Tuesday, July 29, 2014

It's a PARTY!!!

Linking up with Erika and Andrea to let you know about my favorite thing lately!  Actually, I've been using it for years...

THIS is an absolute staple for me in the summer!!! 

I'm a total summer girl, so when I can be I'm out in the sun! With protection of course!  (These days more than ever thanks to the R+F Reverse regimen I just started...SPF 50 for your face!). But it's also important to hydrate after the sun as well.  This lotion smells great and really helps to extend my tan, as it says.  I use almost a bottle or so a week!  (Which I now know sounds a little excessive!)  My bestie looked at me like I had ten heads this weekend when I told her she could keep a bottle of this because I had three others at home!!  I stock up!  And use it all over!!  I love all the Australian Gold products actually!  Just the smell IS summer to me!  I'm pretty sad summer is so close to coming to end...but this helps my tan linger into FALL!!

Can't wait to see what everybody else has linked up!  Have a great day!!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday, Friday!!

Some weeks are just pretty uneventful in this solitary life!  This week was one of them.  With the exception of partying it up at a luau on Tuesday, I've done pretty much nothing!  But even an uneventful week brings about a Friday five! 

The luau deserves a spot on the list for sure!  It's a favorite of my family's summer!  It's an event that my mom's work puts on each year at the beach and it always ends up being a great time..and every year they have lucked out with the weather!  Another beautiful night!  It's a lot of fun and laughs!  This year my sister ended up winning one of the raffle prizes, too, so more country concerts are in our future!!  WOO HOO!!

Not having much to do this week, I've spent lots of time in the sun.  Last Friday was my first trip to the beach this summer!  More fun!!  We stayed the entire day and it was fabulous.  I posted on my Facebook page on Monday that I probably don't need anymore sun, but I find there's nothing more relaxing than sitting in the sun, with my headphones on!  It's the BEST!!

A bright spot in my week has been the daily visits from my UPS man bringing me my Nordstrom Sale items!!  WOO HOO!!  I haven't really placed that many orders, but things seem to be coming one at a time and still others are back ordered!  BOO!!  Some things I've loved, others I've had to send back (Thank you free shipping and free returns!)  Check out Wednesday's post for some of my sale finds so far!  I scored this bag too!  I wasn't sure I was gonna keep it, but it's growing on me...and every girl needs a good nude bag!! And ya can't beat it at less than $40 bucks (these are things I say to rationalize my purchases!!)

Doing much of nothing means I can catch up on my TV shows!  And I am totally loving summer TV!!  Love Suits!  And Thursdays on ABC is the best!  I've never missed an episode of Rookie Blue since it's started 5 summers ago and NY Med is really awesome too!!  The Bachelorette ends Monday...THANK GOODNESS!!  At this point, I don't really care who she picks. What are you watching this summer?

An easy week is ok with me, because I have a super fun weekend on tap!!  A weekend full of country concerts.  Can't wait to see two of my faves this weekend...Darius on Saturday and Lady A on Sunday!  

Hope everyone has a fun weekend too!!
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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What I Wore

A short and sweet post today!  This one highlights some of my Nordstrom sale finds...the ones I have received and aren't on backorder (so not much! LOL) and my new pair of JCrew jeans I scored at the outlets!

I've said before that I never buy anything unless I have an idea where I am going to wear it!  If you read my post Monday, you know these jeans spoke to me!!!  Not only did I LOVE the price but I knew right away what I would pair them with!
 The detail on this shirt is not white...but it's a perfect match to the jeans!!  YAY!!  There are lots of things I can mix and match but white and off white is not one of them!  

I really like this shirt.  I think I can wear it with a lot of things.  These midi shorts from Piper Street fit the bill for the shirt's first outing!  I am going to Girls Night on Friday and think I may wear it with a pair of JCrew Factory shorts.  (They're great...I keep scooping up a different color when I see them on sale!)

Another sale item I got was this tank!  Now I'll be honest, I haven't worn it yet.  I tried it on and decided this is something that even though it's a tank, it will have to stay in my closet until Fall.  So then I decided to style it for Fall to see if I liked it enough to keep!  IT IS perfect for leggings but I think I'm going to exchange it for a smaller size!!  But the more I look at this pic, the more I like it!  And I can throw on any color cardi and a variety of necklaces to jazz it up!
Have you shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale? Let me know what you bought and love!!

