Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Dinner and....Drinks!

I'm so excited The Blended Blog has started Tasty Tuesdays and is doing a progressive dinner blog hop!  It's so fun and different! Thanks for stopping by today! How yummy did everyone's courses sound!?!?

Was there any doubt that I would be the one providing the drinks?!?  I'm getting a reputation here I think! HA!

If I'm being honest here, I am not one to mix drinks...and by mix I mean going from one to the next to the next, mixing alcohols. Like starting with a prosecco, switching to a red, and ending the night with a martini is no bueno for me.  If I have an after dinner drink with everyone, like a Bailey's on the rocks, that's about as much as I can mix.  I like to start with a drink and stick to it.  And if I was going to pick an drink that goes with Leslie's comfort food, I'd definitely go with wine.  A bottle of wine is so fun and easy to share with your special someone or a group of friends.

I thought I'd share wines today that pair well with chicken and would totally compliment Leslie's chicken pot pie.  Chardonnay is most often paired with chicken, but a white like pinot grigio, would totally work as well.  More often than not, I'm a red girl. So I'd pair a lighter pinot noir with the Pot Pie.   I'm not your typical, strict wine drinker...if I like it, I'll drink it!  But I would admit that a lighter wine is better with Pot Pie and will help offset the deliciousness of the flavors.

I am no wine expert.  I actually most often go on the recommendations of my "wine guy" aka my brother-in-law! I call him my wine guy because he picks up wine for me at this heaven on earth he lives by...a wine warehouse with THE BEST prices, call The Wine Guy. ( We might not be able to buy wine in the grocery store here yet, but we have a Wine Guy and right now that will suffice!)

And just because I wanted to include something fun, I thought I'd share this martini.  It's good, either before the meal or after...for a treat!  If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed that my new fave is RumChata.  When I told a co-worker this fact, she told me about this drink!  It's definitely a treat...

one part rumchata
one part caramel vodka (I used salted caramel!)
a splash of cream/half and half
Shake vigorously over ice, strain into martini glass and enjoy!


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Christmas Wishlist: Ponchos + Link Up!

Happy to be back posting today for The Blended Blog's Wednesday Fashion Linkup!

I've been seeing ponchos all over the place lately.  And not those silly just "wear out in the rain ponchos", but rather the "totally in style, fabulous looking sweatery" ponchos! All my coworkers seem to have one, strangers I pass on the street, my sister, etc. ! It's got me thinking.... I need to get in on this!

I never thought I would try the trend for myself because I am short and didn't ever want it to overwhelm me.  But the more I see them, the more I feel like I need one!!  As I sit her typing this in my school's freezing cold library and hear the wind whipping outside, I really wish I was wrapped up in a cozy poncho!  *Any teacher friends, who might be reading this, please don't tell the principal I blogged at school!  HA!  But, it is my lunch half hour, so I can use it as I wish!*  A poncho is probably more acceptable than my blardigan at work.  So naturally, when I see something I may like, I begin scoping out a few online!  Here are a few of my faves!

This first poncho is from one of my favorite online retailers, I've mentioned a few times here on the blog, Gray Monroe.  I like that it's plaid, and like half slit (different!) and looks somewhat fitted, as to not overwhelm me!
Check out the Issac Poncho here!

Fellow TBB buddy and blog friend, Lisa has posted numerous ponchos on her blog the past few weeks and that is one of the reasons, too, why I feel like I need one.  She posted this one here and I just loved it, but didn't pull the trigger on it.  I think I may need it though!!

This one from Old Navy looks really fun as well!  And is super affordable.  Actually all these are ponchos that won't break the budget!  So for me that's great!

It's really hard to decide!  I'm hoping the black friday sales will help me decide.  And I may include one of these on my Secret Santa list.  In my family, we buy presents for the kids and do Secret Santa with just the adults!  A poncho just might make the perfect addition to my list!

Have you tried the poncho trend?  Do you own and poncho or have on you love?  Let me know about it in the comments below!

Wishing everyone a fabulous Thanksgiving!  Be comfortable!!  LOL

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Favorite Kitchen Gadgets

Happy Tuesday, Ya'll! I know you can hardly believe that I am posting today about my favorite kitchen gadgets!  Ha!  But I am. I couldn't miss out on this blog hop with my TBB friends!!

