Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday Moments

The world is filled with the smallest things to be grateful for , if we just take the time to look.  Here are some of the small things I'm grateful for...

I kind of feel like a loser when I don't have anything to do on a weekend!  I've mentioned before...I go to extremes.  Either I have something everyday, or absolutely nothing at all.  This past weekend was one of those "nothing at all weekends"!  (I swear, some of my neighbors probably think I'm agoraphobic!)  But I realized I was grateful for it!  I was able to do the things that I wanted to do.  Which at some points was nothing at all!  I was able to catch up on house chores, made myself a nice dinner in the crockpot, and read.  I also binge watched the entire first season of Fuller House too!  And I know I'm not alone! :)

Saturday night I was also able to "hangout" with some of my friends from The Blended Blog!  We had a google hangout, complete with girl talk and wine...a virtual girls' night in, if you will....for almost two hours. I'm grateful to have these ladies in my life and am grateful for the friendships and collaborations we have formed.  They inspire me to want and work for more for my blog...and I am grateful for that.

And speaking of The Blended Blog...Head on over there today to check out our favorite posts of the month from our individual blogs and meet our newest contributors, Abbie and Andrea!!

And last but not least, I am super grateful that my pinky finger is not broken...just sprained I think!  And really ugly, yellow and black and blue! (I thought about posting a pic but I will spare you!!)   But the swelling's gone down and I'm still using it, so there's that!  I won't go in to detail, but when you walk everywhere and you're me...sometimes you takes a tumble!  Especially on a super windy day (your actually flying!) and hair and blanket scarves cloud your view!!  Hahahahaha

Have a great week all!!  And thanks to Shaunacey for hosting such a fun, thought-provoking link up!!  Go check out what she's grateful for this week and link up too!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

ICYMI...this week on the blog!

It's time for the week that was on the blog!  Some fun posts were up this week...take a peek!!!

I linked up with my blog bud Shaunacey again on Monday for Monday Moments for Gratitude!  I am just loving looking back on my weeks with grateful eyes, rather than the all to often critical, crabby ones!! Check it out here and link up this Monday!!

I called Tuesday, Teacher Tuesday!  I posted some funny Kid Quotes from students!  Some days these kids makes me laugh, sometimes aggravate me, and melt my heart all at the same time!

Wednesday I took a blog break!  But I will be back posting on Wednesdays, starting March 2nd!!  The Blended Blogis hosting a Style Perspectives Link Up, that you won't want to miss!  Link up with us Wednesday and show us how you style your outwear!!
No blog? No Problem!!  Just Hashtag #theblendedblogstyle on twitter, facebook, insta and google+, too!!

Thursday I got a jumpstart on the weekend and my Friday 5 goodness!  After the first week back I just couldn't wait!  LOL  Check out some of my faves from the week here!

Friday I linked up , Alison for her Reading Lately series!  I shared all mt February reads!!  And I'm not going to 3 books for the month had me high-fiving myself (even if it's nowhere near the epic amount Alison reads in a month!  #jealous

Thanks for visiting and keeping up with the Mishaps and Mayhem this week!!  Enjoy this last weekend of February!!!  


Friday, February 26, 2016

A February full of reading!!

Hard to believe this month is already coming to an end!!  That's just crazy!!  But it was a whirlwind!  Filled with lots to do and still, due to the bone-chilling temps and cold weather, lots of downtime, too! Which I used to read!  Linking up with my bloggy buddy, Alison for Reading Lately, to share my February reads! {Find my January book review here!}

If I have to sum up my February reading, I guess it would be a lot of single girl, solitary life reads!  I suppose these are all under the category of self-help!  So I'm sure you can just imagine what my Amazon recommendations look like now!  HA!

I started the month reading Maybe He's Just an Asshole!  Ha!  It was a kinda like a parody of He's Just Not that into You.  It was really funny and filled with lots of good tips.  I actually highlighted a lot...LOL.  Super simple read.  I was able to read it over two days, but it was probably just hours worth!  I took it with a grain of salt, nothing set in stone, obviously, and just laughed a lot. Unfortunately in one or two of the scenarios I did she myself...(wah!!)  But I do know there are a bunch of assholes out there, so you win some, you lose some!

I wanted to finish the book because I wanted to start meynext one, so I brought it to school to read on my preps and during lunch.  But that required some creativeness!!

