Monday, October 16, 2017

Fall Favorites: Food and Drink

Happy Monday!  Back to blogging today to link up with The Blended Blog!  On tap for today is Favorite  Fall Food and Drinks.  Mine??????

Pumpkin Ale....THE END!

Pretty much in all seriousness, pumpkin ale is it for me.  I've never been a pumpkin spice latte girl!  When the air turns crisp and it's time for Fall, there's nothing better than a Pumpkin Ale, on Sunday Funday watching the game, or any day in between really.  And even though I have my faves,  my quest to try every pumpkin ale is ON!!

Another fun drink I love but don't indulge in nearly as much is a Pumpkin Martini.  I have these with my mom on Thanksgiving...and maybe while she's putting up my Christmas tree for me we drink them together.

Being the "drinks" girl of The Blended Blog....not to be confused for the "drunk" girl of TBB, I actually posted some of my favorite fall drink recipes over there this time last year!!  You can find them here!

Oh wait...I got carried away with the drinks!  I forgot I was supposed to talk about food too!! 

Hmmmm....Favorite Fall Foods!
Once the cold weather hits, I really like to make chili in the crockpot. That really screams Fall to me.  The crockpot is a staple in my  kitchen in the fall!

And for dessert, it's gotta be pumpkin pie!!

What are some of your favorite Fall treats?  Let me know in the comments below!  And head on over to The Blended Blog to link up with us today!

And get set to link up with us next week...when we give a sneak peek inside our homes to see how they're decked out for the Fall!

Monday, October 2, 2017

TBB Asks: Fall Edition!

Anyone who knows me knows that I'm a die hard summer girl.  But once I'm back in my routine and back to work...I'm all "Bring on Fall!"  I'm really excited that it's finally starting to feel like Fall in my neck of the woods.  I am so ready for skinny jeans,  riding boots, and scarves.

That's why I'm really excited for today's edition of TBB Asks!  It's really helping me get Fall ready!  YAY October!!

1- Favorite Fall Sweet Treat: Does A Pumpkin Martini count??

Get the recipe here!

2- I like apples!  But I honestly don't think I've ever eaten a yellow apple!  Red and green though?  YUM!!

3- Favorite Fall Sport to Play?  Hahahahaha  I don't play sports but I Love watching football on TV!

4- Best drink for Fall: Pumpkin Ale hands down!!

5- Favorite Fall Activity My town's Chili and Chowder Festival!

6- Must Have Fall Purchase  Hmmm...I don't think I have one!!  Maybe a blanket scarf!?!?  or Military Jacket (but I have multiple of both of those!

7- Pumpkins-Pick your own or store bought?  One of these days I'll get back to the pumpkin farm!

8- Real or Fake Pumpkin?  Both!

9- Favorite Halloween Costume- My go-to is a Country Girl!  Easy Peasy!

10- College Football or NFL? Love Notre Dame and watching football on Sundays so I guess I'll say both!  But football is so stressful!!

11- Fall or Halloween Decor?  I definitely have more Fall decor!

12- No leaves to rake!  YAY!!  

13- Favorite Soup?  Love me some chili in the fall!!  (in the crockpot!)

14- Favorite Fall Candle Scent: Autumn Wreath by Yankee Candle.  Love putting Fall scents in my diffuser too!

15-  I'm a fan of Pumpkin Spice!

16- Booties or Boots?  Both!  But these days, I grab the booties more often!!  I like that they are fun and low and I can walk in them!!

17- Favorite Halloween Candy Definitely Reese's Peanut Butter Cups!!

18- PSL?  Believe it or not, I've never tried one!!

19- Hayride or Corn Maze?  Both are fun!

20- Favorite Fall TV Show Love when ALL my shows come back in the Fall!!

Thanks for stopping by today!  Wanna join in on all the Fall fun!  Head on over to The Blended Blog and link up your answers with us here!!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

September Reads with the Ladies of The Blended Blog!

Back to Blogging today to talk...BOOKS!!  My favorite!  

I feel like I didn’t do much this Summer! But I that’s something!

Lately The Blended Blog Book Club has been mixing it up!  For September, three of our contributors, Sheila, Deena and Alison shared their favorite authors and recommendations from each to read.  

As I read the post, I realized that the book Deena talked about, Open House by her favorite author, Elizabeth Berg, as being a book she picked up long ago, for Oprah’s book club was a title I had gotten too, for that very same reason!  But I had never read it (or maybe it’s been so long, I never even remembered reading it).  Seeing that it was almost 20 years ago!!  