 Now that I'm cooking more with Hello Fresh, I'm getting to know my way around the kitchen!  And I actually have a lot of kitchen faves!  I am excited to share some them with you today!  How fun were Sarah's? I have added a few of those to my list!  Thanks for stopping by from Sarah's blog!  I'm so happy to have you!

My Kitchen Aid mixer is my oldest Kitchen gadget!  Can I even call it that?  It's more like an appliance!!  And to be honest, I probably now only use it a half dozen times a year, but I got it more than 10 ago on super sale, so I absolutely could not pass it up!  And because I felt it was just something I should have! I know I'll have it for LIFE!

Apple slicer: This is definitely a fave!  Apples are a go to snack.  And since I always enjoy them with a scoop of peanut butter, I always slice them up.  This slicer is really inexpensive and easy to use, though with some apples I will say, you need to use your muscles!!  HA!
Mine has pink handles of course! :)

This Pampered Chef chopper is my most used kitchen gadget! it's quick, easy and a must have for slicing onions!  No more tears!!

My Quesadilla Maker gets a workout at least once a week!  Sometimes twice...sometimes five!  I received mine from my friend as a house warming gift when I moved into my first apartment four years ago and it's still going strong!!

Above when I mentioned that my slicer was my most used gadget, I totally lied!  How could I forget about the best gadget ever invented?!?!  MY ELECTRIC WINE OPENER!!!!!  It's my most favorite. And I know I get made fun of for having it a lot from my brother-in-law, who I consider to be a wine connoisseur, but I don't care!!!  I love it!!
What are some of your fave kitchen gadgets? Let me know in the comments below!  Now head on over to see what Lana's picked as her kitchen favorites!

Monday, November 21, 2016

5 Ways to be Better at Being Alone

I'm spending this Monday over at The Blended Blog with my post in  our Self Help series.  I figured since I spend so much time alone, I'd share how I got so good at it! LOL

Would love it if you hopped on over there today.  Thanks for the love and have a great Monday.  It's a short week...WE GOT THIS!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I'm Guest Posting Today!

While my fellow The Blended Blog Contributor and blog friend Whitney is off in CHINA (!!!!)  she asked me to guest post on her blog today!!  I'd love it if you'd head on over and give it a read!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

A Low Key Friendsgiving!

I can't even believe I am writing this post!  So hard to believe that Thanksgiving is right around the corner!  Am I the only one asking myself, "Where has the year gone?"

For the past two years, my two best friends and I have been celebrating Friendsgiving.  It's always at my place and always a lot of fun.  Typically, Mel cooks the turkey and Kerri and I make the apps and desserts.

After two years of hard work turkey making, Mel asked if it'd be ok if we switched things up a bit, and made something simpler...like baked ziti!  Kerri and I were all for it.  Because really all that matters is that we're together. Kerri and Mel are Girl Scout leaders for Addison's troop and had a meeting on the same day, so Mel couldn't get here at her usual 11 a.m. to start cooking. And to be honest, every year we have so many leftovers! We were due for a change I suppose!!

Oh but the turkey wan't the only major change!  Chris, Kerri's husband didn't make it either!  He called to request off and was denied.  To say both he, and we were disappointed, is an understatement. So an All-Girls Friends giving it was!!

And we still had a great time!  We spent the day eating, talking laughing, dancing, hunting for turkeys, playing Turkey Trivia and making some fun crafts.  Addie and I baked cookies for dessert but I totally forgot to make the pumpkin dip and we forgot to eat Kerri's Pumpkin Bread...but we still had our fill of Pumpkin with all the beers we drank during the day!!  HA!! There were even a few super competitive rounds of Zingo to be had , too!  It was a fun day as always!  A bit different from our typical Friendsgiving, but more relaxed which was good.  After everyone left for the night. I took stock of things.  I looked around at all the food, games and things strewn about, poured myself a glass of wine and sat down to make my Grateful List, at the top of which are these girls!  And Chris, too of course!!

Some fun photos from our day!

 Turkey Trivia! 

Fun with Photo Booth Props

Turkey Hunting in full effect!  

 There's always time for a dance Party in Aunt Katie's Living Room...then we need to recharge with cookies!!!

Another memorable Friendsgiving in the books!  Until next year...

Read all about the fun we've had during Friendsgiving's past here:

Have a great week!!!