I follow The Single Woman Mandy Hale on Social Media and read her first book The Single Woman last year! I really enjoyed it!  It is filled with lots of great stories and faith!  My favorite quote from The Single Woman is this one....

I knew her third book was coming out this month and wanted to read her second, I've Never Been to Vegas, but My Luggage Has before it did!  I liked Vegas a lot.  It was filled with more stories of her life and dating and basically focused on a relationship that she had for many years, that she found it hard to let go off.  At times, I rooted for her, but at other times I found myself wanting to yell at Like...please don't go back to him again!!  But I really liked this!! And it made me excited for her next book!!

Beautiful Uncertainty (also by Mandy Hale) pretty much picked up where Vegas left off!  This one was really faith-filled and focused on helping the reader be a better you.  Wanting to embrace the uncertainty of life and give it all up to God!  I am really trying to do that.  Sometimes I lose my way in my faith, and in the past have found it difficult to give it all to God.  Mandy is so strong in her faith and the signs she gets from God are unbelievable to me.  I want to be as strong in my own faith and relationship with God.

To help me with this, I have been participating in the  Best Lent Ever.{I've talked about it here and here on the blog!}  It is an email  program created by author Matthew Kelly and is based on his book, Rediscovering Jesus.  Each day participants receive daily emails and videos filled with insights from Matthew based on a chapter of the book.  40 chapters, one for each of the 40 days of Lent leading up to Easter.  I am loving it and getting so much out of it.  I am really reflecting on the questions and spending time each day in the classroom of silence.  The book is not a requirement, but I am reading it too!  I'm learning that there's nothing that I can do that Jesus won't be willing to forgive me for...even reading a book with asshole in the title this month!! :)

I am in the middle of another book right now that I really hope to finish this weekend! It's the first pick in my brand new book club and the book club is getting together next Friday!!  I will post a review and let you know how our first meeting went, next month!!

Have a great weekend and Happy Reading!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Final Friday of February?! What????

Well, as far as first weeks back from break go, this one wasn’t too terrible!  It went fairly quick and wasn’t my typical long of a week.  Here are some of the highlights!

The Wine Guy!  I checked an item off my Long Island Bucket List Sunday!  I made it to The Wine Guy!  LOL.  And it was just as fabulous as I thought it’s be.

A new mirror!!  I’ve been wanting a leaner mirror forever!  And I finally got one!! YAY!!  I am really happy with it.  I found it at an affordable cost and on sale, so I couldn’t pass it up!!  I am really happy with it!  I have gotten away from blogging about my outfits because I just wasn’t happy with my pictures, but now that’s all going to change. Thanks to my new mirror and The new Style Perspectives Series that The Blended Blog is running all spring!  So excited about it.  Get ready to link up your interpretations with us too, beginning next week!!

National Margarita Day!  I went into this week, thinking I wouldn’t drink at all after indulging so much while I was home last week.  But since Monday was National Margarita Day, I partook!  I have quesadillas every other day anyway, might as well enjoy them with a drink drink since the day called for it!! ;)

New Erin Condren Covers I have expressed my love for my Erin Condren Life Planner many times on the blog since getting it in January!  Some might even say I’m a little bit obsessed!  And this might prove that to be true!  I took advantage of a Buy One Get One Sale for Interchangeable covers for my planner!  I figured now with three covers, each one could be on an average of four months throughout the year and this way I won’t get bored with any!!  Loving this one, because as my sister said, it describes ME!  

Fuller House Premieres!!
Today’s the day!!  Fuller House Finally premieres on Netflix.  No judgement if I have no plans at all this weekend but to binge-watch!!  Sooooo excited!!!!

Have an awesome weekend!!

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Teacher Tuesdays: Kid Quotes

Thought today I'd do another teacher post....Teacher Tuesdays if you will!!

This year I've been trying to write down the cute, funny things I hear my students say to me or overhear them talking about with their classmates!  They always make me smile!!

One thing that every teacher is required to do,  is a lunch duty.  Being the librarian, I'm a floater, so basically everyday I'm somewhere new!  One day in the third grade class, I heard a boy singing...

"Nobody can drag me down...whoohoo...nobody can drag me down".  So I asked, "Is that Justin Bieber?" to which the kid responded, "No it's Kidz Bop 31"

Hahahahahahahahahaha....made my day!!

