Tuesday Friends!  Wanting to have a little fun today!!

I thought since we are just about  halfway to Summer Vacation and I'm just coming off a Snow Day yesterday (woo hoo...but not really!!  It was a waste of a snow day...most other districts had a delay.  But I think because mine is such a large area, they just gave us the day!!), that I'd do another teacher post!  And maybe a little bit because I am loving the show Teachers on TVLand so much!  A while back I did a I'm a teacher... post but I thought today I'd do a post, more like my You Might Live a Solitary Life if...posts.  So here goes!!

Can any teacher friends relate to these??

You might be a teacher if...

You countdown to vacations too!

The whole month of December is crazy torture.

You've been known to wear your pj's inside out put that wooden spoon under your pillow in hopes of a Snow Day!

You've stayed at school til 9:30 p.m. for a committee meeting

You look forward to Dress Down Days as much as the kids...maybe even more!  (Where are all my Catholic School teachers at?!?)

You wish Picture Day was like week 2 so you still have a tan.

You've got your own HOT DAD! :)

The month of August makes your stomach turn....but you kinda can't wait to get back into school to start decorating!

Teachers Pay Teachers and Pinterest are your plans!

Wine Night is a daily thing!

Some of your best friends are your "teacher friends"...or they've just turned into real friends!

Some weeks 2:55 on a Friday can't come soon enough!  And this is your Friday Night:

Your students are "your kids"....especially if you're single like me!

You've had to flag a fellow teacher down in the hallway for a minute so you could run and pee!

You celebrate the 100th Day...and then the real countdown to summer begins!

Depending on when the Easter Break Falls, it's a VERY LONG April, May and June!

It's 10 p.m. on Sunday night and you're wondering where the weekend went!

You're not yourself during report card time...and you may consume more Reese's Peanut Butter Cups than necessary!!

Is there anything else you'd add?? Let me know in the comments below!!

Have a great day!  Don't forget to laugh a lot!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Happy Birthday to My #1 Blog Reader...

My MOM!!

You've met my mom numerous times throughout the blog!{here and here are my favorites!}  And were there with us as we celebrated her big 65th last year!  

But today I thought I'd share some fun facts about mom!

She really is my number one blog reader!  Most times, she won't read  on the day I post, but she'll always catch up.  Oh and she always checks my typos!  :)

Mom prints out the blog and made a book of it for me.  I told her a blog is an online journal but she wants me to have it!  And I'm happy I do!

She doesn't read the blog right away because she's too busy loving retirement life in Florida to read.

She loves being in Florida but feels like she's missing out here...we tell her she is definitely not missing anything!

My mom calls me every single day.  The call lasts 90 seconds.  She does most of the talking!

She is the most social person I know.  She often tells me I have to be more social. (I will never be as social as her!)

She's getting better at Face Time...ha!

Mom's the kind of person that saves every single one of her girls' Cabbage Patch Kids and drags them out on Christmas, so she can take photos of you with them...30 years later.

Mom loves playing games and enjoys a little karaoke every now and then.

My mom is a great friend, sister, wife, Nana, and the best mom a daughter could ask for!

Love you Mom!! Have the best day ever!!

Happy Monday all!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A fun opportunity!

So excited today to share with my readers a great new opportunity from one of my blog buddies! Lisa from Daily Style Finds is launching a new venture and is offering my readers the chance to join for free! Registration opens today!!!  You don't want to miss it!

online stylist, what to wear winter
Do you need some style inspiration this winter? Do you want to get to know other women - and share in some fashion fun? Join a new series called DAILY STYLE FINDS: WHAT TO WEAR.

Daily Style Finds: What to Wear will show you how with only 15 wardrobe essential pieces (the ones all women should have in their closet) - you can create 20 stylish, on-trend head-to-toe looks. Each of the 20 looks will be presented in a stylish format, along with some beauty suggestions. And, so, this meets everyone’s needs, you will be provided with both casual and work/professional options, so that each look works for all lifestyles. In addition, as women, we like to seek inspiration and input from others - so as a participant, you will have access to an exclusive Daily Style Finds: What to Wear online community where you can ask style questions, share what you are wearing, and find more style inspiration.

You can get this for FREE if you are one of the first 5 readers to sign-up using the discount code (Code: mishapsandmayhem). 