Friday, November 11, 2016

A Lazy Friday Five

Happy Friday!  Giving this Friday Fave thing a whirl again!  :)

//ONE// For me, and you too I hope, It's been a short week!  We are off form school today in honor of Veterans Day!  Hug and thank a Vet today.  Clearly this is my first fave!  HA!  Because we are off I am spending the day with all my sisters and nieces and nephews to celebrate the birthday of two very special girls who turn 13 on Sunday!! It's going to be a fun day!
Happy Birthday to these TEENAGERS!!

//TWO// I'm a little late in posting my five today because I was not at all feeling well yesterday! My head is a bowling ball and my nose is a facet  I came home from work, hopped in my pj's and lounged on the couch all night.  Before bed (early) I took a swig of Nyquil and will venture to say I had the best sleep of the last three weeks.  I'm not 100% yet but have a big day ahead that I know I can get though. THANK YOU NYQUIL!!

//THREE// Last night I laid on the couch, binge-watching The Walking Dead.  So many people have told me to start watching it, I decided on Sunday I would.  I was a little skeptical about it at first, because The Walking Dead and blood and guts are not my thing.  But seriously, it's so much more than that!!  I am flying through it.  Sadly, I am already on season 4, so you can probably guess the state of my week!! #solitarylifeprobs  Highly recommend!!

//FOUR// This week I got another order of Gray Monroe in the mail! and just LOVE everything I got!!  If you saw my Wednesday fashion post, you know my love for this sweater runs deep!  HA!! I've never been disappointed in Gray Monroe! Shop Gray Monroe here! 

//FIVE// And last but not least, this week was Election Day in America.  I'm never one to join in the political conversations, but can venture to say, whatever your choice, it's pretty clear that the entire country is in dire straits at the moment and in need of peace. I saw this on Facebook on Wednesday and thought I'd share it here.  Fr. Rob is definitely one of my faves for sure!!

Have a wonderful Weekend!

Linking up with Erika today!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

A new favorite for SURE!!

So, so so excited to share my Fall Favorite Find for The Blended Blog's link up, because seriously, I got it two days ago and have been living in it and already have a half dozen other places I plan on wearing it this November.  A few week's back I shared my love for Gray Monroe with this post!.  And I am so happy to tell you that this is a Gray Monroe find as well!!  I just LOVE it!  It's sweater- poncho-y fabulousness!!

The windows in my library (because yes, I actually had a teacher friend take my photo!  HA!) picked up most of the light, so this is not a great photo and does not do the sweater the justice it deserves, but it's a start.  Find a better pic and the link to all the sweater's details here.

This was my picture day outfit!  featuring booties I mentioned in last week's style post!  I got so many compliments on this look!  Kinda makes a blah Tuesday better!!

Can't wait to see all the other looks in today's link up!  And if you like what you see and want to give Gray Monroe a try, shop my affiliate link here!  Let me know what you think!!

Now get to linkin' ladies!!  :)  Head on over to The Blended Blog to link up with us today!!

Have a great Wednesday...have fun and look fabulous!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

November Style Series Series with TBB!

Happy November Ya'll!  Hard to believe that the year is coming to a close!  The month of November is always a fun one!  It's really the kick off to the end of year festivities.  With that in mind, I'm joining my friends at The Blended Blog and linking up for our November Style Series, highlighting our favorite fall fashion finds!  This fall, for me, it's definitely BOOTIES!!  I love the ones that are fun, lower healed (because I can actually walk in them!), and love that they can be dressed up or down!!  I tried the trend a little bit last fall with these wine-colored stunners, but truth be told, being the color they were I didn't get much use out of them.
I have to find more to wear them with!  Or be bolder I suppose!!

These past few weeks I've loaded up on a few pairs I know I'll get a ton of use out of!

This perforated pair are my new faves.  Love the color and the slouch in the front!
Get a closer look at them here!

I thought these booties with the zipper detail were a lot of fun too, so naturally I bought them!!
Get a closer look at them here!

And these!!  These are so super cute....and I am not ashamed to admit I got them at PAYLESS!!  LOL  Comfy and go with so much!!  And after writing this post, I might've got these in black too!  HA!

I always say that I never buy anything unless I have an idea of where I can wear it, thus justifying my purchases! After getting those booties last fall and not wearing them much I got all of these knowing what I would wear them with, so in the coming weeks I hope to showcase them more on the blog with some more of my favorite fall finds!!  So stay tuned!!

Link up you favorite fall fashions with us today!!