And just for fun, I'm throwing in this dress I wore to a Luau last night!  The luau is an event that my mom's work puts on every year and it is so much FUN!  And also the reason why I'm posting so late today!!  HA!  I have had this dress for probably about three years!  And yesterday was the first time I took the tags off!  EEEKKKK!!  But I got it on super duper sale at White House Black Market!  Which is really the only way I can ever buy anything from there.  (I'm a poor catholic school teacher, ya know!)  But I loved it.  It is swimsuit material...which was perfect for a hot, humid night on the beach!  Didn't have to worry about the heat though because there were gale force winds to keep us cool!

That's all for now!  Have a great week!  Whatever you do, have FUN and look fabulous!!!

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Manic Monday

Today I'm joining the Manic Monday Link-up with More Pieces of Me and On the Daily Express for the first time!  And this is quite the manic post if there ever was one...a hodge podge of randomness if you will!

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I am jumping on this bandwagon a little late today!  As I type this, my house is overcome by the smell of garlic and the birthday cake candle I lit to get the smell to subside.  I actually cooked dinner tonight...something other than quesadillas! (You can pick your mouth up off the floor now!) I made salmon.  And I may have over garlicked it!  I actually remembered to defrost it and I had the time today!  In typical summer sunny day fashion, I laid out for a bit, but didn't get to stay out too long because the landscapers arrived to spruce up the common areas and our little patches outside the place.  Side note...I hate the blower!!  That thing is so loud and annoying!  And today I was so sad to see when they were done that all the stuff blew on to the brand new cushion I got for my rocking chair!  Boooo!  I should have brought it in! 
Cute right!?!?
 Another side note: the UPS man loves my new cushion!  He put my Nordy's package on it!!  HA!!  But anyway... 
Speaking of Nordstrom, my anniversary sale finds have begun to arrive!  Some I am loving, others not so much!!  Thank Goodness for FREE RETURNS!!  So far I scored this awesome nude bag.  It's huge!  I'm going to be using it as a work bag!  A fossil watch, which I have to take to the jewelers to get the links out of, so I can't wear it yet!  Ugh! And this PTMT must have patterned shirt!  Come back to the blog Wednesday to see me wearing it!!  Other items are still on their way to me  AND backordered.
But I'm patient!

While we are still on the subject of shopping, I should mention that I went to the outlets this weekend!  And I scored some AWESOME DEALS there too!!  I really think outlet shopping on and online shopping is the only way to go!  I went to the JCrew Outlet to try and find a sweater that I lost this past week (I will not retell the story, as it it just to painful!  LOL), which of course they didn't have!!  But I got the ultimate in deals!  I pair of toothpick skinnies originally $79.50 marked down to $39.97 and an additional 60% off that!  I was so shocked I had to double check with the associate!  He told me yes...and he knew it sounded to good to be true, but it was.. HA!!  When I see deals such as these, and the pants are my size, I feel like I HAVE to get them!!  And I knew just what to wear them with!!!  So it was a win! WIN!!  The jeans will be on the blog Wednesday too!!  I also picked up my first Vera Bradley in over three years!!  It's a new style travel bag and I love, love love it!!
I MAY have also got a matching wristlet!!!  
Another thing I did this weekend, which was 6 years in the making, was watch The Blind Side for the FIRST TIME EVER!!  Crazy, I know!!  I babysat my nephews, and we always play games, watch movies and bake dessert to eat!  Which by the way this time was Crumb Cake...clearly my sister is cray!!  Usually it's just the break and bake cookies!  So much easier!!  But my oldest nephew made the crumb cake while I sat on the couch, crying through pretty much the ENTIRE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  What an awesome movie!!  I wanna watch it again!  I saw an article floating around Facebook yesterday about 12 actors and actresses that turned down roles and one was Julia Roberts for the lead in The Blind Side.  But I'm so glad she did, because I really feel like no one but Sandra Bullock could have played that part!!  And that little SJ...too cute!! Great story!!  I just LOVED it!!