So I grabbed the book from my shelf, dusted it off, and started reading!

I really enjoyed the novel and wondered why I it took me so long to read it.  The main character, Sam divorces and finds herself opening her home to strangers to make extra money.  It’s her interactions with the people she meets during this “Open House”, that make the story funny, interesting and really great.  I also enjoyed some of the characters she met while working different jobs as a temp, too.    I liked and could relate to Samantha’s evolution and insight during this difficult time, even as someone who has never been married and laughed through the interactions with her friend, King, as someone who is navigating life as a single girl now.  

This was my first Elizabeth Berg title and I look forward to reading more from her!

Join us for October Reads and reviews on October 28th!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Is there anything worth watching these days??

Two weeks ago I posted about how I was taking a little blog break!  And while I've taken a break, I've missed the blog and interacting with my blog friends.  I'm just taking things a bit slower these days.  Over the last couple of weeks back at work, I've already been collecting lots of funny material and taking some pics for future fashion posts!  I will say though, that I miss my days lounging in swimsuits!  Especially since were having a sorta of Indian Summer this week!  Fall just get here already! I'm busy and tired but I'm getting back to normal...or maybe just getting used to my new normal.

 I'm returning to the blog today for some fun!  This week is usually my most favorite time of year: Fall TV Premiere Week!  But I'll be honest...there is not one new show that really jumping out at me!

I'm angry that Kevin Can Wait, one of my most anticipated new shows of last year, was way underwhelming and then now has killed off the wife to make room for Leah Remini.  So needless to say, I won't be watching anymore.

And I really enjoyed Chicago Justice for the few episodes it was on last season.  But feel like it wasn't given a chance and kicked to the curb to make room for the Law and Order True Crime Series about the Menedez Brothers.  Booooo...

So my TV viewing score card has dwindled this year...

I am sticking with This is Us...because I watch every week with my neighbor!

I've never missed an episode of Blue Bloods...even though now most Friday it get DVR'd!

And last wee, after not watching for a bunch of seasons, my excitement for Dancing with the Stars was reignited!  So I am going to stick with it!

But other than that nothing new is really drawing me in!  Except maybe SEAL Team...and maybe just because David Boreanez is bloody damn hotttt....

This is where you come in!!  I need your help!  Please let me know what new shows you're most excited to see this season or let me know of one I may be missing out on!

Thanks and Happy Premiere Week!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Something's Gotta Give...

And I think it's the BLOG!

For NOW!

You may have noticed that I haven't been blogging!  I recently went back to school after a fabulous summer off basking in the sun and spending time with family and friends.  I thought when I was back and work, I'd have a better routine down and would be blogging more!

But then I got back to work and discovered that I have a new role (or roles).  In addition to my duties as my school's librarian and technology teacher for everyone is grades Pre-K through 8, I now also have my own homeroom and teach them Religion for a period a day.

After I found out that a new Science teacher would be hired for strictly Science, as opposed to having a homeroom like everyone else, the principal offered me the job!  I took it because they are a small class who I have known and loved for years. I wanted them to have stability and familiarity with someone like me.

But with the added classes, more homeroom duties, less preps, and more planning to be done (I've never taught this religion curriculum before and am kind of learning it myself!) it doesn't leave me a lot of time on my preps at work to do other things I used to do.  So now rather than blogging nights, I'll be taking lots of school work home.

While I get settled and try to get myself into a new groove, I think it's my blogging that gonna have to take a back seat.  I'll never give up blogging totally because I love it, and I'll still be posting from time to time on The Blended Blog!  But if you see me go silent for weeks at a time, you'll know why!

I appreciate you reading the blog and I appreciate your patience during this time! Blogging really is a highlight for me and brings me great joy, but right now I am putting my kids first...they're my first homeroom class in five years!  And I'm really excited about it!

Until next time...

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

It's OKAY...the Back-to-School Edition

Back to work today!  It was for meetings..tomorrow's the real first day!  With the kids!  after today I have mixed emotions.  There's lots happening and changing, so I thought today was as good a day to link up for It's OKAY Tuesday!  Because sometimes you just gotta take a deep breath, blog, and bitch, and's OKAY!

It's okay....

-to set 8 alarms and snooze them each a half dozen times after a summer off!

-to be excited to see teacher friends...

-then be deflated by 7:30 a.m. and think it's all downhill from here!

-to want it...and not.

-to go out for drinks after school on the first day

-to love of my public library!