Student: When the Combat Handbook comes back, can you put it in the holds?
Me: I'll try to remember friend!
Student: Here's a tip...write yourself a note!
{Fresh or cute?!?  The more I think about it the more I'm leaning toward Fresh!!}

Sometimes in library when students finish their checkout assignment early they can then read their book quietly.  One day a Kindergarten girl was reading Arthur's Neighborhood.  It's a lift the flap book and one of the pictures shows a character walking into D.W's room while she getting undressed (a privacy thing!), so they just loved that.  When they came up to show me, I made a joke...D.W's in her undies!?!  What!?  So they laugh and forget about it.  Then I overheard...."Boys and girls can not be together when they're  naked!!  No they can NOT!!  It gave me a chuckle!!  Then another girl came up to tell me that book was crude.  I was taken aback...and slightly impressed that she knew the meaning of the word crude.  And I thought...not my Arthur!!!

Every so often in after care, there's this third grader who will belt out "What's Going On" by 4 Non Blondes.  I love it!  She sings really well and it surprises me that she even knows that song. I remember loving this when I was in Middle School! {And who knew the song was called What's up!!??}

One of my faves...
"Look Miss Mitchell!  I can flick my ears, And they won't ever come off! Because God made them to stick!!" -E, a little Pre-Ker who just made me smile so big!!

This next quote is probably the funniest ever.

In the computer lab the tables are set up in rows.  Like this.....
I log in the younger students myself, so I have to go down the rows.  One day as I was logging in, I asked a child to move in so I could get by.  And I always say...Can you please scuch in...Miss Mitchell's not that skinny!  The one student turned to her friend and with the most deadpan face says "she's not!"  I just couldn't hold back the laughter!!

But on a day like that , I still get the little kinders who every time they see me, scream my name like I'm a rock star, rush up and tackle me with hugs and tell me they love it's a win-win!!
Just today, a little Kinder boy, said to me..."I just love you so, so much!"  And then I become  a big ol' mess!! And think to myself... these are my kids!  If I am having an impact on even one child for the better...then I'm good!!

Because in a job like this, it's the little things!  The laughs, the songs, the stories...that the kids and I will all remember!! 

Thanks for indulging me in a little Teacher Talk today!!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Monday Moments of Gratitude

Linking up with Shaunacey again today for Monday Moments of Gratitude.    I am really enjoying this.  It's forcing me to really take a good hard look at the things around me and enjoy them a little more rather than take them for granted, like I too often do. Check out my first Monday Moments of Gratitude post  

And yay for Shaunacey and her new blog name!!  Love it!!

There was much to be grateful for this week...

With my birthday on Tuesday, I am really grateful for all the people in my life.  From family, to friends, to coworkers, blog readers and so many more, leaving me birthday wishes, I was blown away. It was a great day...made even more special by the people around me!

I am super grateful my mom left the 60 degree Florida weather to come up here and spend my birthday with me.  It was so nice spending time with her this week.  But I told her next year for my birthday, I'll come to her!!  LOL

I was also grateful for the few days off.  I got to spend them with some of my favorite people, extending my birthday celebrations and was able to see friends (and sweet babies!)  I hadn't seen in awhile!  That's always lots of fun and laughs!!

And lastly...for the sunshine!  It seems to be getting warmed every time it's out... and with it, the landscapers at my place!  Them being here already must mean Spring isn't too far off!!  Bring it on!!

Friday, February 19, 2016

It's Friday...and I'm not happy about it!

Because this Friday is the last day of Winter Break (a definite fave!!)  It was a super fun week!! Here are some of the highlights...

VDay in My PJs!  I've been following Matthew Hussey on You Tube ever since I saw him on a segment on the Today Show awhile back.  He's kinda like a coach for singles...and author.  But I kinda like most that he's hot. LOL  He threw a 2 hour Google Hangout on Sunday called VDay in My PJ's.  The requirements were PJs and I thought why not? I actually really enjoyed myself!!  He had some really good tips, was really funny, empowering and positive!!  
Made a yummy dinner too!!