Also today, I decided that I am not spending any money on clothes in the month of August!!  I need to start saving money.  It's a goal and I plan on sticking to it!  I really don't need anymore clothes.  When a girl starts contemplating another dresser and closet redesign to fit everything, a limit has been reached!! I think what I have bought will carry me well into the Fall...and if all else fails, I'll just throw a cardi over it!!  =)

I know this post is so totally random today but thanks for reading!  I'm off to go do some laundry and figure out what I'm going to wear to a luau I am going to tomorrow!!  FUN! FUN!!  Fingers crossed for great weather and an even better sunset!!

Until next time...

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Favorites!

Last Friday I mentioned that I was going to The Band Perry concert.  One of the openers for them was a new country artist, Austin Webb.  My dad was actually the one who told me about him and this song...which is now THE song of the summer for me!!  Love it!!  Can't get it outta my head!

On Sunday I went to Williams-Sonoma for a cooking demo.  I originally thought I was going to a cooking class, but luckily for me, we were only taste testers...is there anything better?!? The leader of the class made two dishes with my absolute favorite: Sweet Potatoes!  They were so yummy!!  If you read my What's On post last week, you know I have a hard time getting motivated to cook.  But these dishes looked really easy and were just the right amount of servings: just two, for me...and one night of leftovers!  

Derek Jeter played his last All-Star game on Tuesday night!  And I'm not going to pretend that I'm his biggest fan, but I know and respect his impact on the game. And I believed he's a good role model to the kids I teach. But I got a little misty eyed watching this commercial dedicated to him!  Really cool, too, that he played in the game with so many "kids" who once looked up to him!

The weather here this week was pretty terrible.  Like scary thunder and lightning style!! And apparently the polar vortex is coming! Luckily today is supposed to be super sunny and I'm heading to the beach for the first time this summer! WOOHOO!!  But can I just say my new favorite app got me through it!!  The Accuweather app rocks!!  It has the minute cast and tells you when the rain will start and end!  And it is pretty damn accurate!  I'm obsessed!  Get it here!  

Because the weather was so bad this week, I was kinda lazy!!  One day I stayed in my pj's and watched the Oscar nominated movie, The Butler.  I really liked it!!   And I just love Forest Whittaker...great performance!  Interesting look at the White House and decades in our country.  I tried watching Gravity too, but couldn't get through it!

Have a great weekend everyone!  Hope the weather near you is just perfect!

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

What I Wore...this weekend!

Crazy, busy weekend around here!  Pulled together some cute outfits for it all...if I do say so myself! =)

Friday night I went to The Band Perry concert with some family and friends.  It was at an outdoor amphitheater and the weather could not have been better! It was a beautiful night!  It was really hot when we first got there, but we didn't have to worry about that...since ya know...we were VIPs and all!  HA! So we hung out in the air-conditioned VIP lounge before the show, sipping on VIP drinks, and using the VIP bathroom!  NO PORTA-POTTIES FOR US!!  Which, let's face it...was really the BEST thing about our VIP status!  But anyway....back to what I wore!  This is not what I had planned on wearing but when my sister texted me to ask what I was wearing and I texted her back a pic (because doesn't everybody??)  She wrote back and said, "you do realize it's 90 degrees, right?"  I told her I was worried about the mosquitoes!  But I figured she was right, so I changed out of the jeans I was wearing and put on shorts.  Which I have to say, was the right move.  I only got one mosquito bite...and it wasn't even on my leg!
shorts/ JCrew Factory
sandals/ Target

Saturday my bestie and I went to see a fireworks show at a local park in her town!  It was was so much fun!  The show wasn't until 9:15 but I went out to her early, we headed to the store to pick up some sandwiches, snacks and beer and got to the park by 7 so we could secure a good spot!  Lots of people had the same idea.  But it wasn't too, too crowded and we got a great spot with lots of space.  Here's wear I should've worn the jeans!!  It got really chilly!!  But I had a sweater so I was ok!  I love navy and kelly green together!
necklace/Piper Street
I took a pic in my sandals, but actually ended up wearing these cons!