-to treat myself  an Erin Condren Teacher Planner...even though I said I wasn't gonna spend money in September!

-to feel accomplished after finally getting a Peapod order after 6 months!  (EEEKKKK..that's a lotta pasta and eating out!!

-to be in bed by 9:30 because you didn't sleep a wink the night before the first day!

-to be going to bed with knots in my stomach.

Here's to a better day will be!!

THE KIDS ARRIVE!!  And the second I see'll fix everything!!!

Thanks for stopping by makes my day!  Hope you had a great Tuesday!!

Monday, September 4, 2017

TBB Asks: The Back-to-School Edition! {Link UP!}

After a wonderful vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina with my family last week where there wasn't much sun (like at all!) but where my sister was MARRIED!, I'm back to blogging!

These monthly posts with The Blended Blog have been so much fun.  I am really getting to know so many bloggers better. September for many is Back-to-School, so we thought it be the perfect time to share some school memories!  I'm writing this post through tears because, I'll be back at school tomorrow myself!!  Hehe!

1.  Love school or hate it?
Definitely depended on the year (or the day!)  but overall I think I loved both elementary school, high school and college.

2. We always started school here after Labor Day!  As a teacher ,I still do.  My nieces and nephews don't go back to school until the Thursday after Labor Day this year, which I think is really late!

3.  Wake up: Eager Beaver or Slow Poke?  Definitely a SLOW POKE for sure...then and now!

4.  Favorite breakfast?  As a kid...Pop Tarts

5.  Favorite Cereal: Peanut Butter Cap' Crunch...but mostly as a dry snack in a baggie.  I still buy it today and have been made fun of for it on numerous occasions!

6.  School uniforms my entire life...I went to catholic school thru 12th grade.

7.  New outfit for the first day of school?  {See above} But now that I'm the teacher, I treat myself to a new outfit for the first day every year.

8.  Rode the bus!  Since I went to Catholic school, it required travel!  But I was always jealous of the kids that walked.

9.  I was always a backpack girl.  I had one of those L.L. Bean one's with my name on it back in the day, when they were popular.  Glad to see they still are!

10.  School lunch or bring from home?  That really depended.  In elementary school, I feel like the options for lunch were limited, but in high school I bought more often because there was a plethora!

11.  Chocolate milk!  But usually just a thermos or juice box as a kid!

12.  LUNCH BOX!!  Always!  Starting with my Get Along Gang lunch box in Pre-K. Pound puppies, hugga-bunch I had them all through the years.  I loved that they came with that thermos with that big brown flip up!

13.  Favorite thing to do at recess:  I know this is weird but when I was in fifth grade my friends and I used to play a dice game called CELLO...with quarters!  YES..I gambled on the playground in elementary school!! LOL (We didn't have a typical "playground"...just blacktop!)

14. Favorite School Supply: This is a hard one...I always liked getting a new planner in high school.  In elementary school, I think it was crayola crayons...the smell of those new pack of crayons!  And it always had to be Crayola!  Still does!

15.  Chalkboards forever! {this coming from the tech teacher...}

16.  I prefer mechanical pencils, nice and thin and clean!  No smudges!!

17.  Homework right after school!

18.  Favorite after school snack: I don't remember eating much after school, to be honest!

19.  Favorite after school show: DEFINITELY the all new Mickey Mouse Club or MMC as it was called!!  EVERYDAY!! The new version of the show was so fun and in the later years had Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Keri Russel, Ryan Gosling...just to name a few!  
In the early nineties there was also this super cheesy show on called Swan's Crossing.  It starred a teen Sarah Michelle Geller.  It was on everyday but it only lasted 13 weeks.  My sister and best friend loved it though.  And good god was it beyond super cheesy!!

20.  Favorite Subject: ELA and American History 

21. Least Favorite Subject:  MATH....100% YUCK!!

22.  Best Friends in High School: Melanie and Kerri
Mel and I have been best friends since we were 2.  We lived around the corner from one another.  I went to our town catholic school for Pre-k through 8th grade.  Mel went to an all-girls catholic school for girls pre-K through grade 12.  So when I graduated 8th grade, I went to 'Mel's School' for high school.  She always used to say, "I can't believe you go to my school!"  Kerri went there starting in ninth grade as well.  We are all still friends today!

23.  We were a small all girls high school, so we really didn't have a mascot.

24.  ACT or SAT? We HAD to take both! #thumbsdown

25.  Favorite Year:  No idea....most would say Senior Year right?  But that's not mine!  I know that for sure!  I really liked 1st, 2nd and third grade a lot!