 In addition, for all that register, you will have a chance to win $50 PayPal cash or a $50 Nordstrom Gift Card. If you are not quick enough to grab one of the first spots, you can still register for only $9.95. The ultimate goal of the series is to help you feel more confident, save time figuring out what to wear each day, and shop more wisely. And, of course, have FUN in the process.

Click HERE to register. Registration begins January 19, and the series will begin on February 1. This is sure to be a fun, new, and stylish adventure!
what to wear winter

I would love to have some of my readers join Lisa!  Please let me know in the comments below!  And get to know Lisa better {here!}

Friday, January 15, 2016

Three Day Weekend...Right Ahead!!

FRIDAY!!!!  It was an average, winter week.  Temps have really dipped to normal , so it's been super chilly.  I have retreated into my usual wintery, hermity self.  I made crockpot meals, have taken extra long, extra hot showers to warm up, and went to bed early a few nights!!  Here's few more faves from the week...

My New Planner!  I'm obsessed with my new Erin Condren life planner!  I bit the bullet and bought one right after Christmas, and received it last Friday.  The thing has been stuck to me like glue since.  I've had fun all week filling it in.  I got the original vertical layout, and find that even though there are no lines, it's perfect for me to map out home, work, and the blog!!

Loving my Crockpot! As I mentioned, this week had been super chilly.  Perfect for crockpot meals.  I've made to two this week and have another on tap for tomorrow, so I'm home when it cooks all day!!  I just love the clean eating crockpot meals that Casey cooks up!!

My free pint glasses arrived!  Back in December, I took a trip to North Carolina to visit my cousin for her gender reveal party! I wrote a Friday faves Post all about it here where I mentioned that I took a selfie and hashtagged it on Insta for two free pint glasses!  I was super excited to find them in my mailbox this week!!  So naturally I had to have a beer...but it went perfectly with my crockpot chili!  HA!!
One of my glasses and a crockpot meal!

Wednesday Nights on TVLand: So this weekend I discovered the show Younger on TVLand.  I spent Sunday binge-watching the entire first season in preparation for season 2 that started on Wednesday.  I am loving it.  It's a super, cute fun show!!  After that was the series premiere of the new comedy, Teachers.  Naturally I had to watch!!  I was HILARIOUS!!  Outlandish, yes but that's what makes it hilarious!  I laughed so hard.  it's now on season pass on my DVR!

And last but not least THIS!!!  So funny!!

Have a great weekend!
And don't forget to head on over to The Blended Blog
today to meet one of our faves, Carrie from Curly Crafty Mom!!

ICYMI: Have you been bitten by the billion dollar bug?

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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Have you been bitten by the billion dollar bug??

In just a few hours, the largest Powerball Jackpot drawing will take place.  1. 5 BILLION dollars! That's just CRAZYTOWN!!!!  I NEVER buy lottery tickets, I don't think I'm very lucky.  But because one of my co-workers put a pool together on Friday, I caved!  And again this week when the jackpot reached the billion dollar mark, I re-uped.

There has been a lot of chatter these last few days about what we'd do with the billion.  How would you spend it, would you still work, etc.  So I've been thinking about it a lot.

I said I would definitely still work.  When I'm on vacations from work, I always say that I'd be ok never working again, but in all honesty, I think I'd be bored...because everyone else I know, would be working. LOL  But I'd enjoy working part time.  Ideally, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday!

And I'd definitely take a lot of time of to travel the world.  Give me a month of beaches and margaritas!!

I'd of course pay off my mortgage and all my bills, and donate some to my favorite charities!

I'd do a lot of shopping too.  I don't think I'd be more extravagant.  My ass would still be shopping Target!!

And last but not least, I'd definitely get a driver!! :)

Oh to dream!!

My principal recently told us that the state lottery was created to provide money to schools.  I wonder where that all went awry.  And the fact that the government and the country takes more than half is ridiculous.  So the winner won't really be a billionaire, but rather a 5 hundred-ish millionaire!!

This was floating around Facebook this week....
And this is what wrong with the internet, but it's good for a laugh!  Every American would only get $4.33. With what the government takes, it'd be less!  It wouldn't even cover the U.S. population!

The odds of winning the Powerball tonight are 1 in 292,000,000.  HA!!  Nevertheless, my fingers are crossed!!

So did you play?  And what would you do with the money if you were the lucky winner?  Let me know in the comments below!!

Friday, January 8, 2016


It's finally Friday!!  Woo Hoo!!  The first week back is always rough and I feel like there was no easing into it....faculty meetings, changes in schedule, extra After Care, etc. made for a crazy week back!  I am so looking forward to a much need Wine Night tonight..