Crepes: Monday I had my first ever taste of yummy!!  Where have I been??  We have a new crepe and rice pudding bar in my town and I went to lunch with friends there on Monday!  A cute and different place!  I will definitely going back to try all the crepes on their list!!  :)

Birthday Fun: On Tuesday I turned 36.  I blogged about it here. When the calendar turned to February, I wasn't really overly excited about the prospect of turning 36, but as the day grew closer, I thought YAY!  I had a really great day!  I received so many birthday messages on the blog, FB and instagram.  I got calls and texts from people I didn't even know knew it was my birthday.  I had a great night with my mom (who came home from FL to spend the day with me) and sisters!! And I've been having birthday celebrations ever since!  So fun!!  Also...I just wanna give a huge shout-out to new The Blended Blog contributor (and my new favorite person ever), Abbie, for thinking I looked 28!  Hahahaha....thanks Abbie!!

The Month of ME continues...

Adele on Ellen!!  Adele was on the Ellen Degeneres Show yesterday and it was THE BEST!!!  If you didn't see it, totally catch it On Demand!!  You'll laugh, you'll'll love it!!  This is just one of the clips!!  I couldn't find the scene at Jumba Juice but that's hilarious too!!

There's lots more snapshots from the week on Insta {here}

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

36 is....

36 is...the age I am today!!

So I thought I'd share 36 things about me.

 I got this idea from Vanessa at X-tremely-V.  Get ready for a whole bunch of random!!

I was supposed to be born in April.

Being premature, I developed Cerebral Palsy that's visible when I walk. So I rocked these a while as a kid...

I am the youngest of four girls.

I cried everyday in Kindergarten.

I pretty much hated every single day of my first year in college! But was so happy I stuck it out...the last three years were a blast and a half...from what I remember at least!!;)

Having a February birthday means that there might be a blizzard on your birthday and you'll have to cancel your birthday party...but one friend and your 3rd grade teacher will still come!!  And it will end up being your most memorable birthday ever!

I share a birthday with my little cousin.  He's 25 today!

I wear glasses (or am supposed to!)

I am from New York but love the Boston Red Sox.

Three of my favorite places are Boston, Nashville, and Emerald Isle (NC)

I am not really an animal person...but animals seem to like me!

Somedays all I drink is coffee and wine.

I have no problem dining alone in public.

I still eat Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch (and will forever!)

I've known my best friend longer than I've known anybody...32 years! (or is it 33 now?! LOL)

I don't drive

The first sleepover I attended was in fifth grade.  There were numerous attempts at them in the years before that, but I always cried and called my mom to come pick me up!

I hoard shoes under my desk at work.

Love Actually is my favorite movie..but I've seen Speed almost 100 times!

I prefer texting over talking on the phone.

I love what I do, but at least three times a day I dream about retiring to Mexico!

I record Jimmy Fallon every night.

I just stopped watching General Hospital, after keeping up with it for more than 25 joke!!

My favorite color is Kelly Green...

I'm an Irish girl after all!

Country music is my favorite!

Kenny Chesney is my man!!

Some months my credit card bill is more than my mortgage.

I'd eat sushi everyday if I could!!

I fully intend to be buried with Humphrey Peter.

I've never been in love...except with shoes, clothes and handbags, of course!!

There are at least a dozen books on my shelves I've never read. ;)

Summer is my favorite season.

Having a tan puts me in a better mood!

I'm alone a lot but I'm never lonely. {Some people don't get this!}

I make it a point to laugh and smile everyday!

Well...there ya have it!  36 is rough!!  LOL

Hope you all have a great day...I know I will!  :)

Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Moments of Gratitude

I've been loving my bloggy buddy, Shaunacey's posts, Monday Moments of Gratitude.  And have been wanting to write one for a while and link up!  Today's the day.  Here are a few things I'm particularly grateful for these days!!

The quiet time spent reading and reflecting while participating in my Best Lent Ever.
Best Lent Ever

A sister who can cook! 
My sister and nieces came to spend Friday night with me and we had an early birthday celebration.  I was so glad with my sister came with her grocery bags.  She wanted to make me dinner rather than go out, because it was so cold.  I was secretly hoping she would choose this.  Because she's a great cook, it always something healthy, different and something I've never eaten! On Friday's menu...zucchini pasta with shrimp and scallops! I thoroughly enjoyed it and there were plenty of leftovers!! Regretting I didn't take a pic!  