26.  I totally wore my class ring!  In both high school and college!

27.  I love a good party, so I go to the reunions!  From high school at least.  Went too and helped plan the 10 reunion and next year we'll celebrate 20!  EEEEEKKKKK.

Talk about memory lane!  Whew!  That was fun!  Answer there questions and link up with us too!!  Hope everyone has a great back to school! 

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Summer is for Reading!

And boy have I read...and read...and READ!!
I have been a total book geek this summer!  And I'm not going to lie...I LOVE IT!

 I joined my library's summer reading program, my library's Advanced Reader's Club and have been going to a library program called Novel Brews at a local cheese shop/eatery that I love, since June. My library pretty much rocks!

I think I have to preface this by saying, I have never read this much in my life!  BUT some of these books I listened to, and I think that helped me up my Summer Reading total. Listening to books is pretty much the perfect thing to do while laying out...I go with it.

I am going to attempt to share my thoughts on the books I've read this summer in a number of posts. So the posts are not uber long, I've decided to split them up.  This week, I'm sharing my thoughts on the books I've read during the library programs! Next time I'll share audiobooks, then book, books, etc.

Today it's all about the library...pretty much my favorite place.  I am probably on my local library's website at least once a day.  I always request the books I am looking for and am notified via text when they are available for pick-up!  More than once, I've had to bring a tote bag with me to pick up my books! #sorrynotsorry

I mentioed that I joined the library's advanced readers club.  This is really cool.  The library puts out books at the beginning of each month and members can choose a book they would like to read, in exchange for a short, honest review after reading.  The books are free of charge and can be kept.

My first book I read for the ARC (and the first book I read this summer) was called Reading with Patrick. Being a teacher, I chose this book from the June list. Reading with Patrick was published on July 11th.  I finished it before the publishing date. It's a good timeline for me, as I always hope to get through the book before the publication date.  The book is a memior by Michelle Kuo, a young girl who completes a Teach for America stint in the Delta.  Here's my review of the book, submitted to the library:

"As a teacher and librarian myself, I was drawn to this book. And after reading it, am so happy that a book like this exists! Every teacher says that if they can have an impact on just one student in their career...for author Michelle Kuo, Patrick was that student. This memoir tells of their journey together over many years....from the classroom to prison. I loved this book form start to finish. I was engrossed in these people and rooting for them. I was astonished at Patrick's growth throughout the story- his drive and determination, in circumstances where others would just give up! But Miss Kuo was his guardian angel! I loved reading passages from books as they read together and even received quite the history lesson on the Delta! Highly recommend!!"

The ARC book I chose for July....I'll be honest...I didn't enjoy!!  Actually the more I think about it, I can freely say, I hated it.    I rated it two stars, and even I think that was generous!  The Marriage Pact  bt Michaelle Richmond was so unrealistic!!  But maybe it just wasn't my cup of tea.  Others seem to enjoy it.  It got an average of 4 stars on Goodreads!

Here's my review:

"This novel is a total work of fiction. The plot is so unbelievable and over the top! Yet, the narrator and his wife are likable people and it's a interesting look at marriage. It was a page-turner, but I'm not sure it's because I enjoyed the book or just wanted to get it finished. I didn't mind the end and how the story was wrapped up! It was just ok... "

I was able to get two books for August, one of which I am currently reading and think I am going to enjoy, Perfectly Undone.  I will let you know what I think soon!!

Another library program I've been attending is called Novel Brews. the group used to meet at a local coffee shop (hence the name!) but now meets at one of my favorite places in town to chat and discuss the books. I've known about this program for awhile,. but never thought to attend, because the book picks were not anything I thought I was interested in reading.  But after reading the newsletter in early June, I saw that the books for the summer months were actually ones that I had.  So I signed up to attend.

June's pick was I Let You Go by Clare Mackintosh.  I kinda loved this book!  It centers around the death of a child, which is difficult, but is very well done!  It was a page-turner, and I didn't see that twist coming!!  Find out more about it here!

July's pick was A Man Called Ove which I've had sitting on my shelf since the inception of The Blended Blog's Virtual Book Club back in February!  It was Lana's pick!  And I can say without any question, that this book was my favorite of the whole summer!!  I laughed, I cried, I rooted for Ove and the rest of these characters!!  LOVED! LOVED! LOVED!!  Also, it should be noted that I listened to this book on audio while reading along with it! I enjoyed helped me recognize the Swedish pronunciations!!  (Ove is pronounced ooohhhh-vaaa).