Sunday was a full day!  I went to a cooking demo at Williams-Sonoma with my aunt and sister in the morning, then we had a really yummy brunch at a place called Brio.  It was my first time eating  there and it was delicious.  And I might have had the BEST Bloody Mary EVER!!  I also went out to dinner with my mom and aunt at my favorite local spot for Reggae Sunday!!  WOO HOO!!  So fun!!  I love me some steel drums!  This is what I wore all day.....

top/ LOFT
jeans/ Piper Street
sandals/Target (in cognac!)
Clearly when I like something I get it in multiple colors!  HA!!

I hope you all had a great weekend too!!  Can't wait to see what you wore!!

Happy Hump Day!!  Have fun and look fabulous!!

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Friday, July 11, 2014


A peek at the week!! 

Ok so I am SOOOOO excited about this!!  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale started yesterday for cardholders....and I am so excited because I have a card!!!  I'm having so much fun following along with Sheaffer at Pinterest Told Me To.  She's making it a sport... and it is FABULOUS!!!  I just threw everything I wanted in my cart! It might have been more than $750 worth (crazy...I know!!!), but I'm using Sheaffer's recommendations to narrow it down with her FAVORITE FINDS!!!! I secretly wish we were besties!! Thanks Sheaffer!!!  I thank you....my bank account does not!!  HA!!  But Nordstrom's free shipping and free returns...so NO pressure!!

And while we are on the subject of Nordstrom, can I just say that I LOVE THEM!!  I ordered this online...another PTMT find when it went on sale, and wouldn't you know...it was at my door less than 24 hours later!!  WOO HOO!!!  THE BEST EVER!!  Buying this shirt prompted my friend to tell me I need to begin a twelve step program for my addiction to online shopping!  (And this was before THE SALE!). But I explained to her how it's totally an all-season shirt and therefore TOTALLY WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Loving this song right now...and the video even more!


The Get Your Pretty On Summer Challenge Ended Sunday! I will admit that I kinda failed toward the end of this one.  But Summer just started so I'm gonna be wearing all the outfits I didn't, all summer. To see how I styled the outfits during the challenge, click here! I'm SO IN for the Fall Challenge!!  Join us!!!

On the spur of the moment my mom got tickets to go see the Band Perry tonight!!  So my summer concert series rolls on!!  I am super excited.  I love country music.  I saw them once before when they opened for Brad Paisley at the Beach, but it rained so we kinda spent the whole time in an alcove away from the stage.  Luckily the weather for tonight looks great!!  This is one I'm hoping they play!

Linking up with Lauren at Style Elixir for Friday Fab Favorites, Lauren Elizabeth for High Five for Friday and joining a new link up today to fill the void left by the 5 on Friday crew!  Linking up with some Farm Girls...September Farm and The Farmer's Wife for Oh hey, Friday!  
Cute, right??

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Summer Challenge has come to an end!

I kinda failed again this week!!  But I wore some fun outfits regardless!

Thursday I stayed true to the challenge.  This one called for a white t, with a chambray shirt.  I wore a white cami underneath and my chambray shirt buttoned up, because I went out to lunch that day and knew it would be chilly!  This might actually be my fave outfit of the whole challenge!!!
bright shorts/ JCrew Factory
Chambray Shirt/ Loft (similar)
Statement Necklace/ Lia Sophia (no longer available)

Friday was 4th of July here in the States!!  So I got a little festive...in my Hippie Chick Dress!  (No Longer Available)

Saturday was a maxi skirt day...my fave days!!  BUT I didn't wear it!  I spent the day in the sun and by the pool at my nieces birthday party in my romper, from about a million and a half years ago.  But they're still in, right?!?  I did want to highlight one of my favorite looks from the spring challenge here. This is what I would have worn, if I had packed it (I spent the weekend at my parents, so didn't have the challenge outfits!)  My sister was rockin' her maxi skirt at the party though...and actually, she wore the challenge outfit on the 4th too!! GO TARA!!

Sunday, the final day of the challenge was a PALAZZO PANTS day!!  YAY!!!  But being the bad blogger I am, after this crazy weekend, I forgot to take a pic in them!!  I'll wear them again this week and feature them next week!!  I kinda love them!!  And I thought about getting dressed again to take a photo but I am just too lazy for that right now!!  HA!!