I mentioned in Monday's post that since I never blogged over the holidays, I'd recap my favorite "happenings" during the week!!  So that's what today's post is! 

The Christmas vacation is always busy! But of course, it was all good stuff!

Wednesday  (the 23rd) at noon I was officially on VACATION.  School ended at 11:30 and then we headed out for the faculty Christmas Lunch!  It was at a little Cafe in  town and was really yummy.  Lots of evidenced by these super cute menus made by my friend, Di, party planner at heart!!

After lunch it was off to the annual Cookies and Cocktails! We were down one this year with my sister Erin being off caroling at The Club"...excuse us!  But it was still fun!  Even mom actually made something this year!!  Ting-a-lings...which I had never even heard of but were freaking delish!
If you're wondering about my random "ugly sweater, read about it here!
More about our Cookies and Cocktails tradition is over at the The Blended Blog!

Christmas Eve at my house
I was once again hostess for Christmas Eve.  This time I thought I'd be less stressful to get dinner catered.  I thought's still stressful!!  HA!!  But the food was fabulous and everyone raved about it, so I was glad for that.  And I had lots of leftovers!  The night was so fun!  There was dinner, Christmas Karaoke, lots of laughs and wine to go around!!

Christmas Day in PJs! 
Enough said!! 

Christmas Dinner
Monday night I went out to dinner with two of my most favorite people.  Joanne is my teacher friend from my very first school and job.  I moved on from that school after 4 years, while Joanne has since retired.  But over the years we have made the effort to stay in touch and do lunches and dinners anytime we can on days off and over holidays.  Her husband often comes too.  We went to a fabulous dinner at what is becoming our favorite place.  Before I went here with them, I knew nothing about this little place in a store front.  But it is gorgeous and the food is outstanding!!  And I was so excited when I saw my Christmas gift from them....because Joanne said it would prove she reads the blog!!  Woo Hoo...a set of my favorite prosecco glasses!!  Read the blog she does!!  LOL
Love these two!! 

The Wineries!
Tuesday was the most fun, random day!!  I went out the the wineries with my mom and aunt.  My aunt belongs to a number of wine clubs and it saves on shipping if you go pick up the wine.  So we decided to make a day of it. And she hadn't been to the one place in a year so she came away with 12 bottles...It was a great time to go.  The weather was crappy, and not many people were out there, so we were able to get some personalized service.  We hit Three wineries (attempted a fourth but it was closed!) and the Vodka Distillery. We ended the night with dinner at the Meetball back home...where I had a beer (because why not?  I had everything else that day!)  We had lots of laughs!! It was just so much fun! 

New Year's Festivities
Thursday, Friday and Saturday was spent with my bestie, Mel!  We've spent 20+ New Year's Eve's together.  From when we were little and spent the nights at her aunt's house (where I learned to play roulette and race horses, at age 7...I think!) to now where we swap off the night at each other's houses.  There's been a few years in there that we didn't hang or went out, out and spent a boatload of money, but we've found that this is easiest and most fun!  After spending last new year's here, it was my turn to go to Mel's. She's so good, She decorated the house, had party favors and a spread out for like 10.  And it was just the two of us...and her two cats (the ONLY cats on this planet I will ever love!)  There was yummy food, lots of wine, and champagne, and a countdown to midnight!  Then the following night it was Family Dinner with Mel's side of the family, who are my family too!!

More bits and pieces...

I did a bit of cleaning up and a closet purge. I counted 47 pairs of dress pants in my closet.  That's what kind of started it off!  So I got rid of stuff.  I can still stand to lose some more, so I've joined Carrie's Challenge at A Lovely Little !  Check it out here!

I spent a fun afternoon with some teacher friends!  I love that we get together over the breaks too! They got their girls together for a playdate... I just sorta crash!  LOL

Sunday Funday was spent celebrating Dad's Birthday!  It was fun!!  And is really always the last of the holiday events for our family!  Now Mom and dad are back in Florida.  Away from this Winter weather that has finally reared it ugly head!

And then, just like that it was back to work...but we made it through!!  Enjoy the weekend!!

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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

A Few Christmas Week Looks!!

Well...I try to get in the spirit as far as my clothes are concerned over the holidays!  Most of the time it's for the fun of it all, so I thought I'd share some of the Christmassy looks I sported over the holidays!