August's Novel Brews pick was Mrs. Houdini by Victoria Kelly.  A different sort of book than I am used to, but I think that's why I'm loving things like this and the TBB Book Club...because I am getting exposed to books I wouldn't ordinarily choose for myself!  This was not my favorite, but I did end up liking it.  I liked the twist in it, but during the discussion, found out, that THAT was a completely fictional part!  Bummer!  I did find it interesting to learn more about Harry Houdini and Bess though!

On tap for September is The Woman in Cabin 10.  Another TBB Book Club pick!  I've heard good things about it.  And want to get it read, because once school starts, I know things will be crazy!!

What have you been reading this summer?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments below!  And if you're on Good Reads, feel free to follow me here!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Tasty Tuesday with TBB: One Pot Pasta

Happy Tuesday Ya'll...another summer day is upon us! The clouds are rolling in and temperature drop the next few days is going to bring Fall like temps!!  I'm not sure how I feel about this!!

This week so far has been spent getting ready for the new school year! #thumdsdown Last night I looked up and it was 20 to 8 and I had yet to make dinner.  I needed something quick and easy.  Enter this One Pot Pasta dish!  That I totally made up one day...but was a big hit at a recent get together.

Usually when I am invited to someone's house, I bring the WINE!  But guess what?!?  Not everyone drinks!!  (and YES, I do still hang with!!)  So when I was invited to lunch I whipped up this super easy pasta  as a side dish to go with the sandwiches we were going to have, with a few pantry staples!  It turned out delish and my friend told me that her husband ate it for a few nights afterward!

So, so easy!!  Give it a whirl!!

These three ingredients...that's it!!

The tortellini could be whatever flavor, too!!  And since these were just plain three cheese, I mixed it up with fire-roasted diced tomatoes.  When I made it for my friends, I used spinach and cheese tort with plain diced tomatoes...totally mix and match to your liking!!

Cook the pasta according to package directions, drain and rinse.
Tansfer to large mixing bowl.

Top with diced tomatoes heated quickly in the microwave.  (Also, I spooned them out, so there was less juice!!)

Add a dalloop of pesto...

Mix and enjoy!!

As a single girl, this will last me a few nights as a meal in itself.  But you can use it as a side dish for lunch or dinner as well.  And you can eat it right away still warm, or eat it right out of the bowl chilled the next day...honestly anything goes!!


Linking up for Tasty Tuesday with my girls at The Blended Blog today!!  Link up your favorite recipes here!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Summer's Guilty Pleasures!

Linking up today with the ladies of The Blended Blog to share Summer's Guilty Pleasures.  Who doesn't indulge and splurge a bit in the summer.  For me, the summertime brings freedom and possibility.  With being off all summer, I'm basically free to do as I please.  And by the time the middle of August hits, I am snapped back to reality and realize, that yes, this summer I spent too much, ate too much and drank too much...and I NEED to get back to work to help pay for it all!!
Here are some of my favorite summer guilty pleasures.

Definitely spending way too much time in the sun {and loving it}!!
If it's sunny, my butts in a lounge chair!  My moto, "Everybody looks better with a tan!"

Putting off just about everything house related!
Laundry and cleaning can wait til a rainy day!

Which brings me to my next one...binge watching tv series.
This one is a little hard to do during the school year!  But on a rainy day in summer, I basically feel no guilt if I watch 10 consecutive episodes of an entire series. Or over four days while on vacation...because you don't have hulu at home! #thehandmaidstale

Guilty Pleasure Show: Married at First Sight
I don't really watch much tv in the summer other than the binging I mentioned above, but this summer I got back into Married at First Sight. I watched it once awhile ago and after none of the couples stayed together, I was over it.  But then I saw that it was relaunching on Lifetime this summer and watched.  The show totally stresses me the F out, but I really liked this summer's season.  All three couples remained together in the end and particularly enjoyed Anthony and Ashley's story. I need an Anthony in my life!!
People Magazine Online

This summer I discovered the joy of audiobooks.  And while I'd never say reading was a guilty pleasure, I think listening to books on audio just might be.  While I'm sitting in the sun I can listen.  And sometimes I'll keep listening and listening because I just need to finish this chapter!!  I can't even count the number of audiobooks I've read this summer!  And have yet to do a blog book review because there's so many.  I read paperbacks and ebooks all summer long too, but audiobooks I think are definitely a guilty pleasure!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale
I have to add the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale as guilty pleasure.  It's definitely something I look forward to in the summer! And I shop with abandon.  Thank the good Lord for free shipping and free returns!!  By the time it's over though, I can't say I'm not a little bit happy!!  By now all my returns have been shipped, I've scored a few things with my rewards, and am all set for Fall to arrive.