Friends who make it a point to stay in touch.
I have been teaching at my school now for ten years.  Before I was there I was at another school for just 4.  In those 4 years I made a life long friend in Joanne.  She stayed at my first school until she retired about 5/6 ago.  On every day off we try to get together for lunch. Often times her sweet husband will come along.  I just love them both.  We have so much fun eating good food gossipping and laughing!!  Can't wait to see them today!
Christmas dinner!

Cancelled plans
I was looking forward to spending this weekend with my best friends. Celebrating birthdays and promotions, eating some good food, drinking lots and having a big ol' slumber party.  But on Saturday morning we got a text that my friend had the stomach virus.  Boooo!  So our plans were off. This was probably a blessing in disguise though, as this weekend was the coldest it's ever been (with wind chills of -40!)  And walking to train stations, and waiting on platforms and walking the streets of Huntington would not have been a good idea.  I was happy to be in my cozy house where I just listened to the wind whip outside and prayed that I didn't lose power...because, ya know, now that my plans were cancelled, I had no plans but to watch tv.  Oh and it also gave me the chance to cook my Hello Fresh meal!

Texts that make me laugh.  
Which I can't really share here!  LOL It's probably no surprise that I'm more of a texter than I am a talker!!  And sometimes I just read texts from my friend and laugh my head off!!  And that just makes me happy!! Cause even on the days when I don't see another living soul, I still find reasons to laugh!

Have a great Monday!!

Saturday, February 13, 2016

This week on the blog....

Hope you're all having a great weekend!!

In case you missed it, I'm rewinding the week on the blog!!

Sunday I actually blogged, which was rare!  LOL...but hey!  It was Super Bowl Sunday after all!!

Monday I shared my Long Island Bucket List.  Sometimes I take this place I live for granted!!

Tuesday it was another round-up of It's Ok!!  I have so much fun putting these posts together.

Wednesday I shared what Love is through the eyes of some of my students!!  Check it out for some sweet, honest answers!

Thursday I took a blog break! :)

Friday it was the usual Friday Faves up on the blog!  It was a good week!!  :)

Have a great weekend!!!  Make it fabulous!!  And Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Faves

Some faves from this week!!

An unexpected 4-day weekend!! Last Friday we were hit with more snow round her so we had a snow day! I was actually bummed about because I was looking forward to the end of Catholic Schools Week Teacher Luncheon! And then on Sunday night we woke up to more snow!! Just Crazy!! So now all our snow days have been used. Fingers crossed Mother Nature is good to us for the rest of the year. I don't want to be going to school until July 4th!!  But on the upside there was this...
so it was a good day!!!

Booking a trip to Florida for May! YAY!! I am looking forward to the annual ( I guess it's an annual thing now!  LOL) Mother's Day trip down to see my parents! I was waiting for the prices to drop but I guess the fare I booked at is as good as it's going to get and I didn't want to wait anymore! You can read all about last year's trip here!

The return of TGIT! So EXCITED!! It has seriously been FOREVER!!! So tonight it's wine, friends, and TGIT!

Best Lent Ever! Last Sunday I went to Mass at one of my school's regional parishes. It was a great Mass! I loved the priest, his homily and the fact that the choir rocked out with guitars, a keyboard and tambourine! As I was reading the bulletin when I got home I noticed an ad for an email/video program called Best Lent Ever. It' s based on a book, called Rediscover Jesus, which my friend at work had told me about. I thought it sounded interesting and would be a great way to help me grow in faith this Lent. I really do need to rediscover Jesus in my life these days!! I have only been doing it three days but am thoroughly enjoying it.

Posted this photo to Instagram on Ash Wednesday!  I got this fortune on Tuesday when the Kindergarten class was celebrating Chinese New Year.  It really hit home with me on Ash Wednesday as I embark on the #BestLentEver!
Follow Me on Instagram here!!

Favorite Comments! My Wednesday post this week was titled Love is...
With Valentine's Day approaching I asked some students to tell me what Love is to them. They gave me honest thoughtful answers! I loved that when my friend Deena commented on the post, she included the response her son gave when she asked him the same.

Willis (Grade 3) said: Someone who cares for each other and they look out for each other.  It's when you like, I don't know, go on date??

 I loved his sweet answer and loved that my post was able to spark conversation among the two of them!!

Cute! Cute!!  Thanks for sharing Willis!!!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!!!


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