Had so much fun with this challenge!  The time flew by.  There's so much time left in summer, challengers are opting to go another round!!  I'm gonna mix it up a bit and wear the outfits I didn't!

Go check out how these lovely ladies styled the last few days of outfits!!  And link up with us here!
I had a great time linking up during the challenge and had so much fun getting to know them through their blogs!!
Foxy's Domestic Side | My Running Stitches | Leading a Colourful Life |

Until next week...
Hope it's a great one...have fun and look fabulous!!

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Monday, July 7, 2014

What's On....My Menu!

Well this is a Solitary Life post if there ever was one!!!! 

I'm gonna be honest here....there's not much on my menu!!!  LOL...but I haven't missed one of Andrea's What's on...link-ups and I didn't want to start now. {Living this Solitary Life I do}, I kinda don't cook too often for myself. I don't like it.  By the time you prep everything and make it, and cook it...when it's done, I just don't want it anymore!  I suppose it would be different if I was cooking for someone...my family or husband (chefs please apply!) perhaps, but I'm not!  I have a million dishes pinned and a box full of recipes that I want to try....some day!! Just not today!!  That is not to say that I DON'T eat....because I do.  These are three staples currently in rotation on my menu!!

Salsa Chicken- This is sooooo easy!!!  Here's proof....I put this recipe in a cookbook my school sold as a fundraiser years ago!  HA!
And I can cook a single piece of chicken just for me.  Everything gets tucked in a foil packet too, so clean-up's a breeze!!

Here's the recipe:
Place chicken breast in the middle of a piece of foil. Coat with a tablespoonful of salsa and a spoonful of mexi-corn (or just corn's ok too!) Wrap chicken up in foil, making a breathable packet.  Place in 450* oven for 18-22 minutes, depending on the thickness of your chicken). Remove from oven and carefully open the packet.  Sprinkle shredded cheese (mexican blend, or your fave) on top of the chicken, closing packet to let it melt for a few minutes before plating (don't return to oven). Serve with tortilla chips and/or rice.

Another thing I place in a foil packet and cook!  I've only been doing this recently but it comes out really good.  I throw it on the foil, coat it with a Balsamic dressing with honey I found, add a teaspoon of garlic, and bake it for 15 minutes on 425*

I make these with my queasdilla maker.  So easy, so quick!!

This pic was actually one I used for Andrea and Erika's Instagram challenges in May!  And no I do not drink margaritas every time I make quesadillas!!  =)

And sometimes, I might just eat a bowl of cereal or a peanut butter sandwich for dinner! And that's fine with me!! Or I eat out...which this summer has been happening more often then not.  And that can get expensive, but I always take leftovers home, which then helps me believe I'm getting my money's worth!!

I can't wait to see what everyone else has linked up!!  Hoping I can find a few things to add to this very short list!!

See previous What's On... posts here!

Have a great week!!


Friday, July 4, 2014

Five on the 4th

Happy 4th of July!  Hope you're enjoying the holiday with friends and family doing something fabulous!  How great is it that it falls on a Friday!?! Who doesn't love a three day weekend?!?

I thought today I'd share some of my favorite things about the 4th!

Fireworks...of course!
Even if I've only been to live fireworks on the 4th a handful of times in recent years, I still enjoy them!  Most years we're just watching the Macy's 4th of July Spectacular  on TV.  And it really is spectacular!  So pretty!  I like fireworks! Those annoying fire crackers...not so much!

I always spend the day with the family at someone's pool and if we're lucky...the weather's perfect!  Hurricane Arthur seems to be putting a damper on this year's plans but it'll still be a heck of a party...it always is when we're together.

The 4th defines SUMMER!
To me the 4th IS Summer!  It's not like Memorial Day, where everyone has to go back to school the next day or Labor Day that signifies the end of summer! It's a little hotter, a little more relaxed,  everyone can stay out later...especially this year!!