Some teacher friends and I wear "ugly" sweaters to work on the day before the break. I wore this one last year!

This year's sweater I actually also bought last year, with the intention of wearing one, and returning one.  But I never returned this, so I was glad to have it for this year.  And now that I'm thinking about it, I guess if this tradition keeps up, I will have to get a new sweater each year!!  YIKES!!  I really wish my mom kept all those Christmas sweaters we all made fun of for years!!  I swear she had one for everyday of December!!

Looking at this, I'm realizing you can't really see the sweater!  Ugh...But I guess I dressed it up ok!

After school for this year's annual Cookies and Cocktails day, I wore the ugly sweater I finally got (after wanting for two years!!)  I didn't wear this one to school see, I teach in Catholic School and thought that perhaps I might get fired!!  HA!  But I so totally love it and it is the epitome of ugly!!  I also mentioned to my family that I thought ugly sweaters could be a new tradition for Cookies and Cocktails!!

Christmas day with my family is always fun!  We spend the day in our PJ's.  My pants I picked out last December 26th at the Nordstrom Half-Yearly sale and kept them specifically for Christmas day.  It took me a while longer to find a top that I liked and thought would match "good enough"!  This thermal I got on super sale at Old Navy!  I was super cozy in this for the day! (my socks matched nothing but are super cute santa socks with martinis on them...HA!)

Not only do you get me in get the whole family!!

The Monday after Christmas I went to dinner with a friend and her husband and chose to wear this.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this sweater and after wearing it last New Year's Eve, I haven't worn it at all. I liked this sweater a lot though and think this needs to get in rotation!!  Any day could really be a "Cheers" kinda day!!

I had a busy break but when I wasn't all decked out, I did spend lots of time in my blardigan and the new PJ pants my bestie Mel gave me for Christmas...just cozy!

Over the break, I relished the longer mornings spent in my PJ's sipping coffee and it a few pages of my book or the blogs!  So I thought I'd post this just for fun!!  It was an insta photo from the week. {Follow me here}

I hope you got a little time with family and a bit of relaxation during the holidays!!

Have a great Wednesday.....We've made it over the hump!!  :)

Linking up today!!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Back to Reality

Back to reality!

Well, the new year is here! The holidays are a memory, Christmas vacation is over and after a day at feels as though there was no break at all!!

This was me yesterday morning!

But part of me must have been ready to be back at work, because I was up at 4:30! Ugh....

I took a bit of a blog break over these holiday weeks. Not really intentional. I actually did a lot over the break and really couldn't fit it in. And I didn't schedule anything, so it just didn't happen. I'm thinking my Friday post will have to be a top five of the things I did over break, as my recap!

But the New Year is always a time to start anew...look at this year ahead with a fresh set of eyes and reflect back on the year that was. I am not very good a keeping resolutions and even some of the goals I made for myself last year, I didn't end up sticking to! So this year I thought I'd make some non-resolutions. Things I am going to try NOT to do in 2016. I chose three, because I think that's realistic!

  1. I'm not going to set 7 alarms in the morning! Because to be honest, I even think that ridiculous! LOL...but I'm easing into it. I've cut back to three. And I am going to try not to snooze as much! I think I might do ok with this. More often then not these days, I'm getting up before the alarm.

  1. I am really going to try to cut back on the consumption of alcohol....
    I posted this to my facebook page the other day because it was so funny and so me these past two weeks! These holidays, man, it's just so easy to keep drinking, because it's vacation!! It might be good for the heart, but I guess I don't REALLY NEED a glass of red wine EVERYDAY!! I'm going to reserve drinking for nights with friends and #TGIT. This might work too....because I seem to be running out. And right now, I don't have the money to replenish! I figure I better spend the money I do have on on food!!

  1. I am going to try not to shop online as much. Last year I mentioned that I was going on a no-shopping ban! It wasn’t a total and complete failure! I did pretty good until about April....then, like Mel said...I fell off the wagon....HARD!! But after my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year, I realized something!! I don't really need another thing!! In all honesty, I don't. I can live with all the clothes and things that I already have. So that's what I am going to do! I'm going to delete sale emails, resist the urge to click on links in blogs and cut back and cancel some of my monthly clothes subscriptions. I even hid some store credit cards! My bills this month let me know that this is much needed!

What are your goals or non-resolutions for 2016? Share them with me in the comments below! Hope this is your best year yet!