How much fun!!  What are you guilty pleasures in the summer?  Head over to The Blended Blog and link 'em up {here}!  Have a great Monday ya'll!  I headed out for a day in the sun!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

My "Skater" Look!?!?

 Wednesday already!?!?  Great for those in the working world, not great for teachers like me who are wishing summer would please stay!!

Today calls for a fun look! I'm calling my skater look! LOL

We have this new taco place in town (you might have seen it on my instagram page!)  that has a very California vibe and for some reason, on their TV's they always have skater videos on.  Ya know, like skateboarders doing tricks and flips.  At first I thought it was weird, but now when I'm there I find myself watching them.  The last time I was there, I wore this outfit and for some reason I think it's skater-y!

Love, love love the split back on this top!!  

Skater-ish?  What do you think??  Let me know in the comments below!!  

What are you wearing today!?  Whatever it is I hope it makes you feel fabulous!  

Link up your fashion posts with the girls and I at The Blended Blog today below...

Monday, August 7, 2017

TBB Asks....August!

August ALREADY!!  YUCK!!  I am so not ready for the craziness that is Back to School to begin! Good thing I have today's blog post to keep me in summer mode!!

We had so much fun last month with this post, we've decided to do it on the regular!  TBB Asks!  Today's questions are all summer themed!  Grab our graphic answer the questions on you blog or on insta and link up with us!  Read on to get to know more about me and my summer faves!!

1. Pool, Lake or Ocean?:  I love the water so I wouldn't refuse any of these!  But I'm more of a pool girls for sure!

2.  Camping, cottage or hotel?  HOTEL!!  Most definitely!!

3.  Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Plain ol' chocolate!

4.  Hmmm...this ones hard!!  LOL...I wear PJ's but I don't sleep in them!  I wear them before bed or when I wake up in the morning to lounge in.  Typically, I'll sleep in a tank and boyshort undies. TMI?!?  I once blogged about it and have never been able to live it down...head here for a laugh!!

5.  Fave summer beverage?  An ice cold beer is always a good go-to on a hot summer day!!

6.   Hot or Cold?  Hot....I HATE the cold!!

7.  Sandals with heels or flats?  I'm a flats girl!

8.  Shorts or skirts? Shorts, shorts, and more shorts.  Other than than I'll throw on a dress!

9.  Sun or Shade?  This answer is no surprise to anyone!  I'm this group's resident Summer Girl!!

10.  Water, tea or soda?  Definitely water!  But a nice iced tea is yummy too!  I hardly ever drink soda!  Unless it's clear like Sprite...and it has Stoli Raz in it!  LOL

11.  Favorite Summer fruit or vegetable- Corn on the cob!  Even though I hate how it gets stuck in my teeth!

12.  Sunrise or sunset....can't choose- both are beautiful!  But  I've of course seen more sunsets than sunrises!

13.  Bike ride or Walk?  I walk everywhere!  It has been years and years and years since I've been on a bicycle.  I probably have to relearn how to ride one!

14. Winery or Brewery?  Both and I'm lucky enough to live in close proximity to lots of both!!

15.  Garden or no garden?  No garden...I don't have much space here for a garden but even if I did, I wouldn't have a garden...that's work!

16.  Big Summer Concert or Music in the Park?  Concerts are kind of my thing!!

17.  Fave cookout food? Other than burgers (the answer to question 23!)  I'd say it's my sister's corn salad.  She brings it to all our summer barbecues!  Find the recipe here!

18.  Dining indoors or on the patio!  I'm ok with both.  If I have the opportunity to eat outside on the water I take it!  But if I was just home, I'd say stay in!!

19.  Favorite Summer Destination- The Outer Banks in North Carolina!  My family has been vacatioing there since I was 8 years old!

20.  Theme Park or Carnival?  Theme park!  But carnivals make me think of zeppolis, which I love!

21.  Drinks blended or on the rocks!  Both!

22. Popsicle flavor: Lemon!

23. Burgers or Dogs?  Definitely burgers...cheeseburgers!

So fun!  The perfect way to kickoff a Monday!  Hope it's a great one!
What are your summer faves?  Let me know in the comments below!