I'm not gonna lie...I dress for the 4th!  In the past I've worn the trusty Old Navy Flag T, something with stars and stripes, red, white, and blue, etc.  This year I was planning on donning the Old Navy T once again but then I found this dress (sold out now) at Hippie Chick Boutique.  I'll be going { "off challenge" } for the day but I can't wait to wear it!

My Favorite Patriotic Song
God Bless the USA
This is an old song from the 80's that had a resurgence in 2001 after the tragedy at the World Trade Center and again 2003 when America went to War with Iraq once again. It's a great song, makes me proud to be an American,  and  boy can I BELT IT OUT!!!     =)

Have a Happy Independence Day America!

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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Getting down to the wire...

Hard to believe it's almost the end of the Summer Challenge!  My summer has only just begun.  Five more outfits to go!  Alison made a good point to the challengers though!  She said to start the outfits over again to get us through the rest of the summer!  I'm totally going to do that...mixing it up a bit and wearing the few outfits I didn't this time around!

I'll admit, I wasn't as faithful to the challenge this week!  My cousin was here visiting for a few days, I'm on summer vacation, and I've spent most my time in one of these...
But here's what I managed to pull together!

Wednesday was Day 10 of the challenge and also my first day of no school for SUMMER VACATION!!  WOO to the HOO!!!  So while I didn't have a work wear and day wear to pull together, I did have two variations on the outfit because I spent the day at home in shorts and switched it up with pink skinny jeans for going out to dinner that night on the water where I knew it'd be chilly!
Striped t, bright shorts, metallic sandals, statement earrings (which I have been swapping for statement necklaces...I just always tend to keep my studs in!)

Thursday called for a bright t, printed shorts, sneaks, and a fedora.  I mixed it up with my tank and sandals instead!  Ladies...go get {these}sandals!!!  TEN BUCKS!!!!!!

Saturday called for Palazzos!!  WHOOP WHOOP!!  They're kinda my new fave!!  The challenge had us wearing a white t with this but I saw Melissa wearing this exact outfit last week and loved it...so I copied it!

Sunday was a maxi dress day!!
In all honesty...this was a Sunday, just not THIS SUNDAY!  HA!  Wore this on Father's Day!  Sunday's outfit was the example outfit we got ahead of the challenge!
This was really my Sunday!
It was the first Sunday in forever that I had NO PLANS AT ALL!  So I laid out a bit then vegged on my couch, binge watching shows on demand.  And I was totally OK with it!!

Tuesday: Another maxi skirt day!  YAY!  Perfect outfit to wear to GNO to celebrate my sister's birthday!

maxi skirt, bright t, statement necklace, metallic sandals
 (I wore the same sandals I linked to above...I love them so much!)

Find the first two weeks of challenge outfits {here} and {here}

Go check out the looks my fellow challengers rocked this week!!  
And link up with us {here}

Linking up today with  AlisonLindseyShanna & Sarah, too!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Favorite Things Party!

Linking up with Erika and Andrea for their Favorite Things Party!  I love this link-up because it's where I can share my fave things on the cheap...under $10!

And do I have a favorite thing for you people!!!!!  I just heard about these last week and they were one of my Friday 5's but I just love them so much I thought they needed their own post!!  And I just had to share them with you!!!

I give you...
Have you tried these?!?!

A friend surprised me with these at work last Monday!!  I had NEVER seen them!  But she knew Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are my absolute faves, so she bought them!! (She is just the BEST!!)  They were so good!!  And I say were because sadly...they are already gone! THEY WERE THAT GOOD!!

I should be worried about the fact that it's the summer and swimsuit season and I ate a whole package of oreos in the span of three days (give or take the five or 6 I managed to share), but I'm not!!!!!!!!!!!

After I decided to put them on the blog Friday,  wouldn't you know on Saturday afternoon I received this text from my sister:
She's a fellow peanut butter/Reese's fan too and she couldn't resist!  

Don't resist!  If you are like my sister and I, and love Peanut Butter, give into the temptation and just go ahead and buy them!!  Because they're only here for a limited time!!  Booooo

I am seriously considering writing to the company and telling them they need to make these a permanent fixture on store shelves!!  LOL

Can't wait to see what everyone else has linked up!  Hope you're all having a great